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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Nonsmokers Using the Easyway Method (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – 28. Oktober 2004

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Allen Carr erlangte durch Ratgeber, die Rauchern das Aufhören erleichtern sollen, weltweite Bekanntheit. Carr wurde 1934 in England geboren. Sein Vater rauchte, erkrankte an Lungenkrebs und starb. Trotzdem griff auch Allen Carr zu Zigaretten und wurde Kettenraucher. Nach vielen gescheiterten Versuchen gelang es ihm nach 25 Jahren, endgültig mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören. Seine Selbsthilfemethode hat er zunächst in Einzelgesprächen und Seminaren weitergegeben. Mittlerweile gibt es weltweit "Carr-Standorte" mit eigenen Trainern. Seine Methode beschreibt der Longseller "Endlich Nichtraucher". Die Grundsätze seiner Methode übertrug er später u. a. auf die Themen Ernährung und Alkohol. Tragischerweise wurde 2005 bei Carr Lungenkrebs diagnostiziert. Bereits im darauffolgenden Jahr verstarb er.


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How to Quit Smoking- no if, ands, or butts. 14. Dezember 2007
Von Sharon R. - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
No need for a long review here. About the first three quarters of the book is spent exploding various myths and delusions about smoking (such as smoking relaxing you or getting rid of stress), which sets you up and gets you into the right frame of mind for actually quitting. At this point, the book wants you to continue smoking while you read it. In a nutshell, the easy way to stop smoking involves two things: one, deciding you are never going to smoke again, and two, don't mope about it anymore, rejoice. Sounds too simple, but after reading the first part of the book, this strategy will make more sense to you.

Lastly, the book cites two main reasons why you will fail: the influence of other smokers, and having a bad day. Having been around for 20 some years and being able to refine it with twenty years of feedback, I feel like this is one of the better books out there on non-smoking.

Also helpful: The Sixty-Second Motivator -short, to the point, and practical.
191 von 201 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
I Quit Smoking!!!!! 16. April 2005
Von FKC - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
I read this cover to cover right out of the box -- pack a day for 10 years, plus 6 years before that with a 3 year "break" in the middle. Believe me, I went into this thinking no way is this book going to do it. I didn't even want to quit! I really just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Well, wow, fuss away!

First off, it is not a scare tactic book. In fact it addresses why scare tactics only make people smoke more. It's more about talking about the reasons why people THINK they smoke, why those reasons are illusions, the reasons people REALLY smoke, and how those things are easily overcome. The book terms it a sort of de-brainwashing.

By half-way through the book I never wanted another cigarette again, but it tells you to keep on smoking until you finish the book. There was a point in the book where it specifically said to light up, so I did. Finished the little experiment and didn't even want to smoke the whole thing. I ate dinner directly after finishing the book, realized that I had the "need" for a cigarette as usual after dinner, and then I realized I didn't NEED anything at all but to do the dishes.

All I can say is that I feel free after just one day. The book works, the ideas are simple and easy. You cannot spend a better $15 for your health.
166 von 179 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
When are committed to quit, this book will make it happen 28. Oktober 2004
Von JeffreyS - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
My wife tried every technique including the LungUSA program (Freedom from Smoking), counselors, the gum, willpower, etc. I came across this book in the mall, she read it, and quit. And she did it decisively. Don't buy this for someone you want to quit -- reserve it for when they are committed and struggling and need something to help them. The psychology is subtle but highly effective. I even bought a copy to put in the public library. It begs the question -- why hasn't it become popular here already?
90 von 98 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Knowledge is power. 15. Juli 2006
Von p - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
UPDATE: May 18, 2008--Almost two years now. Happier than ever. My small circle of fellow-quitters-by-this-book: still a 100% success rate, most of them for almost as long as me.

Read my long, rambling review if you like, but I'd rather you'd spend as much time reading as many DIFFERENT reviews here as possible, then...BELIEVE IT.

Trust me, I know that as a smoker, it seems absolutely unbelievable. I was exactly the same way. Just do it, give it a shot. 359 out of 406 said FIVE STARS. That's no accident. You'll see some patterns in these reviews...believe what you're reading. Do it now.

Ten bucks for this book? That's two packs of smokes! So worth it. So easy. Don't waste another day. Don't even wait for it from to the store and get it NOW. You can read it in two or three'll be free.

UPDATE: September 22, 2006--it's now been three months since I quit, I haven't stumbled once, and the thought of smoking doesn't even enter my mind. I can happily and easily be around smokers without wanting a cigarette. For example: a friend of mine forgot I'd quit and asked me to HOLD HER BURNING CIGARETTE while she went inside the house...I did so with no desire to puff on kidding...I never would have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself.

A couple of reviews above contend that you will still have cravings. I'm of the opinion that those people weren't mentally in the right place when they read this book. Here's how I explain it: you can't crave or miss something that you truly don't want, right? (Case in point: non-smokers don't crave cigarettes.) For about a week, yes, I did impulsively reach for the spot on the coffee table where the pack usually was, but I'd quickly remember that I'd quit, and had no struggle. In fact, so easily beating the impulse was empowering.

