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am 16. Oktober 2001
M. Sinetar Buch" Do What You Love And Money Will Follow" macht Mut, bei der Lebensplanung dem inneren Ruf zu folgen. Dabei bleibt die Autorin realistisch und verheimlicht die möglichen Schwierigkeiten nicht. Besonderes Gewicht legt sie auf den Umgang mit Hindernissen. Wie identifiziert man Widerstände? Welche Gebote in Form von "müßte" und "sollte" stehen der Verwirklichung im Weg? Die angeführten Beispiele inspirieren auf dem Weg, der ganz speziellen persönlichen Berufung zu folgen.
Die Autorin stellt in angenehmer Abweichung vom Titel klar, daß das Geld nicht herbeigezaubert wird, indem wir unserer Berufung folgen, sondern daß es auch hier harter Arbeit bedarf und der Erfolg nicht unbedingt gewiß ist.
Um die Empfehlungen dieses Buches zu befolgen ist es notwendig, den inneren Ruf in ausreichender Klarheit zu erspüren. Zwar nennt die Autorin auch Wege, wie man allmählich seine Schwerpunkte findet, diese Wege sind jedoch eher intuitiv und dadurch etwas diffus.
Wer noch konkretere Anleitung finden möchte, welche speziellen Talente in ihm schlummern, sollte sich mit dem Buch von Buckingham/Clifton befassen:"Now, Discover Your Strengths". Hier gibt es viele handfeste Hilfen und einen sehr gut validierten Persönlichkeitstest.
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am 2. Januar 2000
An outstanding guide to tuning into your inner world and unique talents. Dr. Sinetar is an organizational psychologist, mediator and writer. She advises us to identify the things that light us from within. "It takes courage to act on what we value and to willingly accept the consequences of our choices." Ten chapters chock full of new ideas, great advice and soul searching that satisfies.
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am 20. Mai 2000
...and I'll tell you in just a minute.
But first, Marsha Sinetar's advice is both inspiring and practical. The book identifies many of the hurdles we erect between ourselves and career happiness, and then gives practical solutions to overcoming them.
The concept of a "right livelihood" is unknown to many people; it was certainly liberating for me. Using Sinetar's suggestions, I have been able to appreciate when I am setting myself up for failure or unhappiness -- and then take action to either change what I'm doing or where I'm doing it. It still amazes me that so many people view work as "the enemy," when they really don't have to.
OK -- now the secret: I was one of the participants in Dr. Sinetar's study for this book! [Yes, I guess I am, therefore, a bit biased in support of her ideas.] I am the "young man" on pp 18-20 in chapter two. While I did not go on to be a full-time preschool teacher, I have integrated working with children in many of the jobs and work-related activities in which I participate (for example, as a paramedic I chose to become a pediatric EMS specialist, working in a pediatric/neonatal ICU). I didn't know I was using many of Sinetar's behaviors before the study -- participating in the study, and many re-readings of the book, have helped me get more satisfaction out of my work than I might otherwise have achieved.
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am 5. Juni 2000
A few years ago I was in a working situation, whereby I lacked congruence. At the time personal congruence - i.e. mind, body, spirit enthusiastically moving toward the right fitting goal - meant nothing to me. I just thought I lacked success. Working hard showed no reward. Somewhere I got this book. At first, I found the beginning a bit lukewarm, however, when I began to highlight later quotes,I soon realized that this Sinetar gal was onto some hot liberating insights. I gathered no reward from my hard work, because I was working hard in the wrong livelihood- not using my innate talents and momentum. As Americans we blindly accept the creed of the work ethic. Working smarter is a better creed. As someone said,"If hard work makes wealth andhappiness, than ditch diggers should be happy millionaires." Doing what you love gets youworking eagerly and joyfully. People see me now in my propercareer and always comment on my high energy level.I'm complimented for "working hard." It's more like I'm having a ball. The book helped.
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am 6. März 1997
Pow, pow, pow! Every point Marsha Sinetar makes in this
book hits home--sometimes painfully! For anyone who has
ever asked him or herself, "How did I end up in this job?",
this book is a revelation and a powerful guide to
re-examining one's attitudes toward life, love and work.
The author has done her research (see her excellent list
of references at the end of the book), she interweaves
concepts skillfully throughout, and her writing flows
wonderfully. You will find yourself underlining passage
after passage and consulting it again and again. Though
many good books have been written on this subject, this is
the one you will find yourself recommending to strangers,
pressing upon friends and keeping on your nightstand!
Shout it from the mountaintops!
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am 27. Juli 1999
Anybody who recalls Joseph Campbell telling Bill Moyers "follow your bliss" has the gist of this self-help book. Sinetar throws in a few exercises for figuring WHAT you really love, but the basic idea is that old, old observation that you are likelier to be successful if you are working in a field you care about than if you are just punching a timecard.
'Likelier to be' is not, however, a word that comes easily to Sinetar and some folks will find the blind optimism of 'The Money Will Follow' a bit hard to swallow. Needless to say 'Trust in Allah but tie up your camel' is an adage always to be borne in mind when following this sort of advice, and everyone knows people who've done what they've loved and the money never appeared, let alone followed. It's to challenge this kind of pessimism that Sinetar has written her book, and she makes an engaging cheerleader.
There are lots of similar works and personally I think Napoleon Hill presents a better case, but Sinetar is a bit more up to date. Worth reading as an adjunct to other job-search books (like 'What Color is My Parachute'.)
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am 4. Februar 1999
This book is among the first of many I have read that inspired me to find my talent and dare to follow it. It never occurred to me that I could enjoy my work. I used to think work was something you HAD to do so you could make money for the things you want to do. I can honestly say that I now enjoy my work and I am a greater benefit to those I work with because I'm not miserable and unhappy.
This book has had a domino effect because now that I am doing what I love I have people who pay me to help them move in the direction of work they love. Interesting!
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am 20. Oktober 1998
I enjoyed Marsha Sinetar's book, 'Do what you love, the money will follow' very much. The book provides an in depth view at how anyone can enjoy a fulfilling working life. It you want to be liberated and enjoy your working life read this book.
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am 15. Januar 2000
It's nothing but a bunch of repackaged, stale psychological advise. Believe in yourself, how to deal with resistance, etc., etc. This book reminds me of those workshops where the speaker keeps talking about how he's going to present the participants with "tools" for dealing with some situation or other...and you end up with nothing but hot air.
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am 13. März 1999
This book is mis-titled. Its contents had little too nothing to do with the subject matter implied. Also, the author had a very weak writing style, which was littered with psychobabble. After the 3rd chapter, I could no longer read the book. Quite disappointing.
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