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4,5 von 5 Sternen14
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Oktober 1996
The movie might have, well, stunk, but 'Striptease' is a relentlessly entertaining novel full of deftly comic characterizations, hilariously absurd plot complications,
and brilliant dialogue that is at once uproariously funny and convincingly colorful. Hiaasen writes like Elmore Leonard blessed with the comic eye of S.J. Perelman, and 'Striptease' is his
finest novel to date in a career full of gems. By page fifty you'll be hooked; by page two hundred you'll be amazed by Hiaasen's ability to keep his slam-bang plot moving at a breakneck pace without
ever letting his eye for comic detail lapse.
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Anyone who has ever traveled to south Florida has probably noticed an abundance of establishments offering entertainment by nude or partially unclothed women. Carl Hiaasen takes the establishment of the strip club as the center for his hilarious look at the ways that men and women manipulate each other, and how politicians get away with murder.

Although Mr. Hiaasen notes that the story is all fictional, he does remind the readers that the accounts of topless creamed corn wrestling are based on fact.

The central puzzle behind this book's story is how an intelligent, hard-working staff member of the FBI ends up as an exotic dancer in a strip club. That's a tale that will unfold in all its gory detail as you laugh your way through this hilarious book.

As the book opens, a bachelor party on the eve of the wedding goes horribly wrong. As the groom clutches onto the unclothed Erin Grant at the Eager Beaver, a wild man jumps onto the stage and begins belting the groom over the head with a champagne bottle. In the ensuing mess, the wild man escapes. As his car speeds away, it turns out that the attacker doesn't even know what he did . . . and doesn't want to know. Since the attacker is local Congressman David Lane Dilbeck, it looks like he'll need a political fixer to help him out. But some things cannot be fixed as easily as others. And the trail of deception heads off in a totally unexpected and deadly course.

The targets for satire are mostly among the patrons, managers and bouncers of the strip clubs as well as those who try to help them take advantage of others. But there's also a very mixed up husband who you will never forget.

This book could have easily slid into a sort of quasi-pornography but Mr. Hiaasen rigorously steers away from any tendency in that direction. Instead, the story is relatively chaste considering its subject matter.

I love books with memorable, well developed characters. Strip Tease has several. Erin Grant is one of the most original and inventive heroines that you will ever read about. Her husband is one of the funniest criminal incarnations you can imagine -- a unique portrayal of stupidity in action. Her friend Shad is a highly nuanced man of muscle and intent to protect, with a very hard head. As usual, Mr. Hiaasen's best comic genius is for those we would normally not come close to in real life . . . but who act as best they can according to a code of honor.

The best character though is Al Garcia, a policeman whose family vacation is interrupted by his children finding a floater from south Florida in Montana. Without jurisdiction, he finds a way to solve the murder and right the wrongs . . . as best he can. The whole family gets into the action before the story is over. It's a nice counterpoint to all the sleazy people in the story.

Although it will seem obvious where the story is probably going, Mr. Hiaasen is so inventive with his detailed plot development that you will find yourself racing through the book wondering what in the world he will offer next. The results are constantly surprising, entertaining and enormously funny.

