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Remember Who You Are: Remember 'Where' You Are and Where You 'Come' From

Remember Who You Are: Remember 'Where' You Are and Where You 'Come' From [Kindle Edition]

David Icke , Neil Hague
5.0 von 5 Sternen  Alle Rezensionen anzeigen (1 Kundenrezension)

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  • Länge: 462 Seiten
  • Sprache: Englisch
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Remember Who You Are is destined to transform the way vast numbers of people see themselves and the world – and it could not have been published at a more pivotal moment in known human history.

We live in extraordinary times, and we face the most enormous challenge to our individual and collective freedom. David Icke has been a trailblazer for more than two decades, warning of the coming global fascist/communist state that is now unfolding on the television news and in our daily experience. He was subjected to mass ridicule and called a madman – but events have proved him right, and continue to do so.

David has exposed the global network of families behind Big Banking, Big Biotech, Big Food, Big Government, Big Media and Big Pharma in book after book as his awareness has expanded – and he takes this on to still new levels of exposure in Remember Who You Are.

But David goes far deeper down the rabbit hole than merely our daily experience of the ‘five senses’. He reveals the true nature of our reality where there is no ‘solidity’ or ‘physical’ – only vibrational, electrical, digital and holographic information fields that we decode into what appears to be a ‘physical world’.

David calls this the ‘Cosmic Internet’, and in this amazing work he explains how a malevolent force has ‘hacked’ into the cosmic information source via the ‘Saturn–Moon Matrix’ to feed us a false reality very similar in theme to the illusory world portrayed in the Matrix movie series.

Remember Who You Are breaks massive new ground as David connects the dots between apparently unconnected people, subjects and world events like never before. Suddenly, a world of apparent complexity, mystery and bewilderment makes sense.

The key is in the title. We are enslaved because we identity ‘self’ with our body and our name, when these are only vehicles and symbols for what we really are – Infinite Awareness, Infinite Consciousness. We are imprisoned in the realms of the five senses and ‘little me’ when we are All That Is, All That Has Been and All That Ever Can Be.

To breach the perceptual walls of the Saturn–Moon Matrix and bring an end to mass human enslavement, we need to awaken to our true identity. Everything, but everything, comes from this. Remember Who You Are. Remember ‘where’ you are and where you ‘come’ from. Remember.


  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dateigröße: 20299 KB
  • Seitenzahl der Print-Ausgabe: 462 Seiten
  • Verlag: David Icke Books (24. Juni 2012)
  • Verkauf durch: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ASIN: B008EJ9RGM
  • Text-to-Speech (Vorlesemodus): Aktiviert
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  • Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung: 5.0 von 5 Sternen  Alle Rezensionen anzeigen (1 Kundenrezension)
  • Amazon Bestseller-Rang: #137.338 Bezahlt in Kindle-Shop (Siehe Top 100 Bezahlt in Kindle-Shop)

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5.0 von 5 Sternen
5.0 von 5 Sternen
Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen
4 von 6 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen sehr,sehr wichtig!! 10. Juni 2013
Von Sam
Format:Kindle Edition|Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf
Verlangt starke Nerven,alles in einem Gang, so zusammen gefasst ,auf zu nehmen.
Vieles ist nicht neu,aber in dieser Fassung...ein deutlicher Weckruf..
Danke David für die immense Vorarbeit..
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Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf (beta) 4.2 von 5 Sternen  103 Rezensionen
243 von 255 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen the Gandhi of our day 2. März 2012
Von D&D - Veröffentlicht auf
First, about the Gandhi reference in my heading: Clif High of the web bot reports/forecasts has recently (December 2011) and publicly identified David Icke as the Gandhi of our day.

Clif High explains that 'they' (the e-lite) are using the same techniques on Icke as they used on Gandhi. They are as afraid of him as they were of Gandhi. They are as reluctant to kill him as they were Gandhi. They went to great lengths to assassinate Gandhi via many removes but STILL it caused their empire problems for 15 or 18 years after they did that act and they are aware of it.

Clif High further explains that they fear the rise of the David Icke and Gandhi type: an individual able to harmonize with universe for reasons they are unable to understand. Such individuals usually aren't aware of their harmony; simply moving along with universe even though they will be considered fools, laughed at and vilified.

David Icke is such an individual. Clif High knows this - from the linguistics as to how the people are discussing him at the minion level (the servants of the e-lite such as heads of state) and above. He found exactly the same replication of language, in the idiom of its day, about Gandhi. So Icke is in tune with universe and they are afraid to touch him. They will annoy him unendingly but are unlikely to assassinate him because of the long-term repercussions.

For me, this answered a question I have heard many times, and indeed have wondered about. 'If he's right about all this, why is Icke still alive?' Many Icke fans (this includes me, going right back to his first revelatory book in the 1990s about the conspiracies, to which I responded at a visceral level, because it was the first to make any sense of the disgusting state of our world) will experience a gut-level response to Icke as 'the Gandhi of our day'. Yup, feels right.

Now about this book: Icke's new book is attuned, of course. After a brief recap of his past (basically, there is nothing in his life but his work to free us), Icke dives right through illusion to decode 'reality'. As he has said so many, many times: we are infinite, eternal Consciousness having an experience in a tiny range of frequencies that we CALL the 'physical world' but that isn't.

Chapter 4 addresses the 'physical' holograph, making more sense than all that contradictory mainstream 'scientific' dogma: from DNA to the electrical-plasma universe and our sun as well as the long-ago cosmic collision and reconfiguration of our solar system. Chapter 5 offers esoteric details of the genetic metamorphosis of humanity; of the hybrid bloodlines and reptilian monarchy; and of the worship of Saturn and our moon - connecting many dots, as promised but this chapter will be a real stretch for those new to Icke's reality.

Chapter 6 expands on the new information from his last book 'Human Race', about our moon. Chapter 6 also introduces all-new information about Saturn, the 'master control center' as well as the Saturn-Moon Matrix, similar to the matrix experienced in the movies of that name. Some of our 'junk' DNA has been harnessed to decode a fake (holographic) reality so we remain unaware of who we really are. This Saturn-Moon Matrix drives the thoughts, perceptions and behavior of the masses as well as the 'bloodline' e-lites, who are the most locked-in because they were genetically created for that purpose.

[I've been grappling, for quite a while, with possibly one of the major questions of life, namely how did we come to be in this situation? For example, whilst psychopaths are not human and probably deserve extermination (as reptilian minds controlling human bodies, creating endless death and destruction - the book 'Puzzling People' is excellent on psychopaths, several of whom live in your own neighborhood), there are many other factors to consider, including their lack of choice in their actions if they are genetically driven and their - and our - choices at a deeper level: to incarnate with the genetics, the family, the world we 'happen' to find ourselves dealing with in this particular life-experience. What underlying mind-pattern has created, or at least permitted, this experience?]

Except for the last chapter, suggesting what can be, and is already being, done about the ever-more-stifling control and manipulation of all humanity, the rest of the book mainly confronts usual themes but is also studded with revelations including the reasons/timing for the faked death of Bin Laden, the so-called 'revolutions' in North Africa and the Middle East, the earthquakes 'on demand', the real reasons for the Smart Grid technology (including Smart Meters), the end-times scam, and much much more. Yes, half the book echoes the information in his other books and his newsletters. So what? It's still valuable, it's obviously information we need to be reminded of. Otherwise universe wouldn't need to keep repeating it, would it?

Icke (and Clif High) perceive the new vibrations that are already changing humanity, evolving us towards our true potential. They know that heart-intelligence is powerfully transformative (check out 'The Healing Code' by Loyd). It is as if we are toddlers right now and they are already seeing us starting to grow up. Wow! There's so much promise in all youngsters. Impossible to imagine what our world will become but what a wondrous change we're going to create together, freed from the negative controls, the exploitations and manipulations of the psychopathic e-lite!

This book is a must, as were all the other Icke books, despite (perhaps because of?) the repetition factor. Those who still believe the mainstream media propaganda about Icke won't have read this far anyway. If you have read any of his other books, you will want to read this one. If you are one of the many starting to wake up: welcome friend, and you too will want to read this.

Wishing us all fair winds, fellow readers.
77 von 83 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Dares to go where others are too frightened 21. Juni 2012
Von DH - Veröffentlicht auf
David Icke's latest book is outrageous. He is disrespectful, outlandish and makes a mockery of the mainstream world. And thank God for David. People are starting to wake up to what's really happening and David has been instrumental in helping people on that journey. We are certainly at a crossroads now, with the Police State becoming a reality and the controllers implementing their final solution. If you have managed to break out of the systems programming you realise you live in a science fiction world, one in which where most people are in a hypnotic trance. That is why most of the content of this book goes over the head of the majority of the population, and they label it insanity. For those that are awake, the book has some very good detail about how planet earth is being manipulated. It takes a brave person to publish the things that David does and an even braver person that can face the ridicule and criticism from the sheeple.
111 von 124 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen The Culmination of 20 Years Hard Work 2. März 2012
Von Halifax Student Account - Veröffentlicht auf
One day, David Icke realised, through judicious accessing of the Brama O Mamma Matrix, that in every human being there slumber faculties to which he or she can attain the higher yoga awareness; the realisation that God resides not in the clouds; but behind your eyelids; in other words, every human being was God looking out onto the world. This sounded good to David Icke and, dare I say it, it should sound good to you too! Forget the rubbish they have been slinging on Icke, all these years! Do you think Icke would still be around if it wasn't for the Lizards?

Why, didn't you know that the God behind your eyelids makes you yourself God Almighty? David Icke believes so and Remember Who Tou Are is about this You being an aspect of divinity. Yes, you, and all you need to do is switch those faculties on, and off you go! Erwin Schrodinger, the father of quantum physics, believed this; no, he knew this, and this is why he would finish his lectures by declaring, "Hence I am God Almighty" to the local Church congregation, and he ended up winning the Nobel prize (though not for thinking that