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4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 21. März 2000
Although the title said "The Greatest Salesman in the world", principles this book teach can be apply to any profession or anyone who want to be the best he/she can. In fact, this book teach the reader to become The Greatest Man or Women in the world.
This book is short but full of wisdom. It inspires the reader in every page. The example of lessons include in this book are "Failure is man's inability to reach his goals in life, whatever they may be" "... one of the greatest principles of success; if I persist long enough I will win" and "Failure will never over take me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.
This book is recommended to everybody.
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am 31. Juli 1998
Less than 10 years ago I was building boats making $5.50 per hour. Then one day my sister in law (Susan) handed me this book. I read it in my one bedroom apartment and immediatly followed the the scrolls in it. The rest is history. Today, I own 8 successful business of which 4 of them are multi-million dollar operations. All this because of the message in the book. If you are ready to change your life for ever then be smart, read and follow the scrolls in the greatest salesman in the world. You'll be glad you did.
Burke Hedges
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am 15. April 2010
I was sceptical about buying this book. I was afraid it might be a shallow change-your-life-with-these-generic-tips book. Its low price and its remarkably good reviews persuaded me to give it a try nonetheless... and boy do I regret it.

The book's "advice" is integrated in some weak surrounding story. The advice is presented to the reader in the form of 10 "secret scrolls." The only description I see fit for describing these scrolls and their advice is ridiculous. It is so generic, the word "Salesman" could be substituted for virtually anything in the title of the book. There is no scientific background to any of the "advice," it is not based on some deep insights someone got over years of work, it is merely cheap "don't just give up easily"-style standard advice.

The book really managed to make me stop reading it when a Christian religious component was drawn in. Before it, it was just a cheap rip off to the reader, after this I felt actually insulted by the author.