Superb job, Mr. Hiaasen!
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am 17. September 2015
Only in America could an innocent, if drunken, guest of honor at a strip joint bachelor party become a mortal threat against Big Money and Big Government. Only in south Florida, land of roadside honky-tonks and sinister pleasure boats-not to mention blackmail and murder-would a virtuous topless dancer join forces with a cool but clueless cop...
If you like sarcastic novels about politics, development, corruption and the environment in Florida, Carl Hiaasen's books are just made for you!
Strip Tease is the most prominent of his novels - the movie "Striptease" featuring Demi Moore was actually based on this book. If you didn't like the movie, don't worry - the novel is way better than the motion picture! I had to laugh through most of the book because of the twisted characters and the hilarious story line. You will really enjoy it - especially since there's a lot of truth behind the scences. Carl Hiaasen gained all his knowledge about Florida and its inhabitants from his regular job - he is a columnist with the Miami Herald. If you read one of his books, you might want to read all the other ones, too!
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am 18. Juni 1998
Tourist Season was my first exposure to the world according to Hiaasen. It blew me my mind like "Sergeant Pepper's" must have done to music lovers in 1969. Since then I have read Native Tongue and Strip Tease, and am always impressed with the ferocity of Hiaasen's humor. Hiaasen's humor is a cogent and non-pedantic vehicle for his human, moral and environmental concerns. Living in Japan I especially appreciate Strip Tease's exposure ( no pun intended ) of the hypocrisy of U.S. sugar subsidies in an era where we so vociferously decry similar protectionism in other nations. But Hiaasen makes his point without sounding nearly as preachy as I do!
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am 21. Juni 1997
I would give it an 11 if I could. This book is flawless. From the first page, I was hooked. The characters were the best I had ever read in a novel. Hiaasen's humor was incredible-I found myself laughing often. Even though the movie didn't cover as much ground as the book, I think the movie was much better than most people have let on. READ THIS BOOK-you will love it. I have gone through 3 copies, I've read it so much
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am 6. Juni 1999
This book is the first I have read from Carl Hiaasen. I 'll tell you, He is one talented guy! Once I got past the first page, I couldn't put this book down. Since then, I've read almost all of his books. all of them are excellent! This is a must read. You won't be able to stop smirking when you are reading this book! It is so funny. Believe me, this is a book you don't want to pass by!
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am 19. September 1997
This book is chock full of snide shots at our fearless
governmental leaders, the FBI, and the human
animal in general. It's also full of action and suspense.
Hiaasen's characters and plot twists both often
ride a fine line between realism and caricature.
It's a fast and funny read - a can't put it downer -
full of both belly laughs and snickers. Fun stuff
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am 10. August 1998
As a Floridian, I eagerly await every one of his books. Strip Tease was by far his best. Darkly comic, and bitingly sarcastic, Hiassen makes his points while entertaining the reader. His latest (Lucky You) is a good read, but nothing close to this one.
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am 17. Juli 2000
I probably would have enjoyed this more had I not previously read "Native Tongue." However, the similar ironic humor, not-quite-what-they-seem characters, and convenient plot devices make the writing seem familiar. The formerly outrageous implausibility now seems too deliberate, almost scripted for a series of five-minutes scenes (and "Strip Tease" did become an awful movie), the sleazy villains and virtuous heroes are now predictably offbeat, tenacious, and plain lucky. We can forgive the manipulations on a first encounter, he's a good and clever author taking you on a gravity-defying roller coaster. But we're a little more leery with this outing, and the farcical is supplanted too often by the expedient. Again, he's such a good writer that you want to go along with him, but after a while, it's a bit too felicitous.
In "Strip Tease," the characters are, for the most part, either good people in unfortunate situations, or bad people in fortunate ones. The heroine, while appealing and feisty, is still somewhat of a cliche--the whore with a heart of gold--only she's not a whore, she's a stripper, and she's her own stripper too, refusing to do table or lap dances. And, if that weren't enough, she's doing this all to pay lawyer's fees to regain custody of her daughter. Here she is, a former FBI assistant, smarter than anyone around her, can type 70 words a minute, and only this job will pay the attorney? A job, no matter how how she limits it, that isn't likely to win many points in future custody battles. Makes for a fun novel, what with the easy target of a sleazy (but not too!) strip joint, a violent (but good-hearted) bouncer, and mostly good ole' boy customers, but not a very plausible one.
Again, this might work better in a pure farce, but the multiple murders, child endangerment, and unexplored exploitation of women works against this. The author would have us believe that the strippers really have the upper hand, but why, in the epilogue, do so many of them leave the joint for such heretofore unimagined pursuits such as law school? OK, let's just take it tongue in cheek...but after a while it begins to read like a male fantasy, with the author rescuing the women and punishing the unjust. While exposing the corruption of Florida's sugar cane industry, there's very little comment about the lurid, potentially dangerous life of a stripper. (Oh, those must be the "BAD" strippers, not the ones described here.) 3 ½ * if you've never read the author before, he's funny, ironic, and writes an exciting conclusion, but I respectfully disagree with my Amazon colleagues who rate this a 5. Ultimately, the tease is on the reader.
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am 10. Februar 1999
I was raised and currently live in Fort Lauderdale and Hiaason's book had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. A wonderfully skewered portrayal of home in a way that readers will find funny, but locals can appreciate on an even higher level.
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