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VINE-PRODUKTTESTERam 19. Januar 2010
"Sharpe's Triumph" setzt einige Jahre nach der Eroberung von Seringapatam an. Sergeant Sharpe überlebt nur knapp einen Überfall einer Maharatten-Truppe, die von einem weißen Überläufer, Major Dodd, angeführt wird. Nach der Erstürmung einer Festung wird Sharpe, auf der Jagd nach Dodd, wegen Verhandlungen über einen Geiselaustausch zu den Maharatten geschickt und lernt dort Colonel Pohlmann, den deutschstämmigen Befehlshaber des Feindes, kennen. Dieser bietet ihm einen Offiziersposten an und verspricht schnellen Reichtum - eine Gewissensfrage für Sharpe.
In der Schlacht von Assaye treffen schließlich die englischen Truppen auf eine bei weitem überlegene Armee der Maharatten...

Intrigante Kameraden, tapfere Männer, Opportunisten und nicht zuletzt schöne Frauen - eine Bandbreite an Charakteren zieht mit Sharpe durch Indien. Wieder ein atemberaubendes Abenteur, welches historische Detailkenntnis mit spannender Handlung verbindet.
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am 4. Oktober 2015
The perfect companion for all military history enthusiasts is the ROMA VICTRIX WINE BEAKERRoma Victrix Wein Becher

Sharpe's Triumph is the second, chronologically, of the Richard Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell. This is the second of the three books tracing Sharpe's experiences in India.

Coming four years after Sharpe's promotion to sergeant following the successful siege of Seringapatam, we find Sharpe jerked away from his comfortable existence in that city, and accompanying Col. McCandless, an intelligence officer we met in the Tippoo Sultan's dungeons, to capture an East India Company turncoat serving with the Mahratta confederacy's army.

The bloody story takes us through the Battle of Assaye, one of Arthur Wellesley's more sanguinary victories, fought with a lot of guts against a much larger foe.

Two of the highlights of the book are our further encounters with that malevelant bottomfeeder, Obadiah Hakeswill. This time he's engineered a dishonest plot to arrest Sharpe on a trumped up charge so he can bump him off and take the jewels Sharpe looted from the Tippoo Sultan.

This story also holds the incident in which Sharpe is promoted from the ranks for saving Wellesley's life. It is some intense, exciting action.

Sharpe's Triumph is a good read, fun stuff, a great addition to your Sharpe library.
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am 20. März 2006
Das chronologisch gesehen zweite Buch der Sharpe-Serie ist eine hervoragende Grundlage für alle folgenden Bände. Die durch und durch spannende und lebendige Story enthält viele Schlüsselszenen für Sharpes weitere Kariere, wie z.B. die Rettung Wellingtons oder den Kampf gegen Hakeswill. Ein wunderbares Buch mit Suchtgefahr für alle Freunde von historischen Romanen, der napoleonischen Zeit oder militärischer Literatur.
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am 26. Oktober 1999
Up front, I'll tell everyone that I haven't had the pleasure of reading this book yet. However, I've read 12 of the Sharpe's books, and have 2 yet more to read and am looking forward to them with relish.
Aside from the great stories, Cornwell deserves praise on two counts.
First, the Historical Notes at the end of each book. Cornwell makes sure to point out what little bits of history he had to change to tell Sharpe's story. I admire his honesty.
Second, I don't know how Cornwell did it, but he had Sharpe's entire backstory written before he wrote the first book. I love that now he's going back and writing the story of each of these little tidbits that are distributed so well through the entire series.
The second greatest joy with these books is getting someone else to read them, and talking to them after each book. I've had the pleasure of addicting my father on these books. Now I have to get them back from him.
If you haven't read these books, grab a copy of Sharpe's Tiger and start in!
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am 8. Februar 2000
Cornwell takes us back to India in this book and the action is as intense as the novels set in Spain and France. These novels focusing on Sharpe's early career are especially interesting because the show him without the support of his Riflemen and without the officer's rank that is the source of much of his pride and many of his problems.
But this is the novel where Sergeant Sharpe suddenly realizes that his ambitions go far beyond his non-commissioned rank. And in making the decision to try to rise to officer he knows that he is consigning himself to an almost certain death, because his only chance to become an officer is through an act of suicidal bravery on the battlefield that is noticed by a senior officer.
The decision to attack at Assaye by Sir Arthur Wellesley gives Sharpe his opportunity. Longtime readers of the Sharpe novels know what he did to get himself promoted at Assaye, and Cornwell does his usual masterful job in describing this horrific, heroic deed.
This book has everything Sharpe fans have come to love, and anyone who has never read this series should gather up their pennies and carve out a few weekends to devour them all. You'll find yourself addicted.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 7. November 2008
If you haven't yet read Sharpe's Tiger, I recommend that you begin your reading of this exciting series with that book. The characters and story in Sharpe's Triumph will make more sense that way.

