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Ersteintrag: 17.06.2013 14:49:02 GMT+02:00
I have just released a brand new collection...

Gurnard's Book of Delights

Gurnard's Book of Delights is a collection of stories written by children aged between four and ten years of age for a Primary School literary competition. They had to write a story involving an element of time travel... and they certainly did that.

It features three bonus stories by authors, Vanessa Wester and S.P. Moss, who judged the entries.

S.P. Moss commented:

"I've had so much fun reading your wild and wonderful stories. There were stories that made me giggle, stories that made me gasp and stories that amazed me with the places they took me to. I travelled in time back to the war, the Victorian times and even further - to the Aztecs, the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians with your stories. The time travel mechanisms were most ingenious - from boffin-like time-travel machines to everyday objects like a TV and a toy train. Not to mention a hat and some rather fabby pink boots - and even magic guinea pigs! Thanks to all of you who took part and keep on writing..."

All funds raised from sales of this book will go to Gurnard Primary School.

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Last week, I released another collection for children. All proceeds raised will go to the NSPCC, a children's charity in the UK.

Please take a look and perhaps use to introduce your children to English stories.

Best regards
Vanessa Wester

Reading is Magic is a showcase for a range of authors of children’s stories.

Lose yourself in a world were colour starts to vanish, a little girl’s imagination runs wild, a cloth that considers itself ugly finds beauty, a cloud discovers magic, children thwart the witch, a teacher chats with school children, a mango seller finds and loses her fortune, humanity remembers the importance of birdsong, a mysterious neighbour disappears, and a knight arrives from the past…

All in all, a wonderful collection to read at your leisure whilst enjoying school holidays, waiting for a friend or unwinding after a busy day.

Dip into our world of children's stories…

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Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 07.07.2013 23:56:02 GMT+02:00
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


Simply the best dog books for children and adult dog lovers anywhere! This series uses real pictures of Chester and his brothers. He is a celebrity therapy dog in Tennessee - you may visit him, his books, and his video at http://dogbooksforchildren.weebly.com. These books inspire good behavior in children and are told from Chester's point of view. Available as the much beloved paperbacks besides e-books.

Chester the Chesapeake Book One
Chester the Chesapeake Book Two: Summertime
Chester the Chesapeake Book Three: Wintertime
Chester the Chesapeake Book Four: My Brother Buck
The Chester the Chesapeake Trilogy (The Chester the Chesapeake Series)

Veröffentlicht am 11.07.2013 03:09:07 GMT+02:00
I'm not an author but I am an aunt (LOL) and I'm going to buy a copy of Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: The Hither and Yon for my very eager 4 1/2 soon to be 5 year old nieces upcoming birthday. It looks like a fun book that she'll enjoy.

Veröffentlicht am 25.07.2013 10:52:56 GMT+02:00
Tarin Day meint:
Hi everyone
I'd like to mention my new book The Sea Sprites of Winsome Bluff ; Age 9, 10, 11
If your children like fairytales try this modern one

When single parent Faye Jardine, inherits a run-down Manor House in a small coastal village, she sees it as a chance to start life away from helpful but interfering grandparents, Harriet and Ralph Jardine and decides to open a guest house.
But when she and her two children arrive in Winsome Bluff, Faye soon realises that life there isn’t what she expected.
Her son is being as awkward as he can and her daughter starts to talk to little imaginary people she calls Sea Sprites. Faye finds life difficult, coping with the hard work of getting the guest house ready to open and looking after two troubled children.
Then fate lends a hand.
When the children’s grandfather becomes ill, Faye is talked into letting Ralph and Harriet come and stay at Winsome Bluff, and Faye realises that the very person that she had fought with for so many years, could end up being her best friend.
A story about friendship, forgiveness and hope.

Veröffentlicht am 13.12.2013 18:07:07 GMT+01:00
A novella written for all age readers (10 onward suggested unless great vocabulary skills exit in younger readers). The work is Free on Kindle 13 & 14 Dec. 2013 - a novella based on historical facts and nautical information re sailing ships during the era of the Spanish Treasure Fleet of King Phillip II of Spain. A garlic digger in a Madrid garden steals a silver spoon and he is forced into becoming Captain Alberto Dicer of the pirate ship El Dreadful. Enjoy. Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas

Veröffentlicht am 15.12.2013 00:41:09 GMT+01:00

These children's books are about a real working therapy dog who also has this series which inspires good behavior in children. The dog tells the story and they have real pictures. They are beloved by children and adult dog lovers anywhere! Chester and I go on extended book tours -- his paperbacks are so beloved. They are also ebooks and each book can stand alone. You can meet him at his own website where there is a fun video: http://dogbooksforchildren.weebly.com

Chester the Chesapeake Book One
Chester the Chesapeake Book Two: Summertime
Chester the Chesapeake Book Three: Wintertime
Chester the Chesapeake Book Four: My Brother Buck
The Chester the Chesapeake Trilogy (The Chester the Chesapeake Series)

Veröffentlicht am 21.12.2013 16:43:11 GMT+01:00
Free 21 - 22 Dec. 2013 for all age readers Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas

Veröffentlicht am 22.12.2013 19:09:39 GMT+01:00
StoneLord1 meint:
I have a YA story for FREE until Boxing Day. It is suitable for older children to teens...and of course for adults who like fantasy. It is based on the traditional figure of the Krampus and has a fairytale style.The Winter Witch and the Krampus: A Christmas Tale

Veröffentlicht am 11.02.2014 12:32:46 GMT+01:00
I can recommmend Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: The Hither and Yon.
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