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Soul Sacrifice (Englisch) Videospiel – 30. April 2013

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Videospiel, 30. April 2013
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EUR 30,87
EUR 30,87

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Soul Sacrifice is an Action Role-playing game (RPG) set in a world of fantasy and mythology, that places players in the unique position of requiring them to physically sacrifice aspects of themselves and the world around them to gain power. The game is designed exclusively for play on PlayStation Vita, and is the first RPG experience that takes full advantage of PS Vita technical capabilities. Additional game features include co-op game options, character development based on player actions, character leveling, and mythologically based enemies.

Soul Sacrifice game logo
Battling a minotaur in Soul Sacrifice
Answer the question of what you would sacrifice for ultimate power.
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What Will You Sacrifice for Ultimate Power

Prepare yourself for a brutal combat experience where every decision made will have consequential results. Take on the role of a slave who is about to be sacrificed, but at the last moment stumbles upon a forbidden book that allows its readers to relive battles between sorcerers and monsters of the past - and perhaps take powers away with him. There is a price though. In order to use the magic during fierce battles, the player must be willing to make a sacrifice - ranging from personal belongings, a limb, or even a life. The question becomes, What would you sacrifice for ultimate power?

Key Game Features

  • Reality blended experience where players must sacrifice parts of themselves to obtain great power
  • Freeform character development as a player's decision would affect the characters abilities and visual form
  • The first action co-op RPG experience that takes full advantage of PS Vita technical capabilities
  • PS Vita functionality, including front and rear touch controls, and built-in motion sensing
  • A wide range of enemies drawn from world mythology

Additional Screenshots

Co-op multiplayer screen from Soul Sacrifice
Exciting multiplayer co-op.
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Battling a terrifying multi-armed beastie in Soul Sacrifice
Freeform character development.
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Testing yourself against the hound of hell, Cerberus, in Soul Sacrifice
Integration of PS Vita features.
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A render of Cerberus from Soul Sacrifice
Terrifying enemies and bosses.
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Amazing game. 30. April 2013
Von E. Babilonia - Veröffentlicht auf
Verifizierter Kauf Spaß:   
I have played Soul Sacrifice for over 60+ hour. It has been out in Japan for a while and I am glad it finally arrived in NA. This game is what the Playstation Vita needed and I'm disappointed that Sony did not put more effort to advertise it. There is a demo of the game on the Playstation Network Store, however it is now more limited than prior to launch.

I will only give a broad description as I don't want to give any spoilers. You a prisoner that is eventually going to be sacrificed. Luckily, duo to some circumstances which I wont mention, you find a magical book that belong to a mysterious sorcerer/res. This book is capable of showing you the past events of this person. It even gives you the ability to alter the content of the book. By experiencing the events of the past, you slowly become knowledgeable enough to use magic in reality. There story branches slightly depending on who you choose to save or sacrifice. The theme is pretty much humans flaws and emotions. You can read about how the bosses in the game ended the way they become. The story is told naturally in a story book format(With illustration), with some cut scenes between battles.

The composer Yasunori Mitsuda(Also made Chrono Trigger Music) did an amazing job. Many people I've played with praise the music. I would link sound track if I could. Just look it up online or better yet, wait until you actually play the game.

I see many people comparing this game to Monster Hunter Series. Honestly, I don't think that is an accurate comparison. Using other games as basis of comparison, this game atmosphere is that of Dark/Demon Souls and Nier. The controls feel more like Infamous, very smooth and precise; You can cancel attacks midway and roll out of danger. The only thing that it resemble Monster Hunter is the big boss battles and working to improve your items, but that is something that really apply to many games. Is kinda like when people compare other shooters to Call of Duty, when there has been shooters way before Call of Duty ever existed. The game has two component:

Story missions. These are where you progress your story driven content obviously. You get allies but they are AI base and only if you choose to save certain people. Sacrificing leaves you without allies to fight with except when the story plot requires it. Almost all the bosses in the story line are playable in the multiplayer aspect (Without the story plot).

