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4,1 von 5 Sternen
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am 4. Oktober 1999
Normally, I wouldn't take the time to write a review, however, I owe a lot to Ray Martin and his book --- it dramatically changed my pool game and fostered my love for the game.
The other night I was playing eight-ball and was in a virtually impossible position to make a shot. Using a little imagination and three principles I learned a long time ago from the 99 Critical Shots, I was able to make a really slick shot, instead of playing a safety.
However, this is NOT a book of trick shots. It is a book of fundamental principles, many of which I doubt you can learn on your own (at least, I couldn't have). In fact, the book does an excellent job of emphasizing that pool is not about trick shots, but about controlling your position.
As a side note, about ten years ago I was playing straight pool in Elizabeth, NJ. I had discovered the 99 Critical Shots three or four years earlier. There was a guy who was watching me play pool for a half-hour, until his table was called. Then, he picked up his case and left. Spray-painted across the case was "Ray Martin".
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am 4. Januar 1999
This book has a lot of great information for beginning and intermediate players. I'm a self-taught aspiring player, and while I was capable of actually hitting the ball with english, I didnt quite understand what this would do in all cases. Ray Martin's book focuses heavily on the implications of english and, in fact, gives easy geometrical formulas you can use to make bank and carom shots. (I needed those!) Three minor problems I have with the book, though: 1) It's tough to differentiate black target balls from other gray balls. They all look black. 2) The wording gets repetitive at times - it seems every shot is come across "thousands of times." Then again, if each of these 99 shots is "critical," there are only so many ways to say so. 3) Finally, a lot of the shots focus on straight pool. If all you play is 8-ball and 9-ball, the last 20 or so shots are of limited value. (Most are positions for putting a ball in and breaking the rack in the same shot.) Of course, if all you play is straight pool, this is great. Anyway, I highly recommend this book. These problems I have with it are nothing significant, and the information contained within is priceless to someone who can hold his own but is trying to become great.
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am 26. August 2004
Dieses Buch stellt für Anfäger eine gute Möglichkeit, sich ein wenig mit der Theorie zu beschäftigen, wobei die Betonung auf wenig liegt. Für jeden, der den Unterschied zwischen einem Rückläufer, Nachläufer und Effet kennt und diese spielen kann bietet das Buch kaum nützliches. Einige der "kritischen" Stöße sind wohl nur von Profispielern anzuwenden; für alle anderen ist es mehr ein Glückspiel als abrufbare Stöße. Aber auch der Anfänger sei auf andere Bücher verwiesen, die erheblich besser geeignet sind, da die Erläuterungen für einen Anfänger ohne Technik und Grundlagenverständis nur allzu dürftig ausfallen.
Trotz aller Kritik ist dieses Buch wegen seines Preises für jeden Poolfan eine Anschaffung wert (Der Autor hat eine angenehme und unterhaltsamme Schreibweise). Sehr gut ist der richtige Stand erklärt, der Voraussetzung für ein gutes Spiel und leider nicht jedem fortgeschrittenen Spieler bekannt ist. Einige der Stöße werden für den einen oder anderen neu und sicherlich nützlich sein, aber ein Buch mit so guten Rezansionen MUSS einfach mehr bieten.
Dieses Buch gehört ohne Zweifel zu den "guten" Büchern über Pool, aber die so oft vergebene hohe Bewertung ist es nicht wert.
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am 4. Juni 1999
I would consider myself an intermediate level 9-ball player that consistently has 3 to 4 ball runs with the occasional run-out from the break. I attribute that to this book. Excellent explanations of english and position play that can be used in all games of billiards-- 7-ball, 8-ball, 9-ball, and straight pool including snooker and carom billiards.
Anytime I feel myself falling into a slump, I crack this book and review the shot fundamentals-- stance, pace, grip, english, and position play. It helps me get back on track to a consistent game.
