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4,7 von 5 Sternen20
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 29. Juli 2000
Like many Star Wars geek boys out there, I was skeptical about the radio dramatizations of 'Star Wars' and 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Could they possibly come even remotely close to capturing the magic of the films without the visual element? To my pleasant surprise, it could, and did, with flying colors. Not only do the audio presentations re-tell the stories of the movies in vivid detail, they also add a few side moments that weren't present in the visual presentations, fleshing out and adding depth to the timeless tales. To borrow Paul Harvey's catchphrase, now you know the rest of the story.
Out of the three audio presentations produced, I find 'Empire' to come in a close second to the original 'Star Wars' radio show in terms of quality and drama. It's also of lesser duration, running a mere ten half-hour episodes to 'Wars' thirteen. But even though 'Empire' comes up somewhat short when compared to its predecessor, it's still an engrossing and enjoyable waste of five hours.
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am 17. März 1999
This sequel is almost better than the first (fourth) part of the Star Wars. Darth Vader wins :) The story begins on a planet Hoth, which is an ice planet and where have the rebels their base, but unfortunately Darth Vader finds them so soon. Here is one part I don't really like. Vader just knows that the rebels are there, even if he's Jedi, that's almost imposible. What if he'd be wrong? But he's so certain. I think that he should seek rebels just a little bit more time. Not to have just a slight clue and "They're there!". And when Darth Vader comes to get the rebels, they luckily escape. The part I liked it very much (well that's the whole book :)) was when the hyperdrive on the Millenium Falcon didn't work for several times. Hehe. Also was a little annoying Darth Vader with killing his admirals one after another. But that mistakes are nothing upon the whole book, which is filled with action (I liked that very much), and also spiritual things (dagobah system). If somebody is reading this and he hadn't read the book: "Go get it and read it!"
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am 23. April 2000
The "Empire Strikes Back" is a darker kind of stroy, basically because it's the middle act (refering to the way you put the characters in the worst possible situation and then in the final act you get them out). This book tells that story perfectly. In the book scenes are added in that were not put in (for one reason or another) the movie. Books can do one thing movies can't do very well, revel the character's thoughts and feelings. You learn a lot more from the book too. I'm not saying the book is better than the movie, I'm not saying that at all, that would be a digrace to George Lucas. All I'm doing is speaking from an authors view (I'm an upcoming 13 year old author working on my second book). This is a MUST have for any Star Wars fan, collecter, buff, freak (like me), or just someone normal (not like me).
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am 11. März 1998
The second part of George Lucas' famous STAR WARS saga comes to radio, and it's well worth the wait. Mark Hamil, Anthony Daniels, and Billy Dee Williams are on hand to reprise their film roles, and they are ably supported by Brock Peters, Ann Sachs, Perry King, and John Lithgow (as Yoda). The 10-part script takes the time to flesh out the characters and the setting, making the saga appear more real than ever. After hearing THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK on audio, you just might be tempted to get rid of your video copy--it's really that good! So start up the cassette player, and journey to a galaxy far, far away.
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am 29. April 1997
I thought this was a great adaption of the movie. Now, I looove "The Empire Strikes Back,"but it is my least favorite Star Wars Movie(That'll tell you how much I love Star Wars!), so I can't give It a "10." I read this book in the book "The Star Wars Trilogy," Whicj is all three novels together.
If you want an even better novelization of Star Wars, Read "A New Hope" and "Return of the Jedi(My personal favorite)."
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am 16. Oktober 1999
I enjoyed the Empire Strikes Back as a movie, it's probably the best in the entire series, so naturally the story in the novel will be all right. The novelization did an adequate job of following the script; but that's about all it did. Very little emotion or background behind the scenes, like the Phantom Menace novelization. It seemed awfully flat, even in the important scenes. It's definitely readable, but I don't think it's worth five stars.
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am 19. Juli 2000
I've seen the movie a billion times. I've memorized every line, every move, every detail. Yet, as I read this book I was hanging on Glut's every word! He has a great writing style, the plot is fast-paced, it grabs you and won't let go. There's more here than in the movie as well. Luke gets some lightsaber training while on Dagobah, and that fabled kiss on Clud City, it's here as well! A must-have for the Star Wars fan and book collector!
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am 13. Juli 1999
I bought this CD box (with the first Star Wars radio drama included) four years ago, thinking: 'Oh, 13 CDs, there's probably a lot of material not in the movie...' I was right. Production is awesome. Considering the new scenes only, it's a must for any Star Wars fan, but anybody can enjoy this radio drama: it's full of tension, conflict and great acting.
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am 9. Juni 1999
Being that the Empire Strikes Back is my favourite of the Star Wars movies, I just had to read this book. It won't disappoint Star Wars fans, with all of the energy of the movie. I liked how it wasn't a complete adaption of the movie, with different things taking place on Dagobah. I would recommend this book to any science-fiction or fantasy fan.
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am 26. April 1998
just sit back and enjoy the show..
already the opening scene is worth buing the whole thing. It is a fighting scene in which some tie fighters attach a convey with supplies for the rebel base on hoth and those fighters almost seem to fly through your head. If you ever seen SW in theatres and thought it was good you should try THIS!
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