Read the avalanche of positive reviews, and believe it. You know you shouldn't smoke, but deep down inside, you think you want it, that you enjoy think you will miss it, you think you'll keep wanting it. Allen Carr will convince you of why you don't want to smoke. I've recommended this book to four other people, all of whom have quit without a problem. All of them (including me), and two other people who haven't finished the book yet, have stopped reading in the middle, or delayed starting it because they're afraid that they will continue to want the thing that they know is bad for them...they BELIEVE that they enjoy and want cigarettes. After you read the book, you simply no longer believe the LIES you've been telling yourself: that you want it, that you enjoy it, that you'll miss it. THAT'S why it's painless. Do you have to talk yourself out of eating cardboard? Do you have to exercise willpower not to chow down on it? Why not? Because you have no desire for it. That's what this book does for smoking. It's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from any other approach to quitting.

Smoke four more days, and you've spent the price of the book. My original review from July 14th follows........

My smoking resume: I quit smoking three weeks ago today, after reading Allen Carr's book. I averaged a pack and a half a day for almost twenty years. During that time I quit smoking several times, once for six months. As with the vast majority of the people who have written reviews here, I quit smoking when I finished reading the book and have had no desire to smoke again. First, I want to address two recent reviews (that you will find below)...

Anthony (three stars on July 6th) makes the point that a person's commitment to quitting is a factor, and whatever book you're reading at the time you decide to quit might/could work. That's sort of true, but I disagree with him on another point: this book's approach to quitting is vastly different from anything else out there, and I, like most, have tried almost everything. Nicotine gum, regular gum, holding empty cigarettes, sheer force of will, the list goes on and on. This book explains, one by one, why each method of quitting generally fails, and even when successful, how people who haven't smoked for long periods can go back to it. It doesn't, as Anthony says, "acknowledge that it is the determination that ultimately makes it happen". Carr does note that you have to want to quit, for sure, but he equips you differently that any other method. Interestingly, simply, elegantly: knowledge is the power. Simply and truly understanding smoking for what it is gives you the strength, and I guarantee that you've never heard it explained like this. If you're reading these reviews, you're probably trying and wanting to quit for good yourself (or for a loved one to quit), and you know how common, and painful, the failure can be.

Okay, two big stars from Kenneth on July 5th. Kenneth, my man, ease up a bit. We all admire your Viking-like strength and ease of quitting by not whining and "just doing it", "just not smoking". You are truly a man of great intestinal fortitude. But most of the smokers who are reading these reviews will probably tell you it's not that easy for them, and they cannot explain why. My best friend, who still smokes but just started reading the book, said, "but I just...want one." He couldn't explain why. And Kenneth, before you disagree too strongly, o ye of infinite willpower, why, then, did you ever smoke at all? How long were you a smoker? A day? I'm happy for your success, but you seem like you might even be angry about quitting. The other eighty-some people who wrote positive reviews here don't seem mad at all. At least be happy for us, and avoid coaching little league.

When I've quit in the past:
1) I always decided I'd quit the following day, because I had to be able to smoke a few more before I actually stopped--y'know, otherwise, it would just feel like I'd run out--then I'd destroy any remaining cigarettes before I went to sleep (after clogging my lungs and stinging my eyes with as many as I physically could), and "not smoke" when I got up the next day. I'd wake up feeling ill, and would be smoking by noon, typically.
2) I rarely tell anyone else I was quitting ('cause the looming fear of failure made me want to make sure I had really quit before I broadcast it, so as not to embarrass myself publicly with my weakness...I would at least want to get past noon).
3) I had to make sure there were not any smoke-able butts anywhere, because I'd definitely fire one up if I found it. Had to spray water in the trash cans, because otherwise, I'd dig through the trash looking for butts. Y'know, you're not REALLY failing to quit if you don't actually go BUY a pack, right?
4) I was frustrated, irritable with people I loved and enraged with people I didn't even know, and was always thinking about the cigarette I wished I was having but knew I couldn't. After doing that a few times, I was able to consider how miserable quitting was before I would even make an attempt. Talk about a discouragement...that would begin several more months or years of puffing away before I'd think about trying to quit again.

Does any of that sound familiar?