The shots described in this book do come up every time in at least one form or another. It's a great book for any level billiard enthusiast and for any billiard game. I do agree with one reviewer; however, when he stated that the last 20 or so shots deal with the 'straight pool' game. Nevertheless, there is a good deal of information that will help you improve your game or get it back on track to run-out or crack the rack. :-)
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am 31. Juli 1999
This book is victimized by the the illustrator more than the authors. The writing style is good and the choice of shots and explanations is excellent. However, even in the hardcover edition it is impossible to distinguish the object ball in the diagrams. The sad part is that this could have been overcome by simply making all the non-objects balls 'stripes'. Also, in one example the author mentions balls A B and C which are not marked in the diagram at all.
If you are only going to buy ONE book, I would suggest Byrne's Standard Book of Pool and Billiards rather than 99 Crucial Shots.
The fact that this book is a good addition to anyone's billiard LIBRARY, in spite of the flawed illustrations, is a solid endorsement of Ray Martin's ability to recognize these shots and the authors' ability to explain them in a clear and concise manner.
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am 29. Juli 1998
Hadn't played pool in 35 years, I'm 50. Bottom line is I could not play. Sure I shot the ball and closed my eyes but... Picked up this book and absorbed it. Read it all day, at breakfast, lunch, during dinner, watching TV, before I went to bed. Read and studied and listened to Ray.
The pictures are easy to understand and the words are very to the point. Especially great, wonderful, pick an adjective, were the little balls with the spot where the ball should be hit. Great touch. I even made little cheat cards to bring with me to the bar for practice.
Ray, please do another book like this. You taught me everything I know. Just the beginning and far from the end. P.S. I guess this guy is a great player, huh?
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am 16. Juli 1999
I just started playing pool and this book has been very helpful. The points the author makes are clear and useful. By studying this book pool becomes a much more familiar game because you recognize the shots in your games from shots in the book. Also, I've found that except for really advanced players, most other players don't know about a vast majority of the shots detailed in the book
I don't understand the reviewer who commented that the book contradicts physics. While the ball behavior may not be obvious to a pool novice, every shot I have tried from the book "works". The bottom line is that I bought the book, studied it and improved my game. What more do you want from a pool book?
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am 30. Dezember 2008
Ich bin leider sehr enttäuscht!
Leider kann das Buch in keinster Weise halten was der Titel verspricht.
Anfänger aber insbesondere fortgeschrittene Spieler können kaum Nutzen aus den im Buch abgedruckten Situationen ziehen.
Wer sich ernsthaft mit dem Poolbillard-Sport auseinandersetzen will und keine Hemmungen hat ein Buch in englischer Sprache zu nutzen dem sei an dieser Stelle "Byrne's Standard Book of Pool and Billards" empfohlen !!
Dies ist ein "echtes" Nachschlagewerk mit gut erklärten Grundlagen und physikalischen sowie technischen Zusammenhängen und keine unzusammenhanglose Aneinanderreihung von 99 Situationen wie 99 Critical Shots.
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am 20. Januar 2000
I just started with the game and was looking for a book that can be used as reference. I didn't even realize that there are a lot of books on the game. 99 Critical Shots definitely gave me the confidence to make those shots. It really makes my day when I see a situation that is discussed in the book and have a go at it. I usually go over the book from time to time and check what I missed or what I did wrong and look forward to correcting the shot the next time around.
Can't explain the feeling when you see the cue ball going to where you planned it to be.
Thanks Ray......
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am 7. März 1999
If you are already an experienced player, yet you don't have the benefit of working with a veteran player to learn all the "inside" tricks, this book will help you on your quest. Pocket billiards in general consists of only a few standard shots, but in serious play you need to be able to pull tricks out of your hat to win. This book will teach you both the common shots and the more esoteric combo, carom, kiss, hook, ghost, and masse shots. Work on your stroke, your patterns, your mental toughness, and Ray Martin's compendium of 99 Critical Shots and you'll be a winner!
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