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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 4. März 1999
This series is a fairly "pulpy" but quite clean love story cum adventure story a la Indiana Jones. It is moral without being spiritually deep. (I have a problem that all the Jews in the story seem to believe in the Messiah-hood of Jesus, as do many of the Arabs, unless they are maniac terrorists.) It's historically interesting, but the series progresses maddeningly slowly. There are neat references in each book's prelude to scenes at the Fall of the Temple in about 70 AD which link to scenes in the 20th century story of the formation of Israel. Impossible adventure sequences abound. This series is, however, much better written than the "prequel" series written more recently by the same author. Overall, my reaction to the Zion Chronicles series is mixed.
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am 6. Mai 1999
Never have I come across a better author. Bodie Theone (tay-nee) is truly amazing. These books are full of drama. It's like the characters became my friends. When I finished the series, It felt as though I lost some good friends. I really don't know if I could be as entertained, enlightened and fulfilled by reading anything else after reading this series. Originally I was checking the series out one at a time from the library. But when I realized I'd finally found something I couldn't put down, I figured I better buy the whole series. I have never bought books before, because I've never found anything worthy of being read more than once. I was just so compelled and I want to share her writings with all my friends and family. She's spectacular. So is anything written by her husband Brock, who helps her co-write everything. It's almost like watching a movie, because there are so many plots intertwined. I was shocked to read the epilogue in RETURN TO ZION. You'll have to find out for yourself. Just don't start reading in the middle of the series. If I could never read another authors works but one it would be the Theone's. - Megan Villa
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am 12. August 1997
I've always enjoyed Christian fiction, particularly historical Christian fiction, but this book has me hooked on Bodie Thoene. She presents her characters in such a real way that I cried when I finished the series, because I wouldn't see the characters again.
Also, this book, and the series in general, has given me a very real appreciation for Israel's struggle for peace and recognition. It's taught me to value the freedom I have. Reading about those who will stand up for what they believe in, at any cost, and those who will stand up for others, has left me with the desire to do likewise.
If you like Bodie Thoene, or even if you have never read any of her books but enjoy historical fiction, give this book a try. I was so hooked I finished all five books in the Zion Chronicles and the three books in the Shiloh Legacy in six months, in spite of college studies
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am 15. Juli 1997
So far, this is a wonderful book. Especially if you have read the Zion Covenent series. Unfortunately, everyone in my family has, and we just got the Zion Chronicles. Needless to say, there's been a little competition. If someone puts the book down and goes to the bathroom or to find something to eat, they come back and it's been stolen! Beware of family when reading a really good book. Those whom you love the dearest and the best can be downright mean when it comes to the next book in a series! I guess there's not much I can say about the book, seeing I haven't gotten a hold of it for very long, but the competition in my family can speak for itself. Buy this book! In fact, buy enough for everyone in your family, or you're in for trouble
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am 2. Juni 1998
The characters of this most unusual series will live with you for a long time. Character development is superb, plot is excellent and there is much drama and suspense. Plenty of romance, but nothing nasty. Setting is in Israel before it became a nation. The struggles and victories of a people struggling for independance will live on with you for a long time. Wish Thoenes would write more sequels to this series. The Best in reading.
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am 22. Februar 1999
I picked the first one up at my local library, and had to have more. If you like adventure, a little romance, and great historical fiction, this is it. It grabs your attention, immerses you in the characters, and lights a sympathy for the events. Get the whole series, they're great!
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am 24. Oktober 1998
This book was very powerful! The stories were taken mostly from actual events that took place post WWII in Palestine and Jerusalem. A must read book!
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