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a good romance with plot

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k meint:
I do, too. Best romance story I've ever read and there is nothing alike (and I read all of those you mentioned Jools). The Bronze Horseman will top them all.

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Hannah meint:
If you liked Twilight, you'll enjoy A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends) In my humble opinion, the plot and romance elements are much stronger, and there's real chemistry between the characters.

The moment Amber starts her new summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan, her fate is sealed. Summoned by an ancient bond, she can never love another.
Lost in the woods one night, Amber enters Aidan's deadly world by chance when she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race, and promptly wins the first prize - a prize worth killing for.
In a world of forbidden love, of ancient enemies, legends and rituals, nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted. Amber's life will never be the same again, unless she searches the Otherworld for what everyone wants. But to do so, Amber must die.

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Mine's coming out soon. I can't link to my blog, but if you click on my name, you'll find a link on my profile page. The book's name is No Wings Attached and I've got some excerpts on the book page as well as on the homepage on my blog :-)

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Pammie meint:
THE PERFECT HOLIDAY KINDLE READ FOR ONLY 70 pence / 99 cents /Euros 0.99

Three Steps To Heaven It's 1961 and Eddie Mellor and Jane Wilson have the world at their feet and an exciting future to look forward to. Eddie's group, The Raiders, is about to make it big and Jane has accepted his marriage proposal. Then in walks Angie Turner... The first novel in a trilogy about The Raiders, spanning 40 years.

'Til I Kissed You - the sequel. It’s 1984 and Nick Cantello and Jess Mellor are in love. Jess's half-brother Jon is also in love with her. Following a tragic accident, Jess turns to Jon and an incestuous relationship begins, but is it...? Another tangled web of love, betrayal and music.

COMING SOON: The final part of the trilogy “Always on My Mind” set in 2001.

Plenty of romance, sex, drugs and a helping of Rock’n’Roll. Both have earned 5* star reviews (read them on site at www.amazon.co.uk )

Available in paperback as well as Kindle.
Thanks to all who have bought them. Your support is very much appreciated. Cheers, Pam.

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Joyce DeBacco meint:
Serendipity House, an e-book in multi-formats from a small publisher.

A runaway bride and the PI hired to find her discover a rundown inn filled with senior citizens is more like family than their own.

Emily L. of Single Titles says, "Joyce DeBacco writes a compelling novel that is sure to warm your heart. With complex characters and an intriguing story line, the book is difficult to put down as you are anxious to see what happens next with the characters."

First two chapters on joycedebacco.com. Thanks for reading.
Serendipity House
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Spanish Castle Magic

Available for Kindle download.

She thought she had everything sorted with her advertising job in Central London, her flat and her tall handsome boyfriend. But something was missing in her life and she knew what it was. A celebration party for one married couple, ended up with the break-up of another; a catalyst that would change everything for Sara and the people who were there.

The subsequent interweaving of lives, loves, deaths and babies that ensues, guarantees a fast moving and amusing tale of the power of women and the folly of men. True love, however, is the real winner.



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Hi - if you don't mind a little sci-fi mixed with your romance, you might like Time Watchers: The Greatest of These (English Edition)


"It's the twenty-fourth century and Robert York has the best job in the world. A socio-historian with Chrono-HQ, his job involves travelling back in time through the entirety of human history. This mission though, is taking him further back than he has been before, further than anyone has ventured before - through ten millennia to the Mesolithic, to visit the pre-historic inhabitants of ancient Kent's Cavern - the oldest known human habitation in Britain.

Sixteen year old Yana's life is a simple one; the business of survival - a repetitive round of hunting and gathering is her existence, mingled with the gentle social life of the Cave. Her future seems certain - a mate, babies, growing old and eventually dying in the same small community she was born in. But all that changes when traveller Robert comes to her village. Welcomed by her community, only Yana suspects Robert is not exactly what he purports to be, but she cannot begin to guess the immensity of the truth.

Born ten thousand years apart, theirs is an impossible love story, one that will keep you hooked till the very last page."

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Valya Lupescu meint:
I hope that you might enjoy my novel, THE SILENCE OF TREES, set in WWII Eastern Europe and modern-day Chicago (only .99 on kindle!)

"Valya Dudycz Lupescu seamlessly weaves Ukranian folklore and traditions into the events of the book. It is an engaging read to be savored and reread as yoThe Silence of Treesu discover the stories within Nadya's story. The house spirits and tree spirits become as real as the other characters in the book. Ms Lupescu's writing is lyrical and moving in its simplicity, when giving voice to Nadya and her remembered dead, who have been silent too long."
~Veronica Marie Beaumont, The Romance Review

The Silence of Trees

Thank you!
Valya Dudycz Lupescu

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Pammie meint:

Is she a sixties girl? Or, if you’re young enough, she may be an eighties girl! Three Steps To Heaven is set in the swinging sixties and 'Til I Kissed You the sequel, celebrates the era of Live Aid and The New Romantics.

Romance with plenty of grit for good measure and a generous helping of Rock’n’Roll. Both have earned 5* star reviews (read them on site at amazon.co.uk) and are available in paperback as well as Kindle.

Coming soon: “Always On My Mind” the final part of the trilogy.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s bought them. It’s very much appreciated. Cheers, Pam.

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