Online missions. You go to a lobby(in this game is a screen of options not an actual place to walk in), host picks a mission, everyone gets ready, then off to combat. There is a large variety of missions, more being unlock as you play. The goal is to aim for the best score possible while attempting to break bosses parts for extra loot. The fights are usually challenging, some almost requiring you to sacrifice a partner or two. If you die a lot, prepare to be sacrificed by a team mate. You get the option of either saving them at the cost of half your health or sacrificing them for a massive damage to the boss. This adds a bit of a moral choice to the online aspect. Some people get really upset if you sacrifice them. You will have to live with the consequence. General rules tend to be that if you don't want to be sacrificed, perform your best and avoid opening that option by not dieing. It really is fun, specially when you debate if a person is more useful to the team dead or alive. The online aspect is easily my most favorite part of the game.

As I mention before. You get the choice to save or sacrifice. There is a key difference beside the morality. There is two path in which you can level up, depending on your choice. Saving give you higher health and defense but no damage. Sacrificing gives you higher damage but no health and defense. You can choose to go all out in one or the other (Actually recommended by veteran of the game) or you can go the neutral route and balance out damage with health. Not something that you have to worry too much about as you can lower the level of whichever side you choose. The max level is 100 (99 of which is interchangeable. You cannot level both side to 99). There is not a permanent risk, your free to edit everything at any time including the story, character appearance, name, level, gender, and clothing. Improving your spells is the best way to get stronger. Farming bosses for their special spells to make even stronger ones.

I could go on and on about this game. To me, this game is on par with Persona 4 Golden as the best games for the PSV. Gravity Rush being close to that ranking. I can see myself putting more hours of enjoyment to this game than any other. The online is fun, the story is great, and the controls is responsive and fluid. Try the demo if you unsure although the online aspect of it was removed when the official game launched. This game is a must have for Playstation Vita owners. There will always be people who don't like certain games. There's not a single game out there that EVERYONE loves. I do believe that a majority of people would enjoy this. I wish there was more advertisement for this game.I know people who bough the vita just for this game. I would too, if I did not buy it for Persona 4 Golden.
14 von 15 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Vita's Bestest 1. Mai 2013
Von A. Dent - Veröffentlicht auf
Verifizierter Kauf Spaß:   
I don't know if Soul Sacrifice is going to turn Vita - the most advanced portable gaming platform in the known Universe - into the leading portable gaming machine but it is going to make my Vita experience a lot more enjoyable and it's the kind of game I wish there were a lot more. Here are my notes after playing full Sacrifice for a couple of days (played the demo prior to that).

This long-awaited, at least by me, RPG has you playing as a guy about to be sacrificed by a crazy wizard. But... wait, it doesn't end there. A magic book shows up and trains you to fight him by reliving the events of the wizard who wrote the book. You have the option to fight the final boss whenever you feel ready but he is really tough so the story mode of the wizard who wrote the book and a lot of quest grinding is needed.

The quest system is similar to that of the "Monster Hunter" series, as in you have a menu of missions with objectives like 'kill a number of monsters', or 'kill this boss in this amount of time', and then you get dumped in a special area to complete the objective. By grinding quests you get some in-game currency and, more importantly, spell tokens (sacrifices) you earned based on your performance You also have access to AI allies or find help from online players for any non-story mission (nice, nice, nice).

You only fight with spells, but there is a lot of variety with projectiles, weapon supports for you and allies, transformations, summoning and probably more - I haven't finished the game yet. There's a lot of verity with different elements, effects, and animations.

The way the spell system works is a spell token has a certain amount of uses per mission and you swap them in and out of your six chamber spell belt. You only lose that spell token if you try to exceed the spell limit but it can be refreshed with the in-game currency.There are also spells that feed on your life bar instead of requiring uses. This along with the large variety of spells makes a lot strategies possibles such as using the life draining spell with healing, or only carry fire if fire is the weakness of the monster you are fighting. Collecting too many tokens however can get confusing and frustrating om the selecting screen. You also have some "black rite" spells, but they are one time use per mission and usually have a heavy price that carries to other missions like halving your defense until it is recharged.

