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Star Trek: Seekers: Second Nature (Star Trek: The Original Series) [Englisch] [Taschenbuch]

David Mack

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22. Juli 2014 Star Trek: The Original Series (Buch 1)
An all-new Star Trek series begins!

A new mission: The late twenty-third century—Starfleet’s golden age of exploration. Desperate to stay one step ahead of its rivals, the Federation sends two starships, the scout Sagittarius and the cruiser Endeavour, to plumb the secrets of the vast region known as the Taurus Reach.

A doomed race: Drawn by mysterious energy readings to a lush green world, the crew of the Sagittarius find the Tomol: a species whose members all commit ritual suicide just as they reach the cusp of adulthood.

An old foe: The crew of the Sagittarius wants to save the Tomol from their cycle of self-destruction, but first they’ll need to save themselves—from the most nefarious Klingon starship commander in history.

™, ®, & © 2013 CBS Studios, Inc. STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Star Trek: Seekers: Second Nature (Star Trek: The Original Series) + Star Trek: Seekers: Point of Divergence (Star Trek: The Original Series) + Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Light Fantastic
Preis für alle drei: EUR 17,50

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David Mack is the New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels, including the Star Trek Destiny and Cold Equations trilogies. He co-developed the acclaimed Star Trek Vanguard series and its sequel, Star Trek: Seekers. His writing credits span several media, including television (for episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), film, short fiction, magazines, comic books, computer games, and live theater. He currently resides in New York City.

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Gazing into the eyes of her infant daughter, Nimur almost forgot for a moment that calamity was stalking her. The baby girl gazed up at Nimur with innocent delight, her golden eyes opened wide to drink in a world whose every detail was new to her. Nimur stroked her hand over the downy silver fuzz that covered her newborn’s teal-colored scalp, then traced the paths of pale yellow spots that ringed the girl’s ears and met at the nape of her neck before continuing down the center of her tiny back—the same coloration and pattern shared by all Tomol.

Kerlo, the girl’s father, placed his hands on Nimur’s shoulders. “She needs a name.”

Nimur craned her head back to smile at her mate. “I was thinking of ‘Tahna.’”

Her suggestion conjured a bittersweet smile from Kerlo; it had been the name of one of their dear friends who recently had been claimed by the Cleansing. “If you like, yes.” He sat down beside Nimur and tickled the ­baby’s tummy and the bottoms of her plump feet. Tahna squeaked and cooed, then flailed her tiny limbs as a broad smile lit her face. A grim cast overtook his lean, handsome face. “Have you thought about who we’ll name as—”

“I don’t want to talk about it yet.” A glare from Nimur gave Kerlo pause.

It took him a moment to regroup. “We can’t put it off.”

“Why not?”

“Because we don’t have much time left—either of us.”

It was too painful for Nimur to face head-on. She had always known this day would come, that this was the cruel shape of her life, as it was for all Tomol. So had it been for countless generations, all but preordained, stretching back to the time of the Arrival.

“I only just birthed her, Kerlo. I can’t give her up yet.”

“No one says you have to. But we need to choose her Guardians.” Kerlo circled around Nimur and kneeled in front of her. He rested his hands upon her knees, a gentle and comforting gesture. “It took us so long to have a child, Nimur. Almost too long. We can’t afford to wait any more. We need to make a decision.”

Nimur hugged her infant gently to her chest, then rocked slowly forward and back. The selfish part of her wanted to spend every waking moment reveling in her beautiful child, and in her wildest fantasies she imagined being able to watch Tahna grow up and become independent. But that was not the way of things. That was a dream born of delusion, a specter of false hope.

She kissed the baby’s head. “What about Chimi and Tayno? They’d take care of her.”

Kerlo was noncommittal. “I don’t know them. But if you trust them, so do I.”

A twisting sickness churned in Nimur’s gut. Deciding to whom she and Kerlo would give up their precious child, the last proof they had ever lived, made her ill. Despite ages of tradition, it felt like a crime against nature, against her very essence, to surrender to such a demand. All she could do was salve her conscience with empty declarations of hope. “They’ll be kind to her, I think.” A foolish optimism sprang up inside her. “Should we try to have another?”

The mere proposition made Kerlo blanch. “At our age? Nimur, we’ve both passed our seventeenth sun-turn. Conceiving new life at our age is forbidden.”

“At our age? Kerlo, look at us! We’re better and stronger than we’ve ever been!”

He shook his head in stern refusal. “You know the law as well as I do.”

