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am 31. Juli 2000
This is a fascinating book, much more so than "The Second Messiah", which took the authors off on something of a tangent from the study of the origins of Freemasonry that they had started with "The Hiram Key". "Uriel's Machine" brings together evidence from archaeology, ancient oral traditions, the Apochrypha, Masonic rituals and other sources to show how people living over 10,000 years ago may have been in possession of quite sophisticated knowledge of the movement of stars and other astral bodies such as comets, and how this information has come down to us by way of diverse sources including the layout of megalithic sites and the Book of Enoch. It will be interesting to see how many of their theories will be adopted in time by mainstream academia, which typically concentrates on very narrow, specialized areas of research, as opposed to the cross-disciplinary approach that the authors use. Their work in many aspects is reminiscent of the books of Imanuel Velikovsky back in the 1950's, which were almost universally denigrated by the academic community for their unorthodox ideas, but which subsequently were proved to be correct in several important areas. I was also interested to see that the authors have been able to encourage the establishment of a chair of historical research into Freemasonry at the University of Sheffield in the U.K., a step which apparently in being supported by British Freemasons, and which will hopefully help to dispel some of the more bizarre myths about Freemasonry, and bring them more into the mainstream as far as their contributions to our culture and belief systems are concerned.
I'll look forward to Knight and Lomax's next book with eager anticipation. Hopefully it will include information on what, if anything, is actually buried beneath Rosslyn Chapel, something we are all waiting to hear about with bated breath. On the other hand, if the buried material contains information on when the next comet is due to strike Earth, as the authors hint it might, then perhaps it is better left hidden!
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am 14. Juli 2000
If you saw this book (particularly the dust jacket) on your bookseller's shelf, your original opinion might be that it is another sensationalistic work of new-age archaeology. The authors have taken certain traditions learned through their association with Freemasonry and attempted to discover any historical or scientific basis. Paleontologists will claim that the authors are practicing "voodoo science", (as though the paleontologists have never been wrong.) But the authors give you a great read, and they have certainly packed their book with enough information for you to question most of what you grew up believing about pre-history. Aware of that and still a little skeptical, my next book was "Rain of Iron and Ice" by John S. Lewis, a seriously qualified astronomer (Codirector, NASA, U. of Arizona Space Engineering Research Center), which convinced me that the hypotheses of Knight and Lomas were not only interesting and exciting, but highly plausible. I'm going to read Uriel's Machine again to see if there's anything that I missed the first time.
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