In battle, when a monster is killed, you have the option to sacrifice it, or save it. Sacrificing charges your spells uses and saving charges your life. Or... you leave them alone for too long and they come back. When an ally falls in battle you have the option to save them for half your life or sacrifice them for a super attack and then they watch as a ghost and offer slight help like boosting players and weakening monsters.

The menu is completely integrated with the Vita touch screen and buttons There are also some fun features that use the touch screen like squashing bugs in your cell or knocking the book over by taping it.

The game graphics are... interesting.The environment and main characters look a little pixelated but the monsters themselves are shown in great detail and are sharper then your character which makes sense since you should be focusing on them.

This game is fun if you don't mind some grinding. The battles are large and epic and the dark moody atmosphere is balanced with the clever and funny voice acting of the talking book. I love Soul Sacrifice unconditionally and it's probably one of the best games for the Vita so far but for anyone not sure, I suggest downloading the demo in the PS store since it is a good representation of the game, and your progress carries over should you get the game.

>> Brush your teeth, it's the law! <<
11 von 14 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Wonderful 10. Mai 2013
Von InfiniteDamion - Veröffentlicht auf
Verifizierter Kauf Spaß:   
Let me start by saying I adore games like this. The whole portable-action-mmo sub-genre characterized by games like Monster Hunter or the less well-known Gods Eater Burst is massively entertaining to me. Constantly upgrading your character, tweaking their arsenal and learning the most efficient way to take on monsters alone or with friends is super fun. That said, I thought I would come out of Soul Sacrifice having a blast, which I did... to an extent. Being a new game without any prior entries isn't easy, as developers have to test their new ideas and hope they come out well, instead of relying on previous games to work off of. So let me say that Soul Sacrifice is fun, but not without its flaws.

First, I'll explain my thoughts on the single player campaign. The story is actually pretty amazing for a game in this genre, usually I don't expect much from them. It's not so much that the plot is fantastic as it is the presentation of the story and its elements. A lot of work clearly went into how the story was told, and it entertains with a few twists every now and then. Cutscenes aren't watched so much as they're "read" to the player, narrated by the unnamed author of a mysterious almost-blank tome. The diary reveals more and more of itself as the player progresses through the plot, gradually growing stronger. This is a very entertaining way to deliver the story and one that sucked me in. Additionally, the supplementary material the diary has on monsters and locations is equally fun to read, as each excerpt is backed up by their own unique stories, all of them unsettlingly well-written.

The downside to playing alone is late game certain missions become unbearably difficult to deal with on your own, and this isn't helped by a boneheaded ally AI that has absolutely zero sense of self-preservation besides "oh I'm almost out of health. Better heal myself. I won't bother to dodge if an enemy gets too close though." The enemy AI on the other hand always seems to know exactly when you are busy and aren't looking at them, because that's always the moment they'll choose to single you out.

The gameplay is fun and fairly typical of this genre. You can run, dodge, and use a variety of attacks to take down your targets, but there is an added caveat; you can only cast your spells so many times before they run out of uses and you must "reload" them by sacrificing a nearby fallen enemy. Or alternatively, you can save them instead and regain some health, at which point they'll run off. Doing either of these increases one of two levels, your life level or magic level. The stronger your life level, the more powerful your defense and recovery spells get. The higher your magic, the stronger your offensive spells get and the more you reload your current spells when sacrificing. It's an entertaining way to go about making each player's character that much more unique, as most people don't level up the same way. Additionally, if you don't like having more levels in one category or the other, you can reduce them using an in-game currency called lacrima.

Online play is particularly neat to play, because you can save or sacrifice your allies that have fallen as well. In single-player, sacrificing an ally can easily be erased using lacrima, but in online play, choosing to sacrifice an ally has very different results. In either case, sacrificing your ally results in a super-powerful spell being unleashed on all enemies, but that ally cannot be revived afterward. Sacrificed players can then act as spirits, who can see enemy lifebars, bolster attack and defense, and shout out phrases from a list of pre-picked options. Doesn't change the fact that someone might not like being sacrificed though. But if you are sacrificed, you get a neat extra bonus at the end of the mission and get an extra point bonus to your score, so it's not without its advantages.

