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Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 19. Juni 2013
The romance part of the novel was flawless. The development of Ben's and Gavin's relationship, the obstacles they had to overcome, the way they dealt with them--everything was firmly rooted in their characterizations, their backstories, theiy very personalities. The crime plot on the other hand was a little bit less than perfect; some too-obvious things that the protagonists should've seen but almost deliberately ignored. One instant that I had to reread a scene and still didn't see the connection. Still, the case was even better crafted than in the first book.

The crime scenes, the scene backgrounds, the surroundings were vivid and well-drawn without exception (a warning: some of those scenes are really gruesome and even though not drawn-out in every gory detail stil not for the faint at heart)

Gavin and Ben were so well-drawn and so consistent in anything they said, did, and (in Gavin's case since he's the first person POV narrator) thought--I could hear them, almost see them, and as tacky as this sounds, feel them in my heart. Also admirable: the villain, how he was so hopeless and broken beyond repair. Same goes for the other supportive characters. Not one of them was shallow, and only one scratched at cliche from afar. Wonderfully done.

The writing was smooth, seemingly effortless and interspersed with bist of prose so beautiful I deliberately stopped to reread it. Gripping, compelling action scenes and the abovemetioned great characterizations made this book a wonderful reading experience and a joy to read.
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am 31. August 2013
I have the feeling that I should write a milelong review, just because that book is so good. I can't....I'm still flowing in my personl "readers-subspace"...or something like that.

Let's try it this way, I seperat crime and lovestory.

This time it is a well built up crime, complicated, sure a bit obvious, too, but Gavin is on it, and doesn't make stupid mistakes. The hints, that enables us reader to have a suspicion a bit earlier than him are so subtle that only the fact that as a reader we aren't bombarded with the same amount of information as he is, makes it possible for us to see it.
Additionally it isn't a black and white crime, at least if you as a reader aren't a black and white person. Well done.

A.J. Rose broke my heart twice. "Thunder" will never be the same word for me.
Gavin had more backlash from their torment (last book, Power Exchange) than we got to see at the end of Power Exchange. Their dynamics have changed, he is no longer able to submit even when he wants and Ben is careful and in denial himself. Oh...a masterpiece of emotional mess to work out. And I loved the creativity with which A.J. Rose made them find their way back to each other. This was Sub/Dom on a whole new level and I loved it.

So far for this year my favorite Sub/Dom book.
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am 1. Januar 2014

The second part of the power exchange series is all what i wanted to read. Here's all included, feelings, love, excitement, emotions, drama, suffering and many beautiful moments. It is a constant up and down of emotions, but very well written. Ben as an endless protector of itself it almost breaks, heartbreaking. Gavin's transformation from a total submissive, the submissive, who also can freak and presents his opinion. The murder cases were in this book somehow the way, and yet what concerns the relationship between Ben and Gavin, very significant. Terrible was when the house burned down and it was thought previously that they had survived everything, and then the collapse of Ben. Cardiac arrest. But it all went good. But I would still like to read a scene between Ben and Gavin in the epilogue, and they are back Dom and sub. Still, I was sad that it was over!
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am 28. Oktober 2013
Mir hat das cover so gut gefallen, aber die Inhaltsangabe hat mich abgeschreckt. Ich wollte keinen Krimi lesen, aber ich mag BDSM-Themen mit viel Kopfkino.
Dieses Buch erzählt eine sehr sexy Geschichte. Interessant, nachvollziehbar, manchmal behutsam, schwierig, auch manchmal voller Scham.
Dazu kommt eine drängende, brutale, unfaßbare und sehr bedrohende Komponente.
Insgesamt ergibt sich ein spannend-sexy-schönes-ergreifendes Buch. Es hebt sich sehr von den vorherrschenden glatten Liebesgeschichten dieses Genres ab.

Ein beeindruckender, sexy Lesespass !
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