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am 22. November 1999
Self Initiation is an excellent presentation of material available in Dr. Regardie's Golden Dawn made accessible and easy to understand. Included are the oral lectures on the Hebrew letters and excellent presentations of the material in question. The Neophyte ritual is excellent but in serious need of simplifcation. The elemental rituals. The flaw with this book is the elemental grade rituals. They are way too complex. A better presentation would have been a variation of the Watchtower Ceremony specializing in the element. My suggestion is this, get this book for the Neophyte ritual and knowledge lectures, then use Modern Magick as your pacing. Each lesson in Modern Magick is 2-3 months of work and engages you in elemental work starting with Chapter 3. Otherwise, the book is just too danged expensive to work through, but not to buy.
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am 27. September 1995
Self-initiation unto the Golden Dawn is an interesting concept. It is a concept that
goes contrary to all of the teachings of the East and West, including those of
Israel Regardie. Israel Regardie had shared similar opinions with Chic in that
it is possible for someone to workout the energies of the elemental grades but
is essential for them to first go through a valid initatiory rite for 0=0, and 5=6.
Regardie believed that to access the current of energies of the Golden Dawn,
you need to be initiated by a valid Hierophant.

Let's start from the cradle of civilization. The Sumerians believed that priests
were the Viceroys of the gods on Earth and that they served as initiators unto
their mysteries. This ancient concept of initiation declared itself again in
the priesthood of Egypt, the Hebrews and the Hierophants of Eluesis.
Therefore, so did the mystery schools of our modern era in all of their traditions
continue this process.

In 1995, Chic attempted to start a new tradition!
From a spiritual standpoint, it has been written and proven throughout history that you can't read a book on self-initiation to achieve Adepthood. Some of the modern examples of this fact would be
Moses, Mohammed and Buddha. None of them purchased a book or a tablet on the topic of self-initiation. For it was even recorded that Mohammed was
illiterate. They were all guided by their Higher Genius unto the correct teachers and Hierophants until the final initiation unto Adepthood in a Holy
Mountain or similar place by their Higher Genius. At times the Hierophant was none other than the Archangel Gabriel or the Holy Spirit.<br>

Granted, many of us modern seekers of Truth living in today's world may not expect similar events to occur in our lives. So, in turn, we seek different
paths unto this truth in the form of the Western Mystery Tradition. To the student attempting to find guidance, first in a companion and beginners guide,
it is like a kid who is dreaming to be a pilot who has purchased either a book or a computer simulation game to teach him how to fly. It would be
idiotic to think that the child could ever be a real pilot through those means alone. Initiation is done by the Higher Genius but is usually through the
proper means and tools which are rarely found in a book. The tools are living energies and go beyond words, pictures or diagrams. In the Golden Dawn
tradition, it is in the Hall of the Neophyte where the energies are potently expressed.<br>

Let's presume that person X has just read couple books about the history of the Golden Dawn. He finds the book on self-initiation, and realization hits
home - it is a lot of work! It is not easy reading material. Discouragement sets in. Now let's say he is one of those rare individuals who has a very
high mental aptitude and reads the book in two to three months. If he is able to use the material to its fullest extent and invoke the proper energies, he
might as well be an Adept. The perfect formulation of all the god forms in the Hall of the Neophyte in itself is taxing and requires great skill, training, and years
of practice. But then in the self-initiation book, maybe it's not important to have these energies accurately present which helps provide the potent energy force.
Look at this from both a practical and magical standpoint, self-initiation is far less valid than an astral one. Yes, you can read the material, and anyone can perform the basic rituals, but if that was all there is to the Mysteries, there would be many more Adepts than chiropractors.
Let's not fool ourselves or others who are sincere enough to seek guidance in books with false hopes. What happened to the Mystery in the words Mystery schools? What happened to the concept of hidden in the terms tradition and Occult? Who is responsible for this mass confusion? Who here is
trying to sell what has been treasured for thousands of years as a jewel of the

I am not attempting to say that the book could not serve as an aid to students during their growth. I am just saying that to think that
a book can do it all is a misconception and a dangerous one at that. According to the printed original material on the Golden Dawn, it takes three Chiefs, three
major officers and three minor ones at least to be able to properly set the current in motion for the initiate and to allow the gods to be invoked in the
Hall to aid in the process. However, now we are lead to believe that a book will do it all for you.
I, therefore, call upon the student to judge for him or herself and question with diligence any work that carries similar titles to "Quick 101 Lessons for Black Belt in Judo", "10 Minutes to Mastery Over Astrology",
"How to Do It Yourself Heart Surgery ", and "Self-Initiation unto the Golden Dawn." I am not just a skeptic, but I am also a realist. My recommendation
is to seek out a good group.

