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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. Juli 2000
(Review by Kay, 5th grade) I thought The Vanishings was a really good book. It was a page turning adventure about what happens when four kids facing don't believe what friends and family have told them about Jesus. I think that the writer, Tim LaHaye, did a wonderful job on describing and making me feel like I was actually in the story. I can't wait until I get to read the second book, Second Chance. It sounds really great. --Kay
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am 15. Februar 2000
I thought that this book seemed very imaginative, when the truth is that it really will happen one day. The whole series is about four kids who get left behind when the Rapture happens. The Rapture is when Christ comes down and takes the Christians up to heaven with him. These four kids, Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan, are in the same town, so they meet when they go to their church after waking up to empty homes. Vicki, Judd, and Lionel become Christians first; Ryan was hesitant because of the pain of losing his parents, his mother in a car accident and his father in a plane accident. The others kids' parents went up to heaven. This book was hard to get into, but when you are a way into the middle, you won't want to put it down. This book captivated me. I was dying to read the sequel. This book made me want to become a REAL Christian for fear of this happening to me. If you buy this book, Left Behind the Kids: the Vanishings, I suggest that you buy them in the complete set before you go crazy looking for the rest in the series. I don't know what will happen by the end of the series, but why don't you read along, and we can find out together in these books.
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am 14. Juli 1999
This an outstanding example of Christian authors' capabilities. I read this book along with my youth group. We all took a little reality check and reviewed our own lives. Were we just playing Church as Judd and Lionel were? I kind of related myself to Judd. I have not really rebeled before, but my relationship with Christ and his Father, our God, is not really as tight as it should be. I go to church becuase it is the right thing to do. I have become a lot better after reading this book, though. I have also read the three sequels in the four book series. I recommed these books to anyone who is looking for a roleplay of the Rapture and the Days of Tribulation. This is as good as it gets.
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am 28. Juni 2000
This book started out by catching my attention, i felt that i could relate to the characters. Then somewhere in the middle of the book the mood of the writing changed, i thought that the rest of the book was kinda hollow. One of the major flaws was that you could tell that it was written by people who dont know how to write as a kid, which makes it even harder to get into the minds of the characters. This book/series would have been better if only the authors could write. Otherwise the story line is good. i'm sure that it will bore most kids but everything is historically and biblically sound so it is definitally worth reading just to learn about what might happen.
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am 14. Dezember 1999
I thoroughly enjoyed the Left Behind series of books about the kids. If anyone does not know about God and is not aware of the choice you have to make as an individual in your lifetime, these books will really make you think. The thought of being left behind horrifies me. You do not know what your future will hold or if you will ever get another chance. As the four children eyes were being opened wide, they realized what they had missed and were going to do everything it takes to try again, this time better though. I recommend this series of books to everyone everywhere. It will really open your eyes and make you think.
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am 31. März 2000
The book The Vanashings was a exciting page turner. I couldn't put it down. The plot seemed to thicken as you read on. The book was about four teenagers that had been sort of rebels. They did not believe in god or Jesus, and they are paying for it now. Jesus has come to rapture, take all his followers up to heaven with him, and his followers are just dissapearing. Some pilots who are flying airplanes are suddenly taken away and leave a 747 nose diving towards the ground. It is a time of mayhem for the people left behind. They need to find out if there is a second chance and fast before it is too late.
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am 28. Februar 2000
This book is your entryway to a series of books that you will never want to put down. Once you read this book, you're helpless without the second, and when you read the second, you can't get by with out the third, and it goes on. I just read 3 through 6 in the last week, because I simply couldn't get enough. These books will open a door that's not usually so easily opened, it will make your teenager WANT to be a part of what Christ is doing in our lives. These are, by far, the most wonderful series for kids and teens on Christ, it will truly open their eyes.
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am 31. Mai 1999
This is a great set of books to read! I can't wait until Amazon online gets Left Behind 5! I have read 1-3 and am on 4 . I love the stories because it tells how we (kids) fell! I have become closer to God and its also great to know what is going to happen in the end of time! I read the kids set and my Mom also reads the adult version. These are great books for the whole family! You should get them today! Everyone I know loves these books .
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am 23. Dezember 1999
In one shocking moment millions of people disappear around the globe. Others are left behind. 4 kids who are faced with the horror of their family gone, are challenged to draw close to God and truly believe.
This book is excellent by giving you an idea of what the Rapture will be like. I would recommend it to Christians and Non-believers. Because I guarantee you that after reading this book you will truly believe yourself!
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am 20. Mai 1999
This book I think was an excellent book, because it gives you a glance at what will happen in the future when God returns to earth. I would recommend this book to kids of ages 10-15. These authors also wrote a series for adults. I think that every teenager who has not yet excepted God into their life. This book is a book about 4 kids who's family believes in God, but they don't want anything to do wiyh it.
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