Still, for all the game's advantages, there is one distinct flaw I can say it has compared to others in the genre; a comparatively sparse amount of missions. There is plenty to keep you entertained here, but only so many of the missions can actually be tackled with buddies online, and there seem to be fewer than other games. Hopefully some free DLC packs will add some longevity to the game, and you always have the option of lowering your level and playing in a different way, plus many of the games most powerful spells and sigils take time to build up. Ultimately, the biggest draw for those who like to invest their time in this genre will be maxing out their character, which takes time and effort.

In the end, it's not a game for everyone, but it certainly does what it set out to do. And considering I've already sunk considerable hours into it and am still not finished, I'd say I thoroughly enjoyed it.
13 von 17 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
I really REALLY wanted to like this game but after 20+ hours... game is just too repetitive 30. Juli 2013
Von Joseph Kim - Veröffentlicht auf
Verifizierter Kauf Spaß:   
When i first got my psvita I knew that one of the first games that I wanted to get was Soul Sacrifice. It had tremendous amount of hype, possibly an "app killer" and after watching many trailers and gameplays and hearing from people this would be sort of like monster hunter (a franchise which I love), I was sold.
Now before i actually bought the game I played the demo and I was struggling to beat the game.... yes folks I'm talking about the demo.
The levels were all but too familiar, your weapon choices were limited, and these "bite-sized" missions felt too short and didn't feel like it escalated into an epic boss battle. Granted I thought since it was a demo, there were a lot of features that were left out and hence the real game would be a lot better..... right?
Well here is where the problem lies.


the game basically recycles all the same weapons, same enemies, same levels and just gives them different elements, making the illusion that there is more than meets the eye.
For example: In one stage, you may fight "normal" rats, and on the VERY NEXT LEVEL you may fight "grass-type rats" or "poison-type" rats. They all do the same attacks and the only strategy here is to fight them with their counterparts "fire-type" sword > "grass-type" rats.

The weapons you get are basically the same thing with different elements. You get your swords, big hands, explosives, throwing shurikens, "fire-type" "poison-type" "stone-type"
and they all do the exact same thing.

The levels are all pretty linear and really the only 2 missions or varieties in the game are "wipe-out all the enemies" or "collect shards" items which you collect by running around the map and don't even have to fight a single enemy.

Now after a lot of fighting, running, leveling-up, and doing missions you eventually get to the boss, the big meat of the game, and for the first couple bosses beating the crap out of these guys is really satisfying. The sheer difficulty and the skills needed to beat these guys are so rewarding that once you beat them you feel like you just defeated Goliath. But this get old pretty soon when the bosses ARE RECYCLED THROUGHOUT THE GAME. Once you beat the first couple bosses you feel like you're getting the hang of the game and you're ready for the next challenge.... but NOT WHEN YOU FIGHT THE SAME BOSSES OVER AND OVER WITH DIFFERENT ELEMENTS. My guess is the developers got lazy as hell and just decided to re-use old bosses and give them different elements. might as well call this game elemental hero. Now to be fair there are different bosses in-between here and there but for the majority you'll be fighting the same bosses you fought in the first 5 levels.

Now some of the positives is the leveling system where you choose to save (gain health) or sacrifice (gain power-up) and this really affects how you approach the game. The graphics are really pretty and fits the setting well and the bosses once you beat them, feel really satisfying the first couple times. The music also compliments the settings and the locale. The story is actually pretty good in this action-rpg game and found myself playing the game more for the story than the gameplay.

Sadly the story does not make up for the lack of gameplay which you will be doing most of the time and after 20+ hours of gameplay I really wanted to like this game and even forced myself to keep playing it just in case in wasn't just me but I couldn't find myself to finish the game. If you like repetitive stuff and fighting the same 5 enemies over and over again this game is for you but for people like me, try the demo first and you be the judge of the game
4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Epic Story & Fun Game 17. Mai 2013
Von Micheal D. Heger Jr. - Veröffentlicht auf
Verifizierter Kauf
This game has some of the best story telling I have seen in a longtime in a video game. It has alot of Lore to go through if your into that kind of thing also. The Multiplayer is were this game shines. I advise getting this game if you have a Vita.
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