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am 18. Januar 2013
This novel caught my attention when it showed up in the recommendation section of my Amazon page. Since the summary sounded interesting enough and the novel was a freebie, I decided to give it a try.

SITM started out good; had potential. However, once the religious content started, the reading became a real drag, really fast. Therefore: If you came to read a romance novel, then this is NOT a novel for you. There is very, very little romance in SITM. The novel is more about finding God/the strengthening of faith. This was one of the main reasons why I lost the interest in the squeezed-in love story pretty quickly. The "Christian parts" just kept interrupting the flow of the love story too much.

On the whole, I can't say I liked the characters of this novel much. Ken, Joan's love interest, came off as a close-minded, unsymphathtic bore. His holier-than-thou attitude when he first decided not to persue Joan - because she was not Christian enough - made him very unlikable. (She only becomes good enough for him again, when she organizes a "Christ Community Church Singles" meeting.) His character doesn't grow/develop throughout the story and it's not a good thing. But then again, Joan wasn't that great either as she was constantly feeling sorry for herself.


Would I recommend this book? - No, not to people who are looking for a love story. Because if you are looking for a love story, you will not enjoy SITM at all. You will most likely end up skipping large parts of the book just as I did. BUT if you appreciate stories about finding faith, then I guess this novel could be interesting enough.
As for my part, I'm giving the novel 2 out 5 stars.
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