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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. Januar 2014
DG novellas generally jump into the spaces left between the novels of the Outlander saga and the Lord John series, picking up clues left in the books and running away with fresh plot bunnies. A Trail of Fire takes four novellas previously published in anthologies and single novellas and wraps them in one handy bundle. Of course, you could skip reading these - but really, you'd miss out. I for one would bet my tickaba black diamond that clues put in here will make a return in DG's much expected book 8 ... and fill in what the earlier novels left mentioned but unexplained.

All four novellas have their own feeling, close related to the point-of-view protagonists. We already know Lord John's voice quite well, and he features in two of the novellas. While 'Custom of the Army' goes back to his stint in Canada (as mentioned in The Scottish Prisoner) and is the customary case solving with army life background mystery, 'A Plague of Zombies' is quite a bit more fantasy than we're used from no-nonsense LJ. It takes place some years before Voyager, at the time LJ went to Jamaica for the first time in his life, and deals with slave and maroon rebellion, witches and witchdoctors, and, yes, zombies. Eery, that one. I actually loved it a bit more, but then, it's so ... gothic. Goody!
'A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows' shows us, what really happened to Roger's Dad the day his Spitfire crashed. Be prepared, grab some tissues. Gotta love Macks, so here's a treat.
My personal favorite was 'In the Space Between', though. I like both Michael Fraser (Wee Ian's brother) and not-quite-Sister Joan (Marsali's sister), and the novella is full of time-travel weirdness - including new hints on the 'How to', picks up long-time-no-see characters like Raymond and the Compte, and leaves you routing for a new pair of the Fraser-Murray family, as much as it is remains open.

All in all, I'd say you COULD go without those stories. But why would you want to?
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am 21. Februar 2013
Da ich nicht auf die deutsche Ausgabe warten wollte, kaufte ich mir die englische. Lieferung wie üblich schnell.
Die Geschichte von Michael und Joan war ganz nett, aber doch sehr vorhersehbar. Hier wird wieder ein weiterer Handlungsstrang in der Geschichte rund um Jamie und Claire eröffnet, was meiner Meinung nach langsam zuviel wird.
Ich bin auch ein großer Fan der Lord-John-Saga und ich muss sagen, mir haben diese Geschichten am besten gefallen. In The custom of the army wird wunderbar die Vorgeschichte von Lord John aus The scottish prisoner erzählt (warum er nach Kanada geschickt wurde), die eine Lücke füllt.
Ansonsten fand ich die Kurzgeschichten sehr gut geschrieben und es hat Spaß gemacht sie zu lesen (Hab das Buch an einem Abend verschlungen:-))
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am 21. September 2014
Als Fan der Highlander-Reihe habe ich natürlich auch dieses Buch gekauft. Manches versteht man erst, wenn man den 8. Band der Reihe, der allerdings erst später erschien, gelesen hat. Dann ist es eine Aneinanderreihung von Episoden, die mal mehr und mal weniger interessant sind. Man muß es nicht haben.
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am 25. November 2012
This book is a 'must' for everyone who is a fan of the Outlander books and of the Lord John-books. Fills up some loose endsfrom the 'big' series as well as from Lord John's adventures.
Especially the 2 'sidekicks' (Leaf in the wind of All Hallows' und 'The Sace between' cover some interesting stories off the main Outöander-story, which avid readers - like me - have been wondering about for some time.
What's great is, that Diana provides every story with the necessary timeline and background, so the reader knows where this 'bulge' fits into the whole Outlander frame.
AND: Diana finally noticed, that her readers are happy to find her 'side stories', which mostly were published in other anthologies, in one special DG-story-anthology. So we Gabaldon fans won't have to buy 'alien' anthologies just for one single story of hers.
I hope there will be more collections of these to follow, so the dedicated Gabaldon and Outlander fan can collect all her stories and books much easier.

And - as IMO all the Gabaldon-books are not made to be read once and put aside, I deavoured it twice in a very short time, and it prompted me to re-read the 'big story' again.
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am 19. März 2015
I enjoy Diana Gabaldon 's writing so much that when I finished the massive "Outlander" series I found myself missing her voice and observations.
I was happy to find she's written these short stories further exploring the life of John Grey, an important character from the series.
I've enjoyed reading them very much! They are so well crafted (as usual) that a reader will not need to have read the Outlander series to enjoy them. If you're looking for intelligent, colorful writing with unexpected twists, turns, and adventures, this book is a good choice.
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Dieses (für DG) kleine Buch ist eine tolle Ergänzung zu der Haupt-Reihe!
Man erfährt was in der Zeit passiert ist, als Jamie auf Helwater war und wie es kam, das er und John sich näher kennen gelernt haben.
Wie immer sehr gut erzählt und geschrieben! Eine wahre Freude, die die Wartezeit auf das nächste große Buch verkürzt.
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am 4. März 2013
I never thought of myself as a "fan" , but I suppose I must be a fan of Diana Gabaldon, because I bought this book of 4 story's whilst I possessed two of them already. What can I say? I loved them all. At the moment lord John Grey is my favorite character and I was pleased to at last find out about the "electric eel party". Is the native American he meets the same one as the cook he refers to in "Echo in the Bone"? They sure have the same name. I also liked to reread the sombie-story, good to hear an explanation of sombiehood that seems logic and possible. The story about Rogers parents was the last one I reread, good story, but necessarely a bit sad. And ever so nice to read a story about Jamies stepdaugter and nephew, perhaps we will sometime hear a bit more about them? Alas, now I have to wait quite a long time untill the next big Jamie and Claire book is finely to appear. You may second guess my objectivity with regard to Diana, I do so myself. Diana has some trouble with distances en timelines, and most of the time I hate that in a writer. But I like this author so much, that I take it for granted.
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