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2,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 29. März 1998
Mr. Blum has an interesting way of interpreting the runes,
However, it has little to do with the Nordic system of interpretation

He uses a little too much Christianity and New Age in his interpretation.
For the person who is interested in learning divination, however, the book and stones are a good starting point. I recommend that anyone who decides to buy this and start divining should get other books, written by authors more versed in the Viking and Nordic futhark (Rune alphabet) and add to their basic knowlege.
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am 18. Dezember 1998
This is a good set for the beginner, so long as the beginner is not Pagan; and, conversely, it is not a good set for the beginner who does not understand the Nordic pantheon and traditions.
In all fairness to Mr. Blum, although their exists much speculative history of the runes... such as they came from Odhinn, whereas other sources will tell you they were a gift from Freya to Odhinn, the exact interpretations as used by the Norse have been lost to us. Their are, as pointed out earlier, many scholars well-versed in the Nordic traditions who interpret the runic meanings based on information gleaned from their studies.
And there lies the true lesson. In any divination system, one will follow certain basic indications of the card or stone; however, much of one's own intuitiveness must be used to ascertain the meaning at any given time in any given reading. This applies heavily where the runes are concerned due to the lack of a definitive resource.
I also feel that Blum's artistic license in creating a blend of New Age, I Ching, Christian, Pagan, and basic spirituality principles in his book, has allowed a greater number of people to attune themselves to this ancient art. Perhaps even opening their minds to the turning of the Wheel.
The stones are crude, but personally I like them that way. I found their simple structure easy to empower and more attuned to the Earth element (which keeps me grounded). As to the the bag, well I'm glad it isn't some chiq-chiq velvet thing... then I couldn't drag them around with me wherever I go!
This set is worth having. But, just like the tarot, some will find their wisdom somewhere else.
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am 22. März 2000
It's very appealing because it looks nice and comes with a set of (cheap) runes. But, despite his claims to the contrary, the author has little respect for runic tradition, having started by simply inventing a new order for them. It would be better to use a book based on reliable research. There are plenty of great rune books right here on Amazon.
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am 12. Februar 2000
Blum's book is a great read. At a little over 150 pages, it is a small book with a lot of information that is presented well and is easy to follow. There are drawings of each of the 25 runes.
Blum suggests using Runes as a method of "guidance and self-counseling." I have been using Rune readings to gain insight to my life for over 6 years now. To the interested reading out there: the way Blum has written the book, Runes are not meant to be a parlor trick ("You will inherit a lot of money...") but rather a spirtual tool. Blum compares our quests to that of the "spiritual warrior". His explanation of the meaning of each rune stone uses expressions like "right action" (how often have we all prayed for the right action to take in a situation? ) and "perseverance" (after all, only through perseverance does one grow...)
I highly recommend this book, and using Rune Readings in your daily life. Again, they're not going to predict the future, but they may give you a clue to your present situation.
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am 15. Oktober 1998
For the person who knows little or nothing about the Runes, this is a good starting place. The reader gets a set of Runes, a pouch, and a book.
The book contains a little bit of history about the Runes and then for the most part, focuses on the casting techniques. It also gives the author's interpretations of the Runes.
The reader should be aware that the author has changed the traditional grouping of the Runes, has included the blank Rune (a later addition that some people believe does not belong to the Runes) in his set, has devoloped his own interpretations of the Runes, and has included a very small amount of the History that is so important to the study of Runes.
Overall, this is a good place to start, but it is only a starting place.
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am 29. Dezember 1997
This book is not Nordic, but New-Age. Blum has taken an old tool of the Norse and turned it into a "Milton Bradley" release without the bang. If you want accurate history and lore, this is not the book you want. But if you are not serious about the use of runes, but want amusement, Blum is fun (but in a fiction sort of way)
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am 26. April 1999
Ralph Blum,For 10 years kept me sane as a result of his Rune book. There has been much critisism about the authenticity of his ( honourable) Runes.The joy of Blum,is that he has woken in many, an awareness of the Runes. Re-introduced them to the world, as it were. Too many`people` seem focused on the `scholarly`aspect of Blums work, well I`m no scholar, but Blums Runes work! If you want to improve yourself,for the benefit of yourself and others around you then do Blums Runes!! If you want to feel happier (inspite of all odds) because you know you`re BEHAVING in the right way and not hurting anyone else,then do Blums Runes! An additional comment for the "Scholars" out there - my understanding was that the runes are meant to path the way through life, promoting `correct` way of being,gentleness and balance . Blums book has instilled in me a sense of honour and correct behaviour,an awareness of my own conduct and it`s consiquences.In fact of "self-responsibility" Something that few of us understand or attain. The Rune Book,in my understanding is intended for self council. As such it is highly successful and effective. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! Anyone finding the "touch" of the Runes unsatisfactory should remmember that the best Runes should be made by yourself! I picked my Runes off a beach in Turkey....they`re very get out there and make your own! Nice one Blum!!!!
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am 24. Juli 1998
This comes as a nifty boxed set. The book is nicely bound, and looks good. The author makes some interesting and valuable observations, and shares the process he went through to interpret the runes. This is good information to know, because it allows you, the would be rune reader, to decide how much you want to rely on his interpretations. I personally think I will search out more, perhaps authentic, sources.
The thing that bothers me the most about this set is the actual tiles. They are made of ceramic, but they are so rough and gritty that I find it difficult to touch them. I have seen enough cheap Majong sets to know that you can make inexpensive tiles that are not repulsive to the touch. Also, the cloth pouch that is included is made of that cheap velour-ish fake velet that I find unpleasant to the touch.
The good thing to come of getting this set is that it has inspired me to make my own set from PVC clay, and make my own pouch. I'm giving this set to my brothe! r.
I think this is an inexpensive set that is good for people who want to see what runes are like, and if they are interested in pursuing it further. I think that in the future if I decide to buy a set of runes, I'll find a physical book store where I can actually see how the tiles feel in my hand.
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am 24. Dezember 1998
I have used an older version of this set for about 10 years and have given 10th anniversary sets to each of my two sons.
I have done other sorts of readings in the past 15 or so years - tarot, color, aura, and energy / subconscious states. (The last three are systems I developed myself.) I consult the runes on a regular basis and find Ralph Blum's interpretations to be insightful, practical and very helpful.
Personally, I am not interested in historical continuity. I want answers, guidance, to know and understand myself better. Blum's interpretations are excellent for personal exploration and growth. They are very metaphysical and spiritual.
My sons find Blum's book to be an invaluable tool in resolving difficult emotional states / mental blocks. As a mother trying to raise responsible, well-balanced and open-minded individuals, I appreciate the relief they offer me. When I have talked myself blue and still not gotten through to one my sons about an issue I'll say, "Go pick a rune." Invariably, he'll come back to me laughing because he gave himself the same message through the runes! It's wonderful that they have this tool with which they can access their own inner wisdom.
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am 27. Dezember 1998
I thought the book looked like a quality read, and it was okay. But the quality of the runes made me downright angry. Holding them felt like my nails being scratched on a chalkboard. I do not recommend this set to anyone.
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