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am 1. Februar 2014
This is a very motivational book, focusing on the business end of game audio design as much as on studio planning, gear considerations, and sales. If you expect a how-to-make-a-monster-sound-type guide to sound design, there may be better alternatives in the field, like Ric Viers' sound effects bible. Nonetheless, for a person who is seriously considering a career in game audio in general and who wants general knowledge of all fields of the trade, this is a smart first read.

The book is well structured and describes well the ever so growing need for professionals in game audio design. Chapter two therefore starts with the primary skills to succeed as attitude and business sense. From my personal experience, I would very much agree.

I liked the testimonials of contemporary sound designers, but they are more a feature than a source for content. Still, it was a pretty nice personal touch.

What I found to be really well thought through was the bidding, pricing, and finding and getting the job sections. If I would have had half that information when starting up our audio production company in Frankfurt it would have made things quite a bit smoother.

The contract section really does focus on the US system, as the continental European legal systems are less case law and more written law oriented. As a result, not as many variables exist, therefore newcomers, with a little legal assistance, can start quite safely into creative fields, as opposed to very individual deals in the states. Still, a very good starting point for your own pricing and financial thoughts.

The structures within developer and publishing companies are well described, so you know who to get in touch with and what to ask.

However, audio production aspects covered in the back are covered as a tertiary aspect, therefore in this sense other publications may be preferable.

For a film sound guy, knowing the specifics of gaming platforms and their limits and strengths were a must know item.

Overall, I think this is a very reputable book to get a glimpse and understand the general tone and style of the industry. If it weren't for the "complete guide" aspiration, which in terms of audio production, sound design, and Foley it isn't, it would be a five star read.
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am 22. August 2013
Sehr ausführliches Werk. Es wird nicht nur die musikalische Seite behandelt sondern auch technische (natürlich, das ist hier ja unumgänglich) und auch die wirtschaftliche.
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