“The law, the law, the law! Nothing but words scratched on a rock!” She clutched his arm and squeezed it. “You and I are real! Our lives”—she nodded at Tahna—“her life, is real.”

“So are the lives of everyone else we know.” Kerlo slowly lifted his hand and pressed his jade-colored palm to Nimur’s face. “Think of the Endless, the ones who defied the Wardens. Remember how much pain they caused? Do you want to do that to everyone we care about?”

Nimur closed her eyes. Shutting out the world around her was easier than facing a future in which she had no place. “Can we talk about something else?”

Kerlo stood and paced around their hut, which they had inherited from a long line of Tomol who had come and gone before them. “We need to get ready for next year’s crop rotation. And not a moment too soon, if you ask me. The north field needs a fallow season. But what I’m really worried about is irrigation. Last year was the driest I’ve ever seen, and the scribes say it was one of the driest on record. If we don’t get some decent rainfall next spring, I don’t think the tubers will make it to harvest season. We might have to pull them in the summer before—”

His voiced faded over the last few words, then he fell silent.

The sudden gulf of quiet was split by Tahna’s frightened wailing.

Nimur clutched the infant closer in a futile attempt to comfort her, but the maternal gesture only made the baby’s cries louder and more shrill.

Kerlo plucked the infant from Nimur’s hands and retreated across the room, then edged backward through the doorway to the bedroom they shared. He made no sound, but his face was marked by the same brand of horror that split the air in Tahna’s panicked shrieks.

“What is it? What’s happening?” Nimur’s questions were acts of denial, a refusal to accept what she had long known to be inevitable. Kerlo grabbed up a walking stick of jungle reed and brandished it like a weapon. Still, Nimur refused to believe that this moment, whose arrival she had dreaded most of her life, was at last upon her.

She turned toward a crude mirror propped up in the corner and saw the horrible truth.

Her eyes burned with the crimson fire of the Change.

It was the destiny of all Tomol, if they lived past their seventeenth sun-turn. None escaped the Change. It came on without warning and, within a single arc of Arethusa’s twin moons, turned all whom it afflicted into fiends of flame and suffering. No prayer, no sacrifice, no offering could spare a Tomol from its baleful touch—and now it had laid its burning hand upon Nimur.

She fled from the hut and she ran, without direction or destination, into the sultry embrace of the jungle. Her feet followed familiar trails—around the great menhirs of the first Tomol, past the sacred Caves of the Shepherds, and over the Peak of Shadows. Thick foliage snapped as she sprinted through it, breaking each leafy embrace with a twist of her body. The erratic patter of her footfalls was lost beneath her frantic tides of breathing and heaving sobs of panic. She crested the steep-faced cliff and fell to her knees on a rocky ledge.

Rage coursed through her. Why? Why do our lives have to end when they’ve only just begun? She hid her face in her hands as she wept. There was no path left to her now but the Cleansing, a willful descent into the ancient blue fire. She would be expected to give up her only child, her future, her hopes and dreams . . . her life. All to satisfy a law no one could overrule.

A defiant streak inside her compelled her to deny the high priestess and her Wardens the satisfaction of condemning her to the holy flames. I could leap from here and dash myself on the rocks, she told herself. She stared down over the edge, at the angry sea tearing itself across jagged stones...

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5 von 5 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Star Trek: Seekers: Second Nature 18. August 2014
Von Joe Zika - Veröffentlicht auf
Star Trek: Seekers: Second Nature - by David Mack (Star Trek: The Original Series)

The USS Sagittarius (NCC-1894) was an Archer-class Starfleet scout vessel in service in the 2260s. The ship is named for the Sagittarius constellation. Her crew plays a major role in this story.

◾Commanding Officer: Captain Clark Terrell
◾First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Theriault
◾Second officer & Security Chief: Lieutenant Commander Sorak
◾Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Lisa Babitz
◾Medical technician: Ensign Nguyen Tan Bao
◾Chief Engineer: "Master Chief": Mike "Mad Man" Ilucci
◾Navigator and helmsman: Ensign Niszk
◾Science officer: Lieutenant Sengar Hesh
◾Senior Engineer's Mate: Petty Officer First Class Salagho Threx
◾Engineer's Mate: Petty Officer Second Class: Karen Cahow
◾Engineer's Mate: Crewman Specialist Torvin
◾Lead scout: Senior Chief Petty Officer Razka
◾Field scout: Lieutenant Faro Dastin
◾Field scout: Ensign Taryl

Locations: Alpha Quadrant * Taurus Reach * Nereus II (Arethusa) * Suba

Cast of Characters: All of the crew of the Sagittarius * Nimur * Kerlo * Doctor Tormog * Captain Atish Khatami * Captain Kang * Captain Durak

Historian's Note:

This story takes place in August 2269, a couple of months after the Starship Enterprise returns from a rescue mission at Camus II ("Turnabout Intruder") and approximately six months after the destruction of Starbase 47 ("Star Trek; Vanguard: Storming Heaven").