Frater K.A.
Vancouver, Canada
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am 23. Juni 1998
This book is excellent despite the fact that some G.D. groups have had a definite agenda to malign it at every opprotunity. Regardless, the material speaks for itself and I believe that the Cicero's have combined their vast experience with solid G.D. theory.
Make no bones about it; this book is crucial for both the solitary magician and G.D. group. This book is not a "correspondence course" and it stresses that the aspirant actively participate in his/her own initiation ritual(s).
I'm not affiliated with any particualr G.D. faction, however, I can stand up for quality and sincere effort when I see it.
Kudos for the Cicero's!!!
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am 7. September 1999
Ok, I've heard a lot of praise and a lot of criticism on this pretty little book brought to us by the Ciceros. Now here's my opinion. You can take it, or you can leave it. That's up to you. People have been begging for an easy, inexpensive and practical carriculum of Golden Dawn material for quite a while, and well, they have one. This book gives all the essentials to the Golden Dawn current of Magick. So what's the problem? Why 4 stars and not 5? Simple: It's inexpensive, it's easy... But it's not practical. Sure, all this stuff is simple enough. You say this, you do this, it means this and you're doing it for this reason. Easy enough. But this stuff takes time! And lots of it! For those of us who may not have hours and hours of free time every day, you're screwed! This is a serious and useful book for those of us with time on our hands and who have a long lunch break, but for all of us unlucky folks who have an ordinary job with a family and ordinary stresses, we're hard-pressed to find the necessary time for these workings. But even so, buy the book! It still gives you the information you need to get started and with some imagination, you can come up with your own self-initiation derivatives herefrom.
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am 4. April 2000
Well, the reviews seem controversial but here is my two cents, Being a real memeber of a Golden Dawn group would for sure be better. I agree with that. However this book is really great for those who dont have reasonably close access. Or for those who want to study the lessons. I found it good for the last purpose myself. Nice read all things considered.
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am 10. Mai 2000
Very nicely written, extensive and thorough in all aspects of the Golden Dawn, but the daily rituals are rather time-consuming. However, this is a book of quality, typical of Llewellyn's Golden Dawn Series.
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am 2. Dezember 1996
Although its existence annoys some of the "Golden Dawn"
organizations who want to subscribe large numbers of
students, this book is an *excellent* guide for those
many solitary and small group practitioners who do not
have access to a healthy G:.D:. Temple and who do not
want to get involved with mail-order organizations. No, this
is not equivalent to being involved in a Temple, and from
reading the book, it's clear the Ciceros don't think so
either. But for the sincere student of the Golden Dawn who
does not have the luxury of Temple involvement or is afraid
of getting involved with inflated pseudo-Adepts, the Ciceros
have provided a rare treasure. It would be a *10* rather
than a 9 if a publisher of more quality than Llewellyn had
manufactured the physical book.
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am 21. Mai 1999
Seeing as there are many other effecient and productive magical systems avaliable for study, it baffles me as to why anybody would want to waste their time crawling along with this one.
If you want to actually DO some magic, rather than simply considering it, or stopping short of really trying it (as this course does), then look elsewhere. I suggest Donald Michael Kraig's superb "Modern Magick" if the GD tradition appeals. At least Kraig's book gets to the heart of the WHOLE POINT for doing it in the first place, unlike this volume, which only discusses it in scared little whispers.
Magic has moved on, and it's time that fact was recognised once and for all.
So... don't buy this book, unless you like the picture on the cover.
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am 3. Juni 1999
A comprehensive, practical and intelligently laid-out manual to Golden Dawn Initiation and Ritual Magic designed so that anyone with perseverance and self-discipline can work the Golden Dawn system without having to run the risk of contacting questionable groups or teachers. It covers all the fundamentals of Hermetic Magic, including Cabala, Astrology, Alchemy, Tarot, Geomancy, Banishings, Meditation, Vibration, Godform Visualization, Invocation, Daily Rituals, and much more. And it does so with self-paced instructions and written examinations that allow the student to be her or his own teacher. The authors' experience as caring and knowledgeable teachers comes across loud and clear. Outstanding!
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am 7. Juli 1999
The Ciceros bring obvious expertise and experience to this clear and well-ordered presentation of the Golden Dawn system. Regardie's presentation, indispensible though it still is to the student, was not laid out for the aspiring practitioner who wished to work the system as designed, beginning with Neophyte Grade, progressing to Zelator, etc. This book admirably fills that need, supplemented by much additional material to enrich the experience. Excellent work!
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