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am 27. November 2013
Kate is the good girl, her life is uneventful and mellow. Why doesn't she get carried away, have fun once in a while? That's what people at school think about her. But on the inside Kate is troubled, she is keeping a secret that is accompanied by guilt and shame. This summer she is a counselor at Cumberland Creek summer camp and her life's going to change.
A huge part of Miranda's third book is about religious beliefs, being a part of your community in contrast to lust and your own desires. Can you be religious and have sex? Or do you have to choose one over the other? Responsibility is a word of major importance for the characters in THINGS I CAN'T FORGET.
The Cumberland Creek camp is a well-established setting for Kate's story, like a fabulous YA playground. Sports, creative groups and many more activities, plus teenagers getting the chance to spent time in a mostly adult-free zone, doing only fun things, making new friends, finding love.
And Kate does make new friends. Do you remember Parker? She, Will, Jordan and Henry will make appearances, too. That's why I love companion novels so much!
Kate is a role model for her group of kids. She's the destined good girl and exactly right the way she was. A character to identify with, a character to care for and a character you want to see falling in love, opening up and leaving her inhibitions behind.
And she does. Fall in love. With Matt. He is musical and a lifeguard, how better to conquer a girl's heart?! Matt is the sweetest guy, so understanding and gentle with Kate. He is my favourite Miranda Kenneally boy so far.
They are both so down-to-earth I just loooved their romance and it was easier to get their feels for each other knowing they've met before. Miranda reserves enough time for their relationship to grow so that the romantic and steamy moments of their time together had their desired effect on me: I wanted more. All the time!

5/5 ***** THINGS I CAN'T FORGET - A buoyant and warm-hearted YA contemporary read with dreamy starry sky nights and sparkly kisses. A reading experience made up of countless happy sighs.

Miranda's books are like a batch of fresh baked cookies, irresistible and comfort food for every reader, completely satisfying your appetite for an original, romantic and funny read. Annual re-read required!
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