Seekers is the start of an exciting new series in the genre of Star Trek. Two Ships. Two crews. One new saga. Star Trek: Seekers will follow the exploits of two starships: The Constitution-class U.S.S. Endeavour (NCC - 1895) and the Archer-class U.S.S. Sagittarius (NCC - 1894).

Star Trek: Seekers is a sequel series to Star Trek: Vanguard. It features characters from the Vanguard saga and chronicles their ongoing mission of exploration in the Taurus Reach. This book forms a two-part story with "Point of Divergence."

The U.S.S. Sagittarius (NCC - 1894) is sent to the Taurus Reach, specifically Nereus II where a probe sent, several years ago, reported back some interesting data about some high energy activity. Now as the Sagittarius crew investigates, they can't find those signals. So they go in for a closer look. Once the conquered realm of a powerful alien species, (Shedai), this region remains largely shrouded in mystery even as it brims with potential for exploration and colonization.

The Federation has sent in two of its finest starships on a quest to uncover the secrets it may yet hold. The Tomol are a primitive civilization living a bucolic existence occupying a lone island (Suba) on a remote world (Nereus II). Their culture is an enigma, centered on every member's commitment to a painful, fiery self-sacrifice upon reaching puberty. But one of their clan (Nimur) has shunned this obligation, triggering a transformation into a new, powerful life form. Therein lies the tale, the premise for the first book in this series.

The Klingons, ever aware of improving the Empire's lot, have sent a scouting party to bring back one of the Tomol getting ready to "Change." The Klingon's think that this race can hold the key to an interesting psionic weapon, a weapon of value, a new very powerful weapon added to their arsenal to serve the Empire's ever expanding rule.

Unknown to the Sagittarius and her crew, the Klingons are also planet side and observing the ritual called the "Cleansing," ever mindful of the "Prime Directive," a scouting (landing) party is dispatched to see why there are no longer any high frequency energy signals. As the Sagittarius crew approach the Tomol, the populace is in a ritual called the "Cleansing." This ritual is being performed next to an active natural gas vent that is burning a blue light.

After being forced to give up her newborn child, Nimur is getting very close to the "Change" and has to participate in the "Cleansing." The Tomol when they reach puberty go through a "Cleansing," this ritual has been ongoing for millennia. If they don't go through with the "Cleansing," they become all powerful beings and the telltale signs are a burning flame in their eyes. The "Cleansing" is a suicide ritual to preserve the way of life on the island of Suba.

With the Klingons added to this story, with their paranoia and distrust of everything Federation, makes for a very interesting story. Battles ensue, Klingon v Tomol, Tomol v Tomol, Starfleet v Klingon, and Tomol against everyone.

The Tomol are not an indiginous species to this planet. The Tomol DNA has been altered. The Shedai and the Preservers long ago at odds have left the Tomol in almost total isolation. It seems the Shedai have done some genetic alterations to the Tomol and the Preservers have left another of their iconic machines to watch over the Tomol. Much like in a previous episode involving Kirk and the Enterprise crew in the original five year mission.

David Mack has done a marvelous job of capturing the mystery, suspense, action-adventure throughout this story. The writing style is easy to read and makes sense as the story unfolds before the reader. There are some real, pulse-pounding scenes and Mack's writing ability shows. The prose is descriptive and at times graphic, but not to a point of obscene.

Mack has added another dimension to the genre of the Trek Universe. It is easy to see why he is a New York Times bestselling author. There are harrowing scenes, scenes with total destruction, and scenes that are tender in nature. All wrapped into this story. Mystery, intrigue, action-adventure are solid and Mack's storytelling ability makes the story "Second Nature" a perfect lead-off for the next installment, "Point of Divergence." That novel will be written by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore and will be available for September's reading list.

