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am 8. Januar 2000
Well, as a professional trader in emerging market bonds, currencies, and partially equities who just went freelance to consult funds on my own, no other book could be so timely and handy. Actually as I always do, I browsed the book and the appendice, and thought this was one of those which were written in a used-car-salesman manner, and aims to induce you to buy some services which have a slim chance to give you decent returns, if any. However as I read on I realized this is one of the best investment books I've ever read, and I've read a lot of them! Boucher gives an integrated top-down approach to building a global portfolio, and he so interestingly puts together all the things that you think you know and is obvious, to come up with a rigorous investment approach. A must read, and it surely will be a classic.
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am 4. August 1999
This is a terrific book. These strategies are not used by the typical money management firm, and I think the vast majority of portfolio managers would increase their returns and lower risk by applying some of the ideas in this book, regardless of how original or new they are. The Author synthesizes material from a variety of sources and appears to have done a great deal of historical testing to see what works and what does not. This book will help you focus on what really works. For aspiring traders, I think the authors rational, risk adverse approach to the markets provides an excellent role model. His record speaks for itself. The author also does a good job of sighting the dangers of the "buy and hold approach and the irrational expectations many of todays investors have developed. Peter Lynch says Timing the market is worthless. But, He did just happen to be captain during a massive bull era in his asset class. How well would he have done if his asset class was not trending up? Quite frankly, we would never have heard of him. If you do not want your returns to be tied to one volatile asset class, this is a great place to start.
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am 15. März 1999
Boucher's "Hedge Fund Edge" is a tremendous gift for equity investor's, and is one of the absolute best stock and general financial market books I've ever read, and I've read well over 200 "investing" books in the past 8 years. Boucher, who manages the Midas Fund (Hedge Fund), rewards the reader with a tremendously hard won compendium of his knowledge and research into what drives equity prices around the globe. He begins by discussing bear market risks to your terminal wealth, and then takes the reader on a tour of Austrian economic liquidity cycle drivers. Boucher discusses the value of technical analysis in confirming the timing of fundamentally based trends, a very sound and useful approach. He promptly offers up 9 simple, yet elegant mechanical models for stock market timing, ranging from technical price and breadth based models, to those based on more indirect fundamental things like consumer sentiment gauges. He then reveals his own formula for calculating the high reward/risk times for non-United States equity investing, melding interest rate trends with stock relative strength trends... a real gift, and worth many times the book price by itself. There is a tremendous compendium of money management rules and techniques ... methods of controlling equity drawdown while allowing upside gains. Another gift. There is another tremendous section on US market individual equity investing. Boucher includes his own modified/improved version of William O'Neil's CANSLIM technique (I feel like Boucher's handling of the technical patterns for buying and selling is much superior to O'Neil's pioneering treatment... and again, worth many times the price of admission). He then covers portfolio construction, via alternative asset classes: various types of bonds and what types of market conditions favor their use, including two excellent bond market timing models; use of gold and silver with several timing models; REITS; use of arbitrage funds and global hedge funds in portfolio diversification, including specific fund recommendations for their various niche expertise! Throughout, Boucher's coverage of strict risk control is very refreshing and speaks of his real-world experience managing funds. This is the absolute BEST $50 education I've ever given myself, and I'm tremendously indebted to Mark Boucher for publishing so much of his work and experience in one book. I read it front-to-back in two days on what was supposed to be a vacation cruise... I couldn't put it down. Read it a second time on the same cruise. And a 3rd once home. Boucher graciously acknowledges his own influences (O'Neil, Zweig, Davis, Freeburg, Sullivan, Bank Credit Analyst), making for an instant listing of follow-up reads if you wish. He mentions his favorite sources of ongoing investment info as well. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give Boucher 6 stars, and if he writes another book, I'd buy it sight-unseen. Bravo.
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am 21. April 1999
For the novice to average investor, this may be a good book to read. However, for professional portfolio managers, not only is this book remarkably void of original ideas, it is a complete waste of paper. It is a realatively good synopsis of what can be found elsewhere and better written. If you are a professional portfolio manager, don't waste time with this one.
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am 3. Dezember 1998
Hedge fund advisor Boucher's book provides an excellent introduction to investing on a global basis and across a wide range of asset classes. His point is that limiting oneself to a small group of markets/asset classes limits an investor's ability to make consistent profits with relatively low risk. He provides a basic model for finding the strongest equity/bond markets, as well as other models specific to each of those and other asset types. The research behind each of these is robust enough to provide high confidence levels, something I haven't always seen elsewhere. Highly recommended!
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am 12. April 1999
I enjoyed Mark Boucher's The Hedge Fund Edge very much. I consider the time spent reading this work well spent. I recommend it to investment managers, investors, and their advisors as well. As an investment professional and author of How to Start Your Own Private Investment Partnership, I am very much aware how we must continually expand our horizons if we are to provide our friends and clients with the stellar performance we wish them to enjoy. The information contained in Mark Boucher's book helps us to do that.
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am 7. September 1999
Having sifted through mountains of investment books, I can honestly say that this far-reaching tome is the one I have enjoyed and learned from the most. Skip all other financial books, including the great classics, and run to pick it up. The philosophies and methods Boucher details are simple, comprehensible and will change the way you manage your trades and money. It could use some expansion and editing, but as it stands you cannot afford not to read it.
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