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200 copies sold in Germany in one month and I can't figure out why

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Ersteintrag: 10.03.2012 13:30:49 GMT+01:00
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Silber meint:
Hey there Linda :)
Welcome on the german board. Sorry, my english isnŽt the best, for my books i have an great translator, sheŽs perfekt ^^
You had written a book and 200 poeple buy it on and you are asking, who had buyed this?
A lot of german people read english books, for self study or just a lot of interest.
My german books (written in german language) been buyes on too, perhaps, some people (who can speak and understand german) live in amerika and buy this :)
I hope you understand my text ^.^

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Veröffentlicht am 02.05.2012 15:31:52 GMT+02:00
A Short Story based on the poem - Unspoken Love During the Vietnam War (English Edition)


FREE MAY 2, 3,
Short story in English

This is the story you ask for and hopefully I provided.

In 1975, I wrote a poem and posted it recently on Amazon. It had a great response but mostly from people that said they wished it were a story, that poetry sucks.

Well, for me the poetry is where the emotion was but to attempt to please, I have "tried" to write it into a story. The issue is will it maintain the emotion needed to understand the incident that happened.

Now the poem was hidden away for 37 years.

At that time there were no avenues for anything that referred to same sex love. It was written as a catharsis for an English class but was rejected by the professor.

This is the story based on the original poem of disaster on a Navy ship, and the display of spiritual love of one man for another.

It is being told by myself. It is what I saw.

Veröffentlicht am 04.05.2012 14:33:11 GMT+02:00
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Veröffentlicht am 05.05.2012 13:08:57 GMT+02:00
All In

With Fat Yang as her mentor Carla made big money playing high stakes poker, she was even prepared to kill to win. But Fat Yang had something more than a game of cards in mind for her, something far more dangerous. When she discovers his intentions, she enters into his sleazy world of crime prepared to turn the tables to her advantage.
This is an adult book.

Veröffentlicht am 05.05.2012 15:56:06 GMT+02:00
This book is free the 5th and 6th of May.

The Seventh Chakra (English Edition)

Come to NYC and follow the journey when the universe delves into the lives of the unsuspecting.

A young woman, Jackie, a Coast Guard Petty Officer draws the attention of street preachers in New York, who believe she is involved with the coming of a new black Messiah.

Bernie who had only met Jackie is intrigued but unsure why.

Jamal the prophet of the coming black messiah.

John a software creator becomes the center of attention of all involved when power, energy, sex, and death, weave their existence as they become joined in a vision of the Universal Plan and the fate of everyone.

Veröffentlicht am 24.07.2012 17:31:50 GMT+02:00
Want to read something different, so different it might be true? Try The Dancing Boy

Ex-soldier Tom Gillet returned to Afghanistan to search for the boy who saved his life. He was stunned by the complexity of the challenges he faced.
Far beyond the corridors of official power, he entered into a maze of corruption, betrayal and child sex slavery. He found that evil threatened his life. He found an evil so profound that it threatened everything he cared about.

This novel has been described as darker than dark, and so it should be, it's that close to being the truth.

Veröffentlicht am 18.02.2013 12:54:34 GMT+01:00
Please allow me to introduce my NEW thriller.

Hidden In Plain View
When Sir Adrian Gold, shadow Minister of Defence, offered Gabriel Horn £40,000 to assassinate the British Prime Minister and his deputy Horn thought he was joking.
"I'll do it for a million pounds," he laughed.
"Done," said Sir Adrian.
Horn stared at him. There had to be a catch, somewhere.

This story hits the floor running and doesn't stop until the end.
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