If you liked Sharpe's Tiger, you will probably enjoy Sharpe's Triumph even more. The story here is more historically accurate, the various battles are brilliantly described, and readers will find it easier to identify with Sharpe as the hero of the story.

As the book opens, Sergeant Sharpe has been sent to pick up some ammunition . . . a seemingly dull assignment that soon becomes quite meaningful. There's a rogue lieutenant from the British East India Company who has a bounty on his head, and Sharpe is soon drawn into the search for Lieutenant Dodd and the sepoys he took with him.

In the background, Sharpe has been enjoying a leisurely four years since he earned his sergeant's stripes in Sharpe's Tiger. The cushion that his wealth has brought is about to become a curse, however.

In the search for Dodd, Sharpe is presented with the opportunity to better his station in life, meets a new love interest, and has some hard choices to make.

The high point of the story comes in the detailed recounting of the Battle of Assaye which was important to defeating the Indian forces and helped establish the reputation of Sir Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington).

Those who don't want to read about the bloody side of war would do well to avoid this book.
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am 19. April 1999
In this latest chapter in the life of Richard Sharpe, Bernard Cornwell takes us back to 1803 and Sharpe's life as a seargent in Wellsley's army. In Triumph, Cornwell gives readers more of the great historical fiction they have come to expect, while showing them a different side of Richard Sharpe. Having already written the end of the series, chronologically, Cornwell does a masterful job of showing us the young Richard Sharpe and relating experiences that help shape this character into the bold rifleman we know him to be. As always, the battle descriptions are excellent, and the attention to detail, within the fictional context, makes it all the more fascinating. Sharpe readers may find this book a little different than the others in the series in that a good portion of the book does not specifically involve Sharpe. I would recommend this book to any Shape reader and I would also suggest ordering Sharpe's Fortress, currently out in Britain, from Amazon.comUK. Once i found out these books were available in England I just couldn't wait to get them.
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am 17. April 1999
Sharpe`s Triumph is set in India around 1803. Richard Sharpe is a Sargent in one of the latest of the series by Bernard Cornwell. In this book he meets his ruthless enemy again, Sargent Oberdiah Hakeswill, who is intent on ruining Sharpe`s career and life, but Sharpe has other amitions and fulfills them in an act of suicidal bravery at the battle of Assaye, where he saves the life of the then Major-General Authur Wellesley, who was soon to become the famous Duke of Wellinton. I really enjoyed this book because it is of the usual high standard that Bernard Cornwell insists on working in, and that is a good thing. I think that people who enjoy Bernard Cornwell`s books would definately enjoy this book, the only regrets that I have about this book are that there was no cheerful, grinning Sargent Harper (see Sharpe`s Rifles), and that, as allways, the books never seem to go on long enough.
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am 14. September 1999
Bernard Cornwell once again leads us through an interesting bit of British history through the person of Richard Sharpe. After the introduction of Sharpe's early years fighting for King George in "Tiger", we now are given the understanding of his ever burning passion for advancement - his field promotion by Wellesley from Sergeant to Ensign was presaged by an offer of a lieutenancy in the Mahratta army. Cornwell again gives a detailed and bloody account of this "against the odds" battle by Wellesley versus an army 20 times his size. It's a lovely story, and I can't wait until the next book (already available in the UK) is published here.
I'm addicted to Sharpe.
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am 6. August 1999
I confess! I saw this book in a store and paid retail price rather than wait for the better deal from That's because I have every one of Cornwell's books (including three contemporary thrillers) and I KNEW what was between the covers: a page turning yarn with vividly wrought characters, combined with impeccable historical accuracy. OK-- almost impeccable, but only to further the plot. I am so happy that Cornwell didn't stop the Sharpe series with Waterloo, and you will be too. One caution: if this is your first Bernard Cornwell book, your savings account balance is about to decrease. Bravo Mr. Cornwell!
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