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We can get a book for free? Great! Please post here!

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Veröffentlicht am 25.04.2013 19:29:16 GMT+02:00
PA meint:
Almost old fashioned this one - A Death in the Asylum (A Euphemia Martins Mystery)

Veröffentlicht am 26.04.2013 16:49:22 GMT+02:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 26.04.2013 16:50:33 GMT+02:00
My book Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse: Beginnings contains the first twelve chapters -- over 60,000 words -- of The Invisible Chains - Part 1: Bonds of Hate (Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse), the first volume in the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series.

It is meant to give the reader a good idea of the story, and a better one than just a sample can give, before embarking upon a long series of books.
Although it doesn't have an ending as such, it has what you could call a self-contained story arc.

Please read the product description.

There is definitely a lot of gay action of the explicit kind, though I doubt porn-lovers will be thrilled. There is m/m-romance, but a lot grittier than you would expect. There is domination, but the books are definitely not BDSM novels. They might appear to be slightly yaoi, but the uke doesn’t behave as he should and neither does the seme. They are definitely Fantasy, yet there is no magic, there are no wizards, and the only dragon is a heraldic one.
They've also been called grimdark.
I’m afraid I’ve not respected the tropes of the genre(s). Besides that, there is also a lot of political intrigue, questions about right and wrong and warfare. I’ve tried to keep these themes interesting, but as always, YMMV.

Warning: there are very explicit sex scenes. There is rape, domination and cruelty. None of it, IMHO, gratuitous or unexplained. A lot of people die, some of whom you might have grown to love, and their death will not always be an easy one.

I offer this free book because I'd like to have satisfied readers. Over 60,000 words -- 12 chapters -- should be enough for anyone to decide whether they like the story, the writing style, the setting, and so on. I don't want you to spend money on something that turns out not to be your thing.

Veröffentlicht am 27.04.2013 15:59:52 GMT+02:00
Sophia Jones meint:
The Pharaoh and the Curator: A Paranormal Erotic Tale

A paranormal romantic short story, unlucky in love museum curator Michelle Beaumont finds herself in Egypt where she contributes to god Amon Ra's resurrection. His burning heat soon has her throwing caution to the desert winds, but a lurking danger threatens both of their souls.

FREE 4/27/2013-5/1/2013

Veröffentlicht am 28.04.2013 01:03:05 GMT+02:00
I'll gift you a copy of my book if you want to read it. Email me at

3:53 a.m.

Veröffentlicht am 28.04.2013 13:37:22 GMT+02:00
A Family Arrangement Part Six: Mother

Veröffentlicht am 28.04.2013 18:34:55 GMT+02:00
Sophia Jones meint:
The Pharaoh and the Curator: A Paranormal Erotic Tale

Veröffentlicht am 02.05.2013 18:24:41 GMT+02:00
PA meint:
The Killing Circle (Neal Rafferty New Orleans Mystery)and House 23 (a suspense mystery thriller) will give you goosebumps!

Veröffentlicht am 06.05.2013 08:28:24 GMT+02:00
Sarah Tork meint:
Young Annabelle (Part 1)Young Annabelle (Part 1)

YA novel about the pressure to lose weight by your own family, it's on for free right now from may 4th to 6th, then it turns back to a dollar.


Part One 189 pages

Annabelle Simms has always been the 'big girl' in her family. The summer before her senior year of high school, her overly-enthusiastic mother makes it her mission to get Annabelle to lose weight. Even if it means driving her to the edge of sanity with the strict diet regimen. Just when it seems like there will be no summer fun a new guy struts into Annabelle's life and threatens to rock her summer of diet horrors.

Veröffentlicht am 06.05.2013 13:01:51 GMT+02:00
PA meint:
It's adult only and it's rather spicy, but it's also rather good...Erotica (E-rotica)

Veröffentlicht am 07.05.2013 13:37:45 GMT+02:00

Veröffentlicht am 07.05.2013 16:47:48 GMT+02:00
Chris Mooney The Dead Room - a perfect thriller featuring Darby McCormick is still free

Veröffentlicht am 09.05.2013 16:31:30 GMT+02:00
A Thousand Words of Poetry

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2013 02:47:12 GMT+02:00
Sophia Jones meint:
The Phantom and the Psychic: A Paranormal Erotic Tale

FREE May 9-May 12

A paranormal erotic short story, psychic Alyssa DeAngelo travels to a castle-turned-resort in the Italian countryside to assist its owner with his ghostly problem. There, she encounters Dominicus Romano, a tormented soul who has dwelt within the castle walls for six centuries. Can she help him find peace?

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2013 09:58:29 GMT+02:00

Dinosaurs: From A to Z

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2013 14:06:31 GMT+02:00
PA meint:
Hot from the presses and just plain hot, here's another from Amelie - Candy Skin (E-rotica). ;)

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2013 18:50:18 GMT+02:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 11.05.2013 11:09:25 GMT+02:00
Natalie meint:
The Hunt is On (The Patroness)
friday and saturday

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2013 19:23:59 GMT+02:00
Free promotion today and tomorrow: The Revelation Chronicles, a science-fiction/adventure that you will be sure to love. Check it out, I love the support you have already shown me and would appreciate the continued support.

What if everything you thought you knew about your life was a carefully crafted lie?

Charlie Reese is an underachieving college student with no sense of direction or purpose in life. When his best friend Freddy convinces him to attend a school fundraiser he reluctantly agrees and volunteers to be hypnotized by a famed illusionist named The Great Standeval. But, during the hypnosis, things go horribly wrong and Standeval mysteriously disappears.

