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3,5 von 5 Sternen6
3,5 von 5 Sternen
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
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am 24. August 2014
Austin and Kitt couldn't live a more different life, yet they have more in common than they believe at first. Seeing them adjust to the ranch life and the relationship life is so sweet, loving, fun and HOT.

With them both keeping their sexuality a secret, problems are already on the line. With some outings very funny, the one that changes everyones life is not so fun.
Secrets, anxiety and yet bone deep love make this story another great read. I can't get enough of Kindle Alexander's books!
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am 10. Mai 2014
I'm starting to like the Autor all his Books are fabulous so far each of them Starrsinn hot characters and the story is good too touching and very real... Usually I don't like Cowboys so mich but this Story really caught me... Especially the two characters and the twist at the end of the Story was a real surprise!!!
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am 7. Juli 2014
Feared of reading it, because I usually don't like Cowboy-Stuff. But it's a wonderful lovestory. If u are a Kindle-Fan this should be in your E-Book
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am 29. April 2013
Before I get to the story and how I liked it, I want to mention the things that cost the novel a few stars in my rating system.
- I liked the point of view (POV) the author chose to write the story in, where the reader gets insight into both main characters. However, towards the end of the book, there were suddenly other people's POVs and that felt very weird, after having read about 200 pages from only the two main characters. I know it was done to explain and lead up to the reveal/conlusion of the story. BUT: it could have been done differently, without breaking the previously set pattern of the two POVs. A good author knows how to do that differently. It would have required only a little bit of shifting the facts and how the reader learned of them.
- Time discrepancies, referencing both, real life events and those happening within the narrrative. This is something that kept bugging me throughout the book. Apparently, in this book, the Academy Awards (Oscars) take place in October. Oh-kay. Also, one of the main characters made the reference of never been gone for longer than one night/day. That was not in accordance with the events in the book to which this character referred. Seems to me the author couldn't remember her own story correctly. Or maybe she changed certain facts at a later point, but didn't take the time to adjust all references to it.
- The following is an appeal to all authors, but especially those who made writing their profession: PLEASE learn the difference between the possessive 's and the plural s. "The Kellys [NOT: the Kelly's] were a nice family." I think it's an embarrassing mistake to make in written fiction and is incredibly distracting for readers who care about grammar.
- Another embarrassing mistake: The epilogue of this story was/is actually titled prologue. Go figure.

I understand that most people don't care for formalities, so how was the story? It was likable enough. A bit hurried in places, a bit drawn out in others. The main characters were both developed at a well-paced speed, though neither stood out as a unique character to me. As is wont in this genre, both characters are of course more perfect and beautiful than humanely possible. There was the obligatory and seemingly unavoidable "You're mine"/"I'm yours" growl during sex and all in all, the book served up a lot of stale clichés. People who like or even need those to enjoy a gay romance story, will certainly like this one.

I gave it an additional star for engaging storytelling. By that I mean that I was looking forward to getting back into the story after a reading break. I always award an additional star to every story that manages to do that.
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am 20. Oktober 2013
So I bought this because it sounded half-way promising, but this is barely more than passable. There is better porn on the internet, (no seriously, every mediocre fanfic is better written) don't buy this. The characters are flat and uninteresting, everyone is really "hot", the sex is mind-numbingly lame and do not get me started on the writing style because it's awful. You probably have to be thankful that there are no major grammatical errors - that's actually the only good thing I can say about this: Congratulations, you have a correction program installed.
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am 5. Dezember 2013
"Texas Pride" ist das dritte Buch von Kindle Alexander das ich gelesen habe.
An "Double Full" kommt es bei weitem nicht ran und ist sogar noch schwächer als "The current between us".
Im Gegensatz zu den voran genannten Büchern hatte ich es hier zunächst schwer mit den beiden Hauptcharaktern warm zu werden, ab der Hälfte der Geschichte ist man dann drin.
Unter dem Strich hätte ich mir etwas mehr Leidenschaft gewünscht.
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