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2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 15. Juni 2000
This story of eight Halloween costumed lads and their journey through land and time in search of a friend is perfect for the holiday, as it not only entertains but educates as well. Whether it be Celtic customs of old or a skull shaped cookie in Mexico for Dia de Los Muertes through this tale young readers can understand that Halloween is not, nor has it always been, just celebrated with candy and masks. Bradbury allows for the overshadowing of death to linger but not suffocate (which would scare children) and so doing correlates the celebration of the harvest with the end of life. He then deftly clarifies that this celebration of the end of life reaffirms the prospect of living itself, and that there is nothing demonic in that. I would recommend this for more intermediate readers (8-12) as many of the ideas and descriptions would quite possible be too much for a child younger than that. But whether you're 8 or 80 this tale will intrigue and entertain. Nearly perfect. So wait 'til the leaves start to turn, settle down with a nice mug of hot cider by a roaring fire, and allow Mr. Bradbury to take you to The Halloween Tree.
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 28. Februar 2011
Opening this book is like opening a present. Originally published in 1972, publisher Alfred A. Knopf has printed a new hardcover edition. The dust-jacket is beautifully illustrated, the book is of an unusual size. Everything about it says "special."

Inside, I was not disappointed. Bradbury swept me away with his opening scene:

"It was a small town by a small river and a small lake in a small northern part of a Midwest state. There wasn't so much wilderness around you couldn't see the town. But on the other hand there wasn't so much town you couldn't see and feel and touch and smell the wilderness. The town was full of trees. And dry grass and dead flowers now that autumn was here. And full of fences to walk on and sidewalks to skate on and a large ravine to tumble in and yell across. And the town was full of...


And it was the afternoon of Halloween.

And all the houses shut against a cool wind.

And the town was full of cold sunlight.

But suddenly, the day was gone.

Night came out from under each tree and spread."

This scene sets the tone for the entire book. THE HALLOWEEN TREE is as classic a Halloween story as A CHRISTMAS CAROL is for Christmas. It is about a group of boys, all friends, ages 11-12, who dress up for their annual night of Halloween mischief and go trick or treating. The boys find themselves at a particularly spooky mansion in a dark ravine, with a Marley-the-ghost door knocker and a gigantic tree covered with jack-o-lanterns. As the jack-o-lanterns light up one by one, the boys realize they are in the presence of a Halloween Tree, and that something very special is about to happen.

The resident of the house, the mysterious Mr. Moundshroud, takes the boys on a fantastic journey through traditions of Halloween past. This story is part history lesson, but the history is provided in such a compelling way that your average reader won't even realize he or she is learning something.

Perhaps the only downside to this story is that it is so dominantly geared toward a male audience. All of the major characters are male. Though, being female myself, I could get lost in the spookiness of the narrative.

Bradbury uses his trademark short sentences which are short on exposition but long on crafting a mood. The story is spooky without ever being scary, and is sure to delight kids of all ages.

Reviewed by: Marie Robinson
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2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 15. Juli 2000
Make no mistake- this is not a children's book. Nor is it an adult book. Rather, THE HALLOWEEN TREE is a book for everyone. The writing is simple and swift enough for a child, but complex and engaging for the adult. It's a Halloween tradition that everyone should instill on with their families... as nostalgic as spiced cider, apple bobbing or trick-or-treating on an October afternoon in the smoky pumpkin air.
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am 9. März 1999
You might want to dismiss this as one of Bradbury's lesser works because of the simplistic plot and writing style but that would be a mistake. What we have here is one of his most important books and one of his best. Taking cues from Dickens, Bradbury writes a timeless tale of Halloween that isn't carried along by dovetailing plottwists or dense knotted prose but simply a quest to save someone and the boundless exuburance of children. I literally finished this while waiting for a class to start and when I had a few pages left and class started I sat there and finished the book. Once you start reading it you can't stop, the momentum of is one of constant motion. And it's not a kids book, sure the themes of innocence are there but also are the more serious topics of death and darkness, as seen through the filters of a child. For all it's length it's a perfect book for the most part and one that deserves to be read every year together with a bunch of people. On Halloween of course
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am 18. Oktober 1999
I first tried to read this book when I was around the suggested reading age (about 12 years old). Now that I'm 18 I finally tuly appreciated this masterpiece. Never before have I seen the true essence of Halloween captured on paper so perfectly. Life and death, night and day, Autumn and Summer, courage and friendship, Halloween and all it's components are presented to the reader in fantastic imagery that will transport you back to those Halloween nights that we miss so much. The nights when you could taste the magic in the air. Bradbury is an artist and these 145 pages are his canvas. If you are a true fan of Halloween or want to become one this book is for you.
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am 21. Juni 2000
This is not Bradbury's best book, but it shows exactly how strong Bradbury's controll of language is. What makes his language even more powerful is that every sentence, every word, is absolutely given to the story, merging with the strange and wonderous scenes that fill Bradbury's tribute to Halloween. If you like this book you'll love Something Wicked This Way Comes. (Hey parents, want to give your kids a love of reading, read to them from this book when they are young and give them copies of Something Wicked, Martian Chronicles, and Fahrenheit 451 when they are older).
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am 5. April 1999
A novel that is scary, suspenseful, full of history and not boring. Bradbury captures the excitement of Halloween in a small midwestern town as a group of friends prepare for a night they will never forget. The atmosphere of Halloween and why children love it so are all described and one is taken back to another time. If you have ever wondered why we dress as witches or monsters or wondered if the rest of the world celebrates Halloween then this is the book for you. The video is also excellent and is narrated by Leonard Nimoy.
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am 28. April 1999
The Halloween Tree is an exiting book because it tells about the adventures of Halloween. There are nine boys that go out on a search of the past of Halloween. They meet a mysterious man named Moundshroud. He takes them to observe the many differnt ways that people celebrate All Hallow's Eve or as we know it Halloween. I would suggest this book to anyone that likes to read about adventures.
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am 29. Oktober 1998
The only book I have ever read a dozen times and can still enjoy from cover to cover. I feel honored to be able to share it with my daughter who is nine this year (the age I was when I first read it). I don't beleive the reader is ever disappointed -- the first time through or the twentieth.
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am 17. Mai 1999
I will be twenty-five in two months, but this book brings the kid and adventure out in me everytime I read it -- which is every October. If you want to have a fun read and make your kids into readers, pick up this book!
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