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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 23. August 1999
Herb Cohen gibt in diesem Buch einen Überblick über Verhandlungstechnik und Tipps, wie diese möglichst effektiv angewandt werden sollte. Durchaus typisch für amerikanische Bücher ist dabei der Stil sehr leicht und locker gehalten und mit vielen Beispielen und ermutigenden Anekdoten angereichert. Auf eine theoretische Unterfütterung verzichtet der Autor, ich habe sie allerdings nicht sonderlich vermisst.
Schwerpunkt und Ziel des Buches ist es, den Leser (die Leserin) zu befähigen einen Ver-handlungsstil zu erlernen, der kooperative und auf beiderseitigen Gewinn gerichtete Ver-handlungen zulässt. Zunächst werden die wichtigsten Parameter einer Verhandlung (und der eigenen Verhand-lungsposition) erläutert und erklärt, wie man eine eigene gute Position aufbaut und eine Si-tuation analysiert. Im Anschluss werden verschiedene Verhandlungsstile und die damit verbundenen Vorteile und Gefahren beschrieben. Cohen erläutert, wie die Stile zu erkennen sind und wie man dar-auf reagieren kann. Einen großen Abschnitt widmet der Autor wie gesagt den kooperativen Verhandlungsstilen, die auf einen beiderseitigen Gewinn gerichtet sind. Die Überlegenheit solcher Verhandlungen werden dargelegt und der Weg dorthin beschrieben
Im letzten Abschnitt gibt der Autor zahlreiche Tipps, wie verschiedene Kommunikationswe-ge (Telefon, Memos, ...) zu nutzen und Besonderheiten zu beachten sind. Auch der Umgang mit Hierarchien und die persönliche Einstellung in Verhandlungen wird behandelt.
Dieses Buch stellt mehr als nur einen sehr guten Einstieg dar. Es ließt sich ausgesprochen leicht und angenehm - und das für nicht einmal sieben Dollar! (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 1. Juni 2000
This a absolutely fascinating book. We all have the potential to negotiate, this book unleashes that power.
Most of the time we walk into a store and pay the sticker price. This book teaches everyone that they have the power to negotiate on everything.
Although I did find most of the tactics are more useful for people with more free time (retiree's), the other tactics have been extremely helpful.
And from traveling abroad; Germany, Morocco, Czech Republic, Poland. I can tell these tactics work internationally.
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am 5. Dezember 1999
This book is about negotiation as an integral part of successful human conduct. Mr. Cohen is not only a negotiator by profession, but also by obsession. There are Many helpful hints in this books; for example the Three Crucial variables (Power, Time and Information) and also the 14 applications of power. This book is easy to read and full of real life anecdotes about real negotiations that range from a kid who "successfuly" negotiates with his parents , to shop bargaining and to complex international negotiations as between the US and former USSR. This book will be helpful to all people from all walks of life; negotiation is a part of everybody's life.
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am 4. November 1999
I read this book almost 10 years ago after being impressed by it's title. I was wonderfully surprised at how good it was and I hoped that I could put some of the things I learnt into practice just like the author encouraged and illustrated so well.
Just now I picked up the book for the second time and not only found that I just couldn't put it down, but I was also pleasantly surprised at just how many of it's teachings I had actually successfully used in my various negotiations since reading the book that first time. It really seems to have worked!
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am 3. August 1999
Splendid clarity and reinforcement of daily practices which are, more often than not, sub-conscious. I especially agree with him that negotiations should be more personalized. However, some examples are exagerated and not practical. Eg haggling and howlng over prices in a retail supermarket is rather absurb.
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am 17. Oktober 1998
20 years ago, I recall hearing Herb Cohen dispensing practical and witty advice about negotiations on the old Larry King (midnight to 5 a.m.) Radio Show. Recently, when I went looking for a book on negotiation to use in connection with an office presentation, I remembered Cohen and gave his book a read. To my delight the book is not only keenly insightful and amazingly informative, it is extraordinarily entertaining. Reading the book I got that wonderful sense that I knew Cohen was on the money because what he was saying was exactly what I've thought and experienced in my life but always forget or recall too late to be of any damn use. In othe words, the book manages to crystillize and articulate principles and truths that have fleetingly passed through my own consciousness on their way to oblivion. In a weird way, Negotiate Anything feels like it was written as my own personal guide to dealing with the world. Incidentally, I've given Negotiate Anything to a dozen or so people who have had an indentical reaction. My only gripe is that Cohen apparently never wrote a second book.
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am 5. Juni 2000
This is a review of the audio book version of this title. It is worth every penny. One of the most enjoyable audio books I have had the pleasure of listening too. He is clear in his claims, communicates his ideas well, the cassette is of high production value, and it is a joy just to listen to him. His emotion really comes through in this production. He takes care not only what to say, but how to say it. This is truely an example of how an audio book is suppose to function. It not only provides the reader/listener book information in a different medium, but you really get the authors patterns and emotions and passions for his own material. The information is useful, and can be applied in real life. The examples he describes are done so vividly, that he make it all come alive for you, and it is as if you are right there at the negotiating table, the bank, or where-ever else he takes you. Not only a great audio book, but a fine collection of materail on negotiating.
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am 16. Mai 1999
As made evident by the foregoing reviews (except for the German fellow), this book is a stand-out in its genre. Cohen is insightful, his writing is clear, and his anectodes both helpful and funny. I first read this book about 20 years ago, and was amazed then and still am. This is one of the few books that I can re-read and still enjoy and learn from. By the way, I have sampled most of the other negotiation books and, although at times useful, they just don't compare. And, the suggestion that Cohen has borrowed from others is absurd. This guy has a style all his own. The notion that he took from those other authors is like suggesting that Steven Spielberg borrowed from Hogan's Heros when creating Schindler's List.
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am 8. Februar 1999
The beauty of Cohen's book is that it requires a knowledge of self as well as as a knowledge of others. Cohen's techniques are only effective insofar as you understand the other party, so they require a strong amount of empathy. While reading, you will also undoubtedly also see things that you do on an everyday basis to those around you. Understanding these unconcious mechanisms of manipulation is the first step on the way to dismantling them and leading an honest life with those you love.
You'll be successful in the office and successful at home. You can't be any happier than that, now can you?
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am 4. Februar 1998
I was looking to learn how to negotiate. Instead, I learned how to live life. Cohen is like a great philospher, insightful rabbi, and brilliant zen master rolled into one. Yeah, you learn how to get the car for less and how to get a raise, but you also learn how to live your life to the fullest. Plus, it's a delightful read -- like Peter Drucker as Philip Roth or Jackie Gleason with a business degree. Great stuff!
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