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am 15. April 2000
I first became aware of the Nearings (Helen and Scott) as a university student in the late 1960s, when they were considered the elder statesmen of the Sixties counterculture's back-to-the-land movement. As such, they prefigure by decades all the current flood of authors counseling a return to basic human values, lives of simplicity and a turning away from lifestyles of mindless consumption. The thread of truth running through their decades of rural adventures and struggles to live their lives with quality, public service, and dignity is an American classic, and one the present generation could learn much from. Simply put, this is a classic volume that describes the Nearings' lifetime experiment at establishing and maintaining a more meaningful alternative lifestyle, one eschewing the waste, rampant materialism, and corporate subjugation so common in today's mainstream society. After reading this book, one will chuckle quietly at the pathos inherant in the sight of all these busy, self-important yuppies driving proudly down the highway in their hard-won BMWs, doing their deals and talking on their cellular phones while driving in traffic, going nowhere fast with such innane but self-absorbed intensity. There is a much more meaningful and satisfying way to approach one's life, and it is described in detail in this book. Buy it and be prepared to be educated and amazed. It has profoundly changed my own life and the way I approach the future, and I recommend it to anyone who has even a mild degree of discomfort with the rampant greed and materialism characterizing contemporary American society. Cheers!
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am 4. August 1998
Since I was a little girl I've dreamt of living on a farm. Growing my own food. Gaining my daily exercise while I do my chores. Today I'm in my early 30's and still have a strong desire to live a life similar to Helen & Scott Nearing. This book was such an inspiration to me! "The Good Life" has made me yearn even more for a healthier, and fruitful lifestyle. I'm thankful that Helen & Scott were such generous people and willing to share their experiences and knoweldge. I only wish that I had the opportunity to meet these beautiful souls and share a few days labor, meal and conversation with them.
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am 30. Juni 1998
This book is the key to life. Helen and Scott did what others only dream of. One of my most influential people during my developing years handed me a copy of this book and said, "Read this and find your soul." That gent was a fan of the Good Life and figured out how to live on thirty five dollars a week in Silver Lake, NH. His legacy lives in my heart and this book is where I go back in time to understand a way of life I dream of. I have come to realize from this book that you need the right spouse to make this kind of lifestyle happen. Not all spouses can handle this lifestyle. Mine cannot and I have an ache in my soul for the one who can.
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am 15. Januar 1997
This is a fantastic book. It's full of information, fun facts, excellent recommendations and how-to information. I've read it several times and I'll read it several more times.

I live here in Maine and felt a great connection to their way of life. As a homesteader, I benefitted from their shared knowledge a lot
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