This is one of the very worst books I have ever seen, and I want to dissuade anybody who might fall for the tons of positive reviews that have managed to fool me. The only great salesman is the author, who manages to sell a book like this as if it contained anything valuable at all. Congratulations to this scheme, condolences to all who fell for it, like me.
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am 10. Dezember 1998
If you are just starting a new business that requires you to sell your services to others, especialy if you are going to the client and not having the client come to you or your store, then this book is a must. If you have already experienced some defeats and don't know if sales is the life for you, then read this book! It is more of a soul searching book to see if you're truely up to the choices you 've made. Once you're inspired by its contents go on to more detailed books on selling techniques like 'How to Master the Art of Selling' by Tom Hopkins. My best wishes to you and may you're choices be yours - Jim Brown, Entrepreneur/Salesman
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am 21. Februar 2000
Og Mandino captures the very essence of life's everyday up's and down's. His writings are based off of biblical text in which I have lived my own life by. I have used his scrolls of success in my personal life and in motivational speeches. I honestly spend at least $50.00 a year on "The Greatest Salesman in The World," simply because when I meet people I simply pass it own. You cannot read this book and not change your lifestyle.
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am 2. Januar 2000
It's 6:15 am. The phone rings as I am reviewing the ten scrolls of a great little book by OG MANDINO. It's called THE GREATEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD. The author is a recovering drunk who started getting off track as a WW2 aviator. For those of us who are self educated it is a must read. It might even help those who are university limited. The cumulation of the book is ten powerful Scrolls.
The first Scroll is:
1. Today I begin a new life.
The phone call tells me that I have a new great-grandson, born five minutes ago. The second scroll is:
2. I will greet this day with love in my heart.
In my sixty-nine years I have seen many changes. On many fronts our fellow humans have made progress, My great-grandson could easily live into the next century. Or he could be destroyed by a society that is out of control. One thing that could improve his chances is for you and me to continue our mission of merging the good education forces. So I ask you to ask yourself what more can YOU DO to help those of us who want to see a universal change in the way we develop human thinking.
The third Scroll is:
3. I will persist until I succeed.
Few who know this "aging," "recovering lawyer"will doubt that this scroll describes Burl Waits. I have lived a great life because I was given the gift of persistence. Survival in war, learning to learn after dropping out of school, recovering from my dedication to stopping progress through "unionism," getting involved with community service, and finally focusing on a "life mission" to bring those of you dedicated to better education processes into a "Chaordic" type International public service organization.
Scroll IV-speaks for all of us who have the unique capacity to developing our thinking and feeling "intelligence."
4. I am nature's greatest miracle.
And V tells us how to put our egotistic nature in proper prospective.
5. I will live this day as if it is my last.
The last sentence of this section reads:
And, if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks. And, for the 69 year old Burl Waits, I will add and I hope some of you will keep merging resources and showing business and education that "our kids are our most important products," so that twenty years from now my new grandson will live in a gentler, kinder world.
The Scroll Marked VI
6. Today I will be master of my emotions.
In the first decade of this new millennium those of us who survive will see many changes. As we break the genetic code, and develop cell like computers that will fit in the human blood stream, we will see a merger of science and technology, we will begin to understand that our greatest gift as humans is the potential to merge thought and feeling. Before the decade is out we will see that even the "old line agrarian trained educators" will understand that "survival requires change" not in the kids, but in the ones standing in front of the room.
And now for my favorite Scroll the one Marked VII
7. I will laugh at the world.
Allow me to quote Og Mandino's first paragraph in this section:
"No living creature can laugh except man. Trees may bleed when they are wounded, and beasts in the field will cry in pain and hunger, yet only I have the gift of laughter and it is mine to use whenever I choose, Henceforth, I will cultivate the habit of laughter."
From Dale Carniege and others we learn that laughter starts with a smile and that a mind either laughing or smiling cannot harbor negative thoughts.
And now Og and Burl challenge you with Scroll VIII
8. Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold.
As YOU help me bring together the education "energy fields" we will be able to rise the hundred to at least a thousandfold.
I have obtained a tax ID number for a new nonprofit corporation for your use. As you might suspect the name is PROCESS LEARNING CENTERS. It will be a "Chaordic" organization where there will be no traditional power structure, and you that choose to utilize our mission will steer the organization, very much like the VISA organization set up by DEE HOCK. For those who think they might want to stay involved please review the concepts at the Chaordic Alliance. We hope to convince the new management that we have a process they should support.
Click here: Welcome to The Chaordic Alliance
And now for the test of you human capacity to grow
The Scroll Marked IX
9. I will act now. My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action.
As I review my twelve years of struggle to make a difference in education process reform I find that: I have attended many seminars and training session.( Maybe one hundred) I have attended many meeting called by myself and others (Maybe more than a thousand) I have had many great ideas for what someone else should do (Maybe a million)
So I guess it is time to act-WHAT DO YOU THINK? What else are you willing to do. I want to raise a million dollars and let you direct where it is spent as long as NINETY PERCENT (90%) goes directly to "Support systems for learners"
And now for the most important Scroll of all THE SCROLL MARKED X.
10. From Burl: No, I changed my mind, I'm not going to tell you this greatest of all secrets. If you are interested, buy the book, or go to the library or ask any good salesperson.
The author: OG MANDINO
Click here: buying info: The Greatest Salesman in the World
Note from Burl- This message goes to 200 friends across the nation-
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am 2. November 1999
I don't know if I misread the instructions or if I'm the only one who actually followed them. If you follow scroll I, it should take you the better part of a year to finish the rest of the book. Following that, I'm only 2/3rds of the way through scroll II (I got the book a couple of months ago, but didn't consistently follow scroll II daily and at the 16-day mark, decided to start again at day 1).
I can definitely say it has changed my life, and even the lives of those around me (most of all a person I work with who is hard to get along with and hence gets along with no one--except, now, me, and it really has seemed to make his attitude at work more positive overall). Though difficult at first, it quickly became easy to apply the first principle, and finally find myself easily "making people your greatest resource" as so many *other* authors suggest you do for success in life, although it is not specifically suggested in this book. I have gotten a half dozen new and better job offers in the couple of months since I started the book, accepted one of the first ones and am currently in the process of exploring the others.
I see all these "couldn't put the book down till I finished" and I think, wow, you went a year with a book in your hand? Personally I'm still in considerable suspense waiting to see what scroll III says, let alone the entire rest of the book!
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am 14. Juni 2014
If i have to select three books ever written this book will belong to this list, the other would be "The Caretaker" of Geoff Thompson and the work of Hans Peter Royer
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am 6. Oktober 1998
In the summer of 94 I made a brave move and decided that I would sell books with The Southwestern Company in the US for the summer. I was just a college student in the UK so this was a BIG step for me. It was quite simply the toughest thing I have ever done. Thankfully SW give you all the tools you need to deal with such a tough task - one of those was "The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino, it quite literally gave me a new perspective on my summer and life in general. It inspired me, gave me the will to keep going and helped give me a positive outlook on life that I carry with me to this very day. I must have read that book a hundred times that summer and thank God I did! This book is a fantastic inspiration and I wholeheartedly reccomend it to Salespeople and non-salespeople alike.
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am 18. November 2010
Nett zu lesen aber eine alberne Geschichte, fast schon Pseudo-religiös.
lernen kann man daraus sicher nichts. Schon gar nichts zum Thema Verkauf.
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