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am 21. September 1999
This book is not simply a description of the tomb or complicated archeological jargon, but was written to inform the curious while the tomb was being cleared. It still contains a sense of currency that captures a rare event in recovering the past. Starting with a biography of Lord Carnarvon who financed the expedition, then goes on to describe in subsequent chapters what they knew of King Tut at the time, and the background of the Valley of the Kings and a discussion on the theft of antiquities. Then about half way through begins the story of Carter's involvement. With a combination of the words and pictures it is possible to get a glimmer of what events were like for them. Even to his irksome view of people who interrupted the work by insisting upon a tour of the tomb, or his peevish rebuttal against those who consider an archeologists work akin to a day at the beach. Anyway, through it all it is an engaging book. Includes 105 photographs, however in black and white. It should be known that this account is not of the complete find and primarily concerns finds in the Antechamber, and not the Annex or Shrine. Still, the book is titled the "Discovery" so this should not come as a surprise.
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am 28. April 1998
This review refers to the hardcover edition.
Imagine what it would be like to peer into a small opening and seeing wonderful treasures that no one has seen for thousands of centries. This book gives you the first hand account of the most famous Egyptian archeological discovery of all time. The description of the treasures will send chills down your spine. Read about the evidence discovered that indicates ancient grave robbers were caught in the act of plundering Tut's tomb. The book gives an excellent account of opening the sarcophogus and examining Tut's mummy. I recommend this book to anyone interested in Egyptian archeology. The color plates in the book are beautiful.
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am 12. August 1999
I have studied Egypt for many years and just happened upon this book. What I found inside was a completely different man than what I had expected. His love for his work, his humility in the face of great celebrity, his reverence for the dead boy king are touching and uplifting. How fortunate is history that two men such as Howard Cater and Lord Carnarvon were entrusted with this amazing discovery and how generous of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to send a photographer of Harry Burton's abilities to record all of this for us. I wish I could find a biography on Carter, for he is a complex and fascinating man.
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am 18. Februar 1999
This book was really good.If you have researched on the pharoh Tutankhamen you already know the man who first discovered his tomb was Mr.Howard Carter.Since this book was published before Carter died some time ago you can understand how he himself wrote this book.this book is very informative Carter explains what happened from the begining of the discoverey to the end.this book even tells some of the untold curses of King Tutankhamens tomb.This was a great book I would recomend it to anyone who has ever wonderd what it is really like
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am 16. Mai 1998
I did now wish for this book at all. Even though it was written by the man who discovered the tomb, I don't believe it. There must be another Howard Carter out there who wrote the book. It seemed like a kindergarten schoolboy could write this book. The pictures (which aren't even good) take up most of the book because the author probably didn't know what to right. Take my advice and put this book back on the shelf where you got it. It doesn't even deserve a "1" rating, if there were negative ratings, then I would give it a -13. Horrible is the only word to describe it.
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