The characterization are spot-on, the ability to keep the story interesting as it moves along, and coupling with a unique writing style, all make for a nice vacation read. The hook at the end of the story is very interesting and warrants another episode in this adventure.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense, Adventure

For the reader some interesting related Star Trek novels:

Star Trek: Vanguard #1: Harbinger: Harbinger (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Star Trek: Vanguard #2: Summon the Thunder (paperback)
Star Trek: Vanguard #3: Reap the Whirlwind (paperback)
Star Trek: Vanguard #4: Open Secrets (paperback)
Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice (Star Trek: Vanguard (Unnumbered)) (paperback)
Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come (paperback)
Star Trek: Vanguard: Storming Heaven (paperback)
Star Trek: Vanguard: Declassified (paperback)
Star Trek: Vanguard: In Tempest's Wake (Kindle Edition)
4 von 5 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
4.0 von 5 Sternen ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO TIRE OF QUALITY..... 26. Juli 2014
Von Greggorio! - Veröffentlicht auf
Format:Kindle Edition
Book one of a new star trek series by renowned author David Mack is always an exciting time. Having said that, i am yet to read a single volume of the hugely popular vanguard series so i am a little behind in my trek knowledge when it comes to the events described in Star Trek Seekers.

Volume one starts off in a very traumatic and emotional time for both the characters in the story and the reader. Parent / baby separation is always heartbreaking and to see it represented so well in a tome of acclaimed science fiction is hugely refreshing, and also, hugely surprising. Nimur and Kerlo are the unfortunate natives who find themselves in the position of having to give up their baby girl ("Tahna") to allow for the "change" and to also meet the demands of society and tradition.

The starship Sagittarius is investigating the planet Nereus Two and searching for justifiable reasoning behind some interesting scientific discrepancies when they decide to go in for a closer look at the planet's surface, and its population. One wonders, therefore, if they will make contact with any locals, and if one particular local will go by the name of Nimur....

The writing in this book is pure class. The best star trek novels are based on solid, highly entertaining characters that we all know and love and even though this is a new series and i (for one) have not read any of the Vanguard Series, i feel comfortable enough with the characters already that i feel sure to enjoy this book greatly. Indeed, i yearn to find myself on the Sagittarius almost as much as i did the hallowed walkways of the Enterprise, and that is really saying something! The plotting and pacing is already at a good pace and as you progress through the book you will find yourself completely immersed in the book's glorious universe (pun intended). One feels compassion and understanding for the native mother who only wants to explore, witness and participate in her own child's growth into maturity so we all know who we are rooting for in the early parts of the book.

With Star Trek Seekers Volume 1, David Mack has proven himself yet again to be one of the wonders of the star trek universe, so i hereby award this book a conservative four stars. Hugely recommended.

BFN Greggorio!
2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Great new series 12. August 2014
Von New Englander - Veröffentlicht auf
Format:Kindle Edition|Verifizierter Kauf
Leave it to David Mack to bring us a fantastic new storyline in the Star Trek universe with "Seekers." I can't wait for the second installment.
1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Action is Incredible! 12. Oktober 2014
Von Duane W. Myers - Veröffentlicht auf
Great story! If your a fan of the original series, this is a must read. This book has movie written all of it! Lots of great action and memorable characters. Nice to get a glimpse of what Captain Terrell was doing before his untimely demise in ST II. Leads right into Book 2, Point of Divergence. I would buy both at the same time, otherwise you'll be thirsting for more!
2 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
4.0 von 5 Sternen A solid old school adventure for fans of the Original Series era. 16. August 2014
Von Richard - Veröffentlicht auf
Format:Kindle Edition|Verifizierter Kauf
The first story in the follow up to the Vanguard miniseries. Seekers Second Nature is set in the era of the Original Series. While Kirk and the Enterprise are off having their TV adventures the crew of the USS Sagittarius is having an adventure of their own.

Seekers does a good job of capturing the adventurous tone and feel of the Original Series, avoiding a lot of the melodrama that plagues the TNG era. Coming out of Vanguard this story has a much lighter feel to it. Where Vanguard was about intrigue and fate of the galaxy type stuff, this adventure is much more down to earth.

Overall the story is solid and feels very much like what you would expect to read as a novelized episode of the TV show. Some might be turned off by its original cast, but I personally feel that is a strength as the author can develop them how he wishes rather than being constrained by canon events.

The story itself is rather straight forward, but never seems to drag. Events keep moving at a brisk pace transitioning to the perspective of other characters periodically. My only issue is that the story ends rather abruptly with a "To be continued."

Overall if you enjoy the original series and its adventurous space cowboy feel then you will probably enjoy Seeker: Second Nature.
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