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am 28. Oktober 2013
Elle is a lawyer and her life is good. She has a nice, polite and sweet boyfriend and a good job. Ok, her man does not make her go all crazy, but he is polite.... nice and, well, boring!
When he introduced her his new client, MMA fighter Nico Hunter she has a hard time concentrating on anything else then the sexy man in front of her.
Nico Hunter is likes this lawyer ... a lot and wants more from her than just a legal advice. So he goes for her and gets her.
But both have demons that hunt them, that make it difficult to live with someone, to trust and to be happy, both need to heal and their love is their savior.

I really liked both characters a lot.
Elle is a real woman, strong, broken but wonderful. Nico is a real man all sexy and sweet, cool and hot and broken.
I enjoyed their honesty, their will to fight for each other, how they both know and accept the fact that they are made for each other. Both say what they fell and they never give up on each other.
I really enjoyed the read.

If you are looking into other book about MMA fighters I highly recommend Real (The REAL series).

Enjoy the read MBTM
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am 19. Februar 2014
This book had some drama and a good deal of romance. It was predictable at times, but the story had a nice flow to it and the characters were likable, especially gorgeous MMA fighter Nico Hunter. He had me right at:

“I'd love to see you again. You let me know when the not really turns into a solid no.”

But Elle was also a good one. She had her own history and maybe the story could have gone deeper into her past. I must admit, I would have liked the book even more, if there had been more about Regina, Elle's best friend, because I think, she could have added more depth to the story and enhance Elle's character even further.

The story was told in two different POV's, and I favored reading Nico's over Elle's a little bit. Altogether, this was an enjoyable read and worth my time.
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