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In this book we find three novellas from different times in the ST-Universe. The first novella "A Less Perfect Union" plays in the time of Cpt. Christopher Pike in an universe, where the federation never has been founded and so the people of Earth expanded parallel to the Vulcan-Andoran-Tellran-Coalition. Until they try to come together again on a new Bable-conference.
In "Places of Exile" the crew of the VOYAGER becomes asylum-seekers after not allying themselves to the Borg in a fight against species 8472 and then losing a decisive battle against this new foe. Now they have to adapt to another kind of federation.
"Seeds of Dissent" is the parallel adaption to "Space Seeds" in an universe in which Khan Noonien Sigh has triumphed and a genetically enhanced humanity has conquered the Alpha-quadrant. Then princeps Julian Bashir, commander of the good ship DEFIANCE meets an old derelict ship by the name of BOTANY BAY, that has something on board, that calls everything he knows and believes in into question.
All three novels are narratively complex and well wrote out and the topics and their handling is quite thought-provocing. In way this is Star Trek V 5.0.
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