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am 13. Juli 2013
Since several years I use Picasa 3 to touch up my photos while keeping the amount of modifications to a bare minimum (crop, straighten, red eye reduction and rarely adjust colors). So far, I never studied any other image manipulation software in depth and decided to give it a try with free software GIMP 2.8, which is nicely described in this book. Currently having made my way half through the book.
It seems to me the book is structured in "For Dummies" (first chapter of Part I), "For Educated Dummies" (rest of Part I) and "For the Experts" (Part II & III). Therefore the first sections contain merely cookbook style instructions without talking much about details why certain options need to be chosen and you learn those details later on in the book.
However having said that, I miss certain things:
- A way to download the very same examples used in the book. Many of the figures are too small to really understand the point easily (unless you use a magnifier glass). ... This was my initial thought after starting to read. However, reading further and reaching the end of chapter 7.5 on page 179(!), you find "For these exercises, feel free to utilize the images on the book's website ...". This is NOT the same as the URL indicated on the last page of the book and so far, I did not find any other references to "the book's website".
- It would be good to have some sort of Internet forum to discuss issues with the book and its examples. For example I got stuck at the point where transparent layers were introduced (p63), which didn't work for me, because I ignored one step accidently. After reading almost a third of the book, I did find a forum at "the book's website" as stated above. However, even though downloading the sample pictures worked find, the forum seem to be quite dead. I tried to post comments to specific chapters, which were neither published nor commented on. I found only 4 posts in the forum, only one of them being responded to by the author - 8 months ago. I doubt we can expect any help from there ...??
- As I said above, many details are omitted in the first chapters for very good reasons. However, I miss a hint saying "For more details see page ...". I do appreciate the comprehensive alphabetical index, but not all topics can be found easily. Also the inde does not emphasize on the main definition of frequently mentioned terms.
- Many times a reference is made to examples several pages before. It would be helpful not only to mention "See examples figures 2.22", but also "on page 31" if the the referenced figure is more than one page away.
So far I liked Part II "Reference" much better than Part I "Learning Gimp".
Forcing the reader to read 179 pages before being able to find the place to download the examples and a forum to discuss the book is ridiculous. Therefor only 4 stars (so far while continuing to read).
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am 9. November 2013
Man merkt, dass die Autoren tatsächlich mit dem Tool arbeiten und auch nicht nur mit theoretischen Problemen kämpfen. Für die üblichen Probleme die ich mit meinen Urlaubsphotos habe, sind die Erklärungen gut und auch die Hilfen zu Produktphotos sind recht hilfreich. Nun ist DF ( Deep Focus) schon speziell. Aber da habe ich noch nichts im Buch gefunden, bin aber noch lange nicht durch. Also wohl wohl "42" sondern wirklich "Nearly Everything"
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