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3,6 von 5 Sternen32
3,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 8. Februar 2002
I found this book to be very interesting - I read it in one afternoon! One man and one woman talk about their sexual fantasies - the whole book is one conversation! I could relate to the man's thoughts more, since I am a man, and the woman's thoughts are very bizarre and erotic at the same time - it would be interesting to know if Mr. Baker interviewed women on those subjects. The two characters don't act fast, they have very very "slow" phone sex, which is so much more erotic!
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am 7. August 1998
For a book that begins with the perennial favorite "What are you Wearing?", Vox quickly devours the prototype of phone sex caller as disrespectful loser, instead presenting characters with mature, if slightly bland, personalities. Is this a good thing? Well..yes and no. While it is refreshing to read a sexual novel without a torn bodice on the cover, I found much of the dialogue to be just as contrived and unbelievable as any number of generic 'swashbuckling pirate saves the girl' page turners. Add to this disability the suspension of belief required to believe that these individuals would pay 3.99 per minute for three hours only to reveal Jim's preoccupation with Tinkerbell's wide hips and Abby's unchecked love of creamed chipped beef and you have the reason for this three star review.
Still, I admit to being intrigued by the concept of revealing sexuality to a stranger over the phone and must praise Baker for having the audacity to attempt such an undertaking. Unfortunately, the tiring details of this book render it unsexy as the characters take themselves ,(and their fantasies), far too seriously. The book reads like an indie art house hit- one that has been subjected to a lot of hype. And I feel the same muddy daze as when I leave an art house after wading through two hours of heightened plastic emotion. While I'm glad I read the book, (or saw the film),...I still feel a bit cheated that style won out over substance.
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am 16. Februar 1998
Baker's take on sex is WAY too squeaky-clean for me -- I had a boyfriend a lot like him when I was a freshman in college, and I ceased being all that attracted to him after a while, maybe because he was so mind-numbingly well-adjusted about sex -- no evil, no carnal badness and therefore none of the guilt or shame that make sex so much fun -- he, like Baker, had instead an overly-intellectualized bright-eyed "creative" interest in it all that doesn't float my boat in either a book or a boyfriend. Baker is a very good writer -- clear, detail-obsessed, quirky. But he's boring, ultimately. He examines and analyzes and explores in precise, manically microcosmic prose the sub-brain particles that bubble under the surface of the flow of a day, and for this and this alone, he's somewhat useful. But I never remember one single thing about either his characters or about his narrative vision. However, I find that I've read everything he's written -- so I must like him, even though I'm not attracted to him. Maybe we're just friends.
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am 11. Juli 1998
Naturally, I found this book delicious. That is not to say erotic--in the usual sense. And for me, personally, so long bereft of my, how shall we say, membrane virile, I did _not_ find the book terribly stimulating. This is all beside the point and, to be frank, I would rather not mention the series of ill-fated operations that left me so awfully frigid. But even for the sexually intact this book, I would fain say, belongs rather on the shelf than athwart anything in the way of an extremity. Which is not to say the book is boring per se. It's not. In fact, I'd even recommend it. Certainly, though, the transvestite community--to which I belong--will continue to ardently oppose such shining examples of conventional or, worse, "literary" prurience. That said, I give the book a half-hearted, semi-limp thumbs-up!
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am 20. September 1996
This is the perfect little nibble-sized book to read while waiting for your laundry to finish. It's delightfully naughty without being raunchy, so you don't feel the big, sexless hand of mom slapping you upside the back of your head.
The whole thing is dialogue between a man and a woman talking on a phone sex line, swapping fantasies about sex and more. Nicholson Baker is the master of pointing out all the goofy things we do and think about, but never want to admit to anyone. He taps right into the kinky part of your brain and, if you'll let him, he'll take you on an amusing ride of taboo human behavior.
Pick up all those dirty clothes off your floor, turn the spin cycle on and read away. By the time the dryer buzzes, you'll be buzzing too. What you do after that is your own little story...
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am 15. Juli 2000
Nicholson Baker has given his readers a smart, somewhat sexy, look at the ironic ways we try to reach out to others -- in some pretty selfish ways! -- in the modern era. His two characters, Jim and Abby, are at once trying to find some sort of soul mate, yet both seem to derive the most sexual pleasure from stimulating themselves.
Interesting, too, how the fantasies each spins for the other crumble and lose their erotic edge in the telling. I especially thought I was going to scream with Abby's olive oil story -- how dare she leave me hanging like that? But that, I guess, is part of the point of taking self-indulgence to such an extreme that the telling of the story overshadows the intent behind the story. At least the last fantasy gets played to its conclusion...
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am 3. Januar 1997
nicholson baker wants to make sex as complicated as possible. By dividing the simplicity of actual sex from the seemingly endless boundaries of foreplay and anything sexual that is not actual sex, Baker emerged with Vox. The book is a story which unfolds like a ribbon through the dialogue of two people on a private chat sex phone line. And all the dialogue put together is a 165 page description of verbal intercourse. Vox has been made to be a statement about safe sex ( via phone), technological sex, and the line between literature and smut. Vox is a version of foreplay and a document of some of the thousands of ideas that can turn both the male and the female mind on. The mind is the sexiest organ, Vox proves it, and is a great read as well
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am 12. Juni 1996
The erotic intensity that exudes throughout VOX: A Novel is both humurous and erotic to both the reader and Abby and Jim, the basis for the phone sex conversation that the novel centers around. Baker is both gentle and realistic in the pursuits of Jim and Abby, in their search for the perfect orgasm. The stories, especially the one that Abby tells about having her house painted is one of the best of the novel. Having had to read this for Love And Sex in Literature last semester in college, I must say taht VOX was a refreshing look at both themes. The novel climaxes in both the literal and figurative sense bringing finality to the tales of a generation that no longer seem to need the human touch
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am 28. Juni 2000
I am now hooked on Nicholson Baker's writing! As a person who has an aural fixation, Vox is very satisfying even though it's on paper. From the minute I picked up Baker's novel I could not put it down. Even though this novel is told solely in dialogue form, it doesn't lose anything in the telling. Baker is an excellent storyteller; his attention to detail is superb. His characters' personalities are revealed to us as the story unfold and make no mistake they are not one-track minded beings just wanting to get off, or are they? The dialogue is witty, honest, evocative, sassy and at times as off shooting as we tend to be in real life.
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am 14. September 1998
This book to be bursting with sexual energy and tension, though not to the point of consumation which is, perhaps indicative of the meaning of the piece. An engaging narrative with a slow wave which reveals not only the lives of the characters, but, indeed, sends a message to the wider society about loneliness and of the dangers of social intercourse with a view devoid of emotion. The erotic-intellectual nature of the calls and the dangerous cry of lustful desire make this book both engaging and titillating, strangely echoing my, and indeed, our own needs and wants. A top read for most.
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