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am 2. März 2003
Gerber provides a new scientific paradigm that strongly supports what spiritual healers have known for millennia. It explains this knowledge of the energy body in scientific terms that permits us to make a graceful transition from the Newtonian concept of health to the wholeness of the Einsteinian quantum worldview. As such it is a serious investigation of the etheric and a development of an etheric material science to balance the current physical material science. Based on the fact that the body consists of electrical vibrations, Gerber's theories act as a conceptual bridge between allopathic and subtle-energy medicine. It includes an exhaustive treatment of homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, acupuncture, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, radionics and psychic healing. Chapters include: The Einsteinian View of Living Systems; X-Rays and the Beginning of Vibrational Medicine; Frequency and Subtle Planes of Matter; Subtle Energy Systems and their Relevance to Ancient Approaches to Healing; Modern Investigations into Psychic Healing; Healing Qualities of Gems and Stones; The Chakras; Holistic Healing and Paradigm Shifts; Recent Developments in Vibrational Medicine, including Healing with Sound, and Electromagnetic Healing Devices. Not only is this book a welcome new approach to modern healthcare, but at the same time a wonderful reference work on energy healing. It concludes with a glossary, recommended reading list, resource guide, list of diagrammes and an index.
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am 2. März 2003
This vastly enlarged and improved edition of the popular Dream Dictionary contains lots of new material from the latest scientific discoveries, Internet dreamsites and new added categories. The aim of the book is to help you make connections between your dreams and your everyday life and to discover the powerful emotions and reactions that subconsciously direct our decisions and responses in the waking state. It provides real insights that empower the reader with help in decision-making and how to bring out the best in us. Compiled from information drawn from 3000 dreams over four decades of research, the dictionary is alphabetically organised from entries on "Abandoned" to "Zoo," with the researched meanings of the things, people, creatures and places occurring in dreams, plus subject like processing your dreams, dream symbols, interpretation, recurring dreams, nightmares and how to deal with them, problem-solving and maximising your health. The introduction discusses the subconscious origin of dreams and how our dreams can help us. Exhaustive and detailed, The Dream Dictionary is an indispensable reference work to all who are interested in psychology and for individuals interested in self-development. The book concludes with a bibliography of 10 pages. It is probably the best and most detailed dream encyclopedia currently available.
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