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4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 3. Juli 2000
The Memeory of Earth, by Orson Scott Card, is a brilliant and intense piece of literature. With a plethora of brilliant ideas and imagry that's so exciting to read, you'll want to purchase the entire series at once. Card's character descrpition and character interaction gets the reader so envolved that one could feel, taste, smell and hear every fine detail, just as the characters do. Let yourself fall into Card's imagination and read The Memory of Earth for an exciting ride into a sureal story that only Card could tell.
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am 10. Juni 2000
The Memory of Earth is a remarkable beginning for a series. Usually, you can like a novel if it succeeds at one thing; this novel succeeds on a number of levels, any one of which would make a complete novel. It acts as the introduction to a whole new series. I should warn others who want to read all five books that this is the strongest of the five. I became disappointed by the third in the series as it seemed to move away from the setup in Memory of Earth. That doesn't change the fact that Memory is remarkable. I notice some readers feel it is too slow. I enjoyed the slow careful development of a huge, interrelated cast of characters who are remarkably vivid. You come to feel you know these people and like or dislike them as if they were real. Most remarkable is the creation of a society, the City of Basilica. It's a Byzantine world and it's a matriarchy. It's very unusual to have a matriarchy portrayed in a way that seems real, that is, it's simply part of the background of the politics of the city. As if this weren't enough, there's a remarkable spiritual dimension. Card is one of the very few authors willing to give his characters and his society a spiritual life. The relationship of man to the Oversoul becomes at times a clear metaphor for man and God, especially when one man receives a visionary dream that sends him on a pilgrimage into the desert. It's a long book but worth the journey.
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am 10. April 2013
aber das liegt daran, dass Card gleich zu Beginn über ein Dutzend Personen einführt. Deswegen braucht der Band mehr als die Hälfte der Seiten, um an Fahrt aufzunehmen. Dann aber richtig!

Die Menschheit ist auf dem Planeten Harmony seit 40 Millionen Jahren, nachdem sie von der Erde geflohen sind, weil eine furchtbare Katastrophe den Planeten heimgesucht hat. Über sie wacht ein Computer, damit sie nicht zu mächtig und erfinderisch werden, um der Gesamtheit des Volkes schaden zu können. Allerdings ist die Garantie des Computers schon vor ein paar (Millionen) Jahren abgelaufen und mehr und mehr versagen seine Augen (Satelliten) und sein Gedächtnis (Speicherbänke) ihren Dienst... neue "Erfindungen" und Eroberungskriege überziehen das Land. Aber es gibt immer noch einige, die die Stimme der Überseele (Oversoul) vernehmen können... und um diese Familie geht es hier.

Orson Scott Card hat hier das Buch der Mormonen als spannende Geschichte in der Zukunft "nacherzählt". Die Parallele zur Stimme Gottes/Oversoul und dem Aufbruch ins gelobte Land/der beginn der Reise fort von der Stadt Basilica sind eindetig zu erkennen. Allerdings haben hier die verschiedenen Personen ihre eigenen Gedanken, Motivationen, Stärken und Fehler. Darin ist Orson Scott Card nach wie vor Meister.

Gutes Buch, aber wegen des zögerlichen Anfangs und einer sehr merkwürdigen Tat zum Ende hin, verteile ich nur 4 Sterne.
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am 25. August 1996
A fascinating book that sometimes takes the point of view of "God." On a world 40-million years older than a humanless earth, a culture has developed free of large-scale weaponry and destruction. Guided carefully by a super-powerful human-made computer called the "Oversoul" by the human inhabitants, the inhabitants are made ignorant of complex technologies that may lead to the ultimate destruction of their race as it had once very-nearly happened on earth 40-million years ago. But now the computer begins to find its memory running out, its systems failing, and its control of the humans disappearing. A young boy named Nafai and his physically-disabled brother Issib begin to realize what the Oversoul actually is, and begin discovering what is happening and race to solve it. However, they are obstructed from a solution by greedy-minded people and highly-religious people who consider the Oversoul a god -- not a limited, man-made computer.

Although not much on action, this book will have you fascinated to the end. If you're a Card-lover (which I doubt much aren't), then this is a must-read
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 26. Juni 2000
This book is so good. I thought it would be like any other science fiction book, but it wasn't. I can't wait to read all of the others. Definetly worth buying. A science fiction story about the possible future of earth.
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am 10. Mai 2000
I've been a Card fan since reading Ender's Game (reading it to pieces, eventually) and he continues to be one of my favorite authors, only getting better as he comes out with new works. The rumor is bandied about all over these reviews that the book is based on the Book of Mormon. Yes, it's true. Card himself has confirmed this (he is a member of the Mormon Church, as am I) and anyone who has read them both will find it obvious. Nafai, for example, is Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Card's Mormon legacy can also be seen in his Alvin Maker series, an allegory of the life of Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS Church, and he has woven elements of Mormon theology into many of his other works, especially the later books in the Ender series. Of course, these books are well worth the read whether you care about the religious element or not.
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am 26. März 1998
After reading the Enders series, I was prepared for a novel with a tight story line, a philosophical perspective and characters that have such a definitive moral and intellectual position that a consistant fair conflict was fesible. Instead, I was bombarded with a barage of misleading evidence and a plot development that had the makings of a high schooler. The characters power struggles usually ended up with either a fist-fight, or an unended conflict that resulted no where. These characters learned nothing from their mistakes, and continued to perform as a 5 year old when scolded. It seemed that Card wants to carry these small conflicts into each novel to bring familiarity, but all it brings is a sense of immaturity from even the God-like being. All in all, this book is hardly worth the $5.95.
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am 4. Dezember 1998
i just recently found out that this book is a paraphrase of the book of mormon and it finally made sense to me. Orson Scott Card is far and away my favorite writer and i've read all of his books - even Saints. However, i could never understand how he could manage to write such a boring book, now that i know it's based on the book of mormon it makes a lot more sense. Not to put Card down, this is his only series (i think) where the books get better towards the end of the series, usually things get worse as the characters grow up, but here they only get more interesting, probably as he gets farther from mormonism. i'd recommend the whole series, but i don't feel that this book is worth reading on its own.
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am 31. März 1997
The Memory of Earth, when kept in context with the rest of
the saga, is a beatiful story. Many thoughts are protrayed
that keep you at the edge of your seat. This and the whole
Homecoming Series, Gives a great view on a Higher purpose,
without dragging on and becoming boring. I was not a Card
reader before I read this, so I have no past loyalty to him.
What would be a great touch to a wonderful story such as this,
would have been Atleast a short story on the end of Nafai, and
Elemack. This I tend to think was the only fault in this
story. Has any thought been giving to turning this into
a two hour per, five part mini-series.
Thank you for your time, and I hope to see more on that idea.
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am 6. Juli 1999
I am reading this series, now working on the sencond one, and I have to say that this is one of the best books I have ever read. The characters are so real, you feel very in touch with them, and you feel like they are real people. You are there, it sucks you in. This book is mostly character developement, and goes into a lot of personal detail. But once the ball gets rolling about half way through, buckle up, because you can't stop. And don't wait to grab the next one. I can't put these down!!!!! I recomend this book to anyone who likes to read, and everyone who doesn't. One of Card's greatest works. READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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