Later, Charlie begins to suspect that something isn't right. During the hypnotism he was made to believe he was an alien. Once he begins to have disturbing visions and unimaginable things start to happen, he begins to wonder if it could really be true. Could he really be an alien from a distant planet that was destroyed years ago? Things take an unexpected turn as Charlie and his close friends are kidnapped and a secret is revealed that will change the course of human history.

Charlie has his doubts however, and embarks on a roller coaster ride of emotions while he struggles with the idea that so much could rest on his young shoulders. To make matters worse, he struggles with his feelings for his childhood crush Allison along with an uncontrollable desire for the irresistible Kara, a girl with whom he shares a unique bond.

With the help of new friends like Nick, an arrogant and cocky jock, and Michael, the quiet, reserved one with a penchant for fire, he will learn to stand up and fight for the things he believes in and the people he holds dear. Danger lurks around every corner. It will take the combined efforts of them all to prevent the end of the human race and the fall of planet Earth.

Veröffentlicht am 13.05.2013 06:37:27 GMT+02:00
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 13.05.2013 06:41:05 GMT+02:00
Merc meint:
Back Burning

Good Reads Giveaway until 16 May 2013. 10 copies. Original print run. Signed. Published 2007.
Reviews at

Extract from reviews:
Sylvia Petter is certainly one of the raciest and moving writers I have read. These stories are strong and compelling. They vividly portray characters which, when fleshed out are real and devoid of superfluous descriptions. There is a lovely rumbling inevitability of some of these stories, like a raging river running to the sea. Petter had the benefit of working with Alex Keegan in the UK on his 'boot camp'- writers' course of criticism and self-criticism. What better man to work with and this work of Petter's shows it. It is all very entertaining, as well. 'The Colour of Haze' about the Nazis is especially pungent. Every kid knew there was a row back then but didn't know what it was about. The past can be disturbing for children, too. These are themes that needed to be re-expressed and Petter knows just how to do this to reach a wide audience. The writing is stark and clear. This is a very passionate book. But so aimed and direct. So Hitler spoilt a whole generation, but they still have the memory and never forget. You will have to get this book, if you can - the internet will get it for you.
- Trevor Reeves, Southern Ocean Review

Veröffentlicht am 13.05.2013 10:48:24 GMT+02:00
In Absentia (Hypergraphia)
Hello - this is part 1 in a collection of "found" short stories. Disturbing, vivid, and written in an energy that is relentless, violent and somehow inhuman. I think it is free for another day - otherwise, due to it's length, it is priced at the minimum allowed. This is my first published story and I appreciate criticism and feedback. Thanks!

Veröffentlicht am 14.05.2013 00:02:38 GMT+02:00
Hello from Canada!

My 3 books are on for free until May 15 on Amazon (promo):

Veröffentlicht am 15.05.2013 19:31:18 GMT+02:00
Hello. Free starting tomorrow.

Chainsaw (Life On the Sofa Sleeper)

Veröffentlicht am 18.05.2013 11:26:29 GMT+02:00
Still free for kindle: Harlan Wolff Bangkok Rules, a thriller worth reading!

Veröffentlicht am 18.05.2013 14:37:36 GMT+02:00
"Adflatus. Season 1. Episode 1. Pilot." kostenlos zur Verfügung für 48 Stunden
Adflatus. Season 1. Episode 1. Pilot.

Es ist ein Buch im Buch mit interaktiven Features. Am Ende jeder Episode eine der beiden Hauptfiguren (Bestseller-Autor Joseph Harmon und sein fiktiver Charakter Mike Evans) steht vor einer Wahl, was als nächstes zu tun und jeder Leser kann entscheiden, welche Option er nehmen würde damit er wird seiner eigenen Weg vom Piloten bis die letzten Folge schaffen.

Ich hoffe daß Sie es unterhaltsam finden wurde.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Pavel Shishkoedov

Veröffentlicht am 19.05.2013 22:10:42 GMT+02:00
When 15 year old Cassandra Miller is taken away from her abusive father, she is placed in the care of a family who has many secrets to hide, among them the fact that they are Merpeople with a long history of luring humans into the water to kill them.

Everything appears to be perfect but she sees telltale signs that things may be too good to be true.

Her new family, the Morgans, are obsessed with water but forbid her to go near it. Water is everywhere she looks, surrounding her. Lake Superior is her new backyard and aquariums make up the inside walls of her new house. Oddly enough they seem to be having fish everyday for lunch.

The Sons of Thor, a group of five young men who, have sworn to protect humankind with their lightning bolts. They have an understanding with the Morgans, that they will leave them alone as long as they leave humans alone.

Now that the Morgans have taken a human into their home to raise as their daughter, the agreement is broken.

Eric, one of the Sons of Thor, has fallen in love with Cassandra. He wants to take her away from them but they have the law on their side and he can't admit who they are without admitting who he is.

The two groups will have to set their differences aside and work together to protect Cassandra from her father, who is at large and wants his daughter back.

Cassandra just wants a chance to be a normal child. She doesn't want to jeopardize the love of her family for a mere guy.

Daughter of the Oceans is told in first person from both Cassandra's and Eric's prospective.

Free May 20th and May 21st. I would appreciate a positive review.

Ich bitte um ein positive Bewertung. Danke im Voraus.

Veröffentlicht am 20.05.2013 13:11:46 GMT+02:00
PA meint:
Killing Time in Vegas is great and Love Games (E-rotica) is hot, hot, hot.

One of them should rock your boat.

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