This time--and I'm not kidding:
1) I quit when I finished reading the book. It was around one in the afternoon. I stopped at that moment with no regrets or worries about what I'd do with my hands for the rest of the day. Matter of fact, an hour after I put out my last cigarette, my mom called to tell me that her doctor needed her and my dad to come in together to look at a CAT scan from earlier that week, didn't tell them why, but it sounded serious. Mom just called to let me know and ask for prayers. This was ONE HOUR after my last cigarette. She's okay, by the way...a chronic sinus infection, not the big "C"...but I never even felt close to wanting a cig.
2) I have been telling everyone I talk to, from day one, that I've quit smoking.
3) I've walked by lots of leftover cig butts (I'm something of a slob, I guess) and sometimes I toss them in the trash, but sometimes I just shrug it off, leave it there, and have no desire whatsoever to spark it. I've had some moments where, simply out of habit, I reach for the place on the coffee table where they were, but I'm equipped to deal with it, and Allen Carr's not kidding, either--it's actually fun to beat the brief urge to smoke, and so easily.
4) I was not frustrated or irritable (no more than a normal, non-smoking human, anyway), and now when I think about the cigarette I'm not having, I smile rather than sweat.

Read more of these reviews...these people aren't making it up. There's a reason that the average rating is five stars instead of two and a half. No accident. I didn't believe it until I read the book. I would read a review and think, "yeah, you haven't smoked in five days, I've done that lots of times." But after I finished the book, I realized that I was looking at things completely differently than I ever had before, from the moment I put out the last one. One of these reviews says something like, "I read two-thirds of this book and then stopped reading it because I was afraid if I finished it, I'd quit smoking." Basically, he was afraid that by simply finishing the book, his cigarettes would forever vanish from his life. HE WASN'T AFRAID OF FAILURE, HE WAS AFRAID HE'D SUCCEED. How cool is that? (and if that doesn't demonstrate how twisted smoking is, I don't know what does.)

The final selling point that got me to buy this book: you get to smoke all the way until the very end, no guilt, no pressure. So you won't have to miss any of that smooth, full, smoking pleasure if the book doesn't work. But it will work, in spite of you. That's what's so great about it.

Do It Now.
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An analytical approach 15. Juni 2006
Von Sion James - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
As a reader with an analytical mind, I knew that it would be harder for me to receive someone elses "knowledge" and accept a perception shift without it first passing through my own process. As I read the book, cover to cover, I wasn't feeling any magical inclination to put the cigarette out halfway through and never go back. But as the hours passed, I thought about the book's contents more and more, and realised that it really is the best way to quit smoking.

There are some things that I really love about this book. Firstly, there is no pressure. You can smoke all the way through it (in fact, you are asked to). The last sentence doesn't pressure you to put out the cigarette because you are now "cured"; it simply ends with a checklist, a summary of the ideas contained in the book. What really makes this approach unique is that you actually quit cigarettes *while you are still smoking them*.

The author seperates your nicotine addiction from the act of smoking a cigarette. With those elements seperated, you shift your perceptions of smoking (with step-by-step assistance), blowing away those "excuses" that allowed you to justify the negative effects of smoking, and empowering your decision to quit for good. And the author definitely knows his topic. He goes through every excuse you give yourself for continuing to smoke (concentration/boredom/stress/relaxation) and busts them with logic.

He then gives you back your perceptions on smoking that you had before you were hooked. He takes you back to your first cigarette, and walks you through it as you begin to notice all of the things you chose not to confront. He arms you with knowledge so that when you do quit, you won't want to go back. You'll be happy, in control, and thankful that period in your life (however long it may be) is over.

Other techniques to quit smoking inevitably fail, and leave you feeling less empowered then before you tried to quit. Cold Turkey leaves you wanting a cigarette for the rest of your life. Cutting down prolongs the cravings, and puts you through unnecessary pain. The "easyway" method works where others fail; informing the reader on the realities of the addiction and its subtle traps, preparing you for cravings and tempations, and insuring that you won't be an "ex-smoker" for the rest of your life; you'll be a "non-smoker". It is because the system is watertight, and completely thorough, that the success rate is so high (95%).

The easy way to stop smoking? It sounds like a bad commercial. In order for it to work, the author states that you must "follow the instructions". This means that you must think what he tells you to think. Normally this would be a problem for me; at times I needed to 'convert' his ideas into my own, but in any case I know what he offers is an intelligent way out of smoking. After considering it, I realised that he has a system that works.

1. You can quit before you stop smoking.

2. You learn to see smoking through the eyes of a non-smoker (that is -- you see smoking for what it is); and you won't live the rest of your life envying smokers.

Certainly what I have outlined is a extremely basic rundown of the book. What stands out will differ from reader to reader. But I firmly believe that every smoker (especially long-term smoker) should read this book. Every smoker wants to quit. Every smoker has tried to quit. This book lifts the lid on all the things smokers are thinking and simultaneously hiding from. The tone of the book is positive, it promises "no scare tactics" and works with the reader.

If you're analytical and cautious like me, I can still recommend this book. At the absolute very least, it will allow you to step outside yourself and look at your addiction objectively; and in turn, empower you to regain control and feel better for it.

Don't put off ordering this book because it means that when it arrives, you won't be able to smoke anymore. You don't need to quit straight after you finish it. But you will be happy to receive the information and psychology within, as you open your eyes to elements of a habit that you have long forgotten or never confronted, and given the tools to finally extinguish it once and for all.
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