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am 19. Juli 2005
Compared to Mr. Thor's latest novel, even the likes of Tom Clancy or Stephen Coonts look like open-minded cosmopolitans. I've never seen so much contempt for everything not american in any piece of literature as on the last couple of pages of "State of the Union". It's not the constant flag-waving in this book that I'm complaining about - if I were to write a novel of the same genre, my hero would probably be German and likewise infallible as Scot Harvath is. What really made me sick though were Thor's comments about Russia "and what a sh**ty country it is". I certainly don't mind harsh language and the bashing of a novel's villains is certainly entertaining. But this book is really insulting in its way of presenting "the enemy". As if the constant display of the Russians' ineptitude wasn't enough, Mr. Thor aims at the dignity of the "evil people". I can't tell the author how he should write his books, but this was certainly the last of his books that I've read. What a pity: This way, I will never find out if his characters have always been so shallow, or if he maybe completed the development of his main protagonist Scot Harvath in the earlier novels. For the author's sake, I will assume that he previously spent a couple of pages on explaining how Scot became the hero of legend that he now is - in dubio pro reo. I wouldn't mind finding out this little piece of information, but Brad Thor now has all the money he's ever gonna get from me. The 2nd star is for the fact that the lack of in-depth analysis makes for a fast-paced storytelling.
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