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am 20. Juni 2014
"The Branches of Time" by Luca Rossi was a wonderful surprise for me. Reluctant to follow the author from his amzing and inventive science fiction works to more traditional fantasy fare I found myself unexpectedly immersed in his beautiful and mysterious world creations of Turios and Isk.
Rossi once again comes up trump with his signature style full of effortless elegance and poetic esprit.
Whether dark, light-hearted, sexy, mystic or magical, the writing flows easily and takes you smoothly through the story.
The characters are truly fascinating and something to really engage your mind with - and so is the plot.
While an entertaining fantasy tale on the surface, the book provides ample materual for literary analysts and interpretation. The story spans millennia and although everything takes place in distant parts of human history the elements of both, change and continuity, to me it highlights the similarities and the contrast of the ancient and the modern times. How much can change and how little at the same time.
Kings and wizards are pwoerful but remain subject to their own human weaknesses and foibles, a truth and fact that runs through the sap of teh branches of time.
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am 19. Juli 2015
It is but the first novel of a series and ends in a classic cliffhanger. Thats the less amusing part. But, I will purchase a second or third part, as soon as available. Also some other works of Rosi will land on my kindle.
Luca Rossi writes in a fast pace and combines elements in a way, new to me. For his killing off of protagonists I was prepared by masters GRRM und Mrs Rawlings. Rossi does it equally stylish. Right in the beginning he put in a red wedding.Three sets of people, two planes of time, some magic and cishetero and l-bi love interests. the eponymous branches of time are well developed and took me back to terry goodkinds thousand year old prophet rahl; some prophesies come to pass, other could have, if not..
A fine read.
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am 8. September 2014
Do you enjoy reading Sci-fi fiction, that is totally mesmerizing, if so, then this book is for you. Luca has produced a story, that is believable with characters that capture your attention and a places where you feel you belong plus Romance and plot twists. the book is well written and a page turner. I highly recommend this book to those who love this genre.

Note: I was gifted a copy in return for an honest review. This has been given.
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am 16. Januar 2015
The Branches of Time
by Luca Rossi

An exception read from the talented Rossi.

Brilliant characters and highly descriptive, which oozes quality from page to page in this well-paced novel.

Delving into black magic, sacred burials and disappearing corpses mixed with the great sexual appetite of King Beanor for beautiful young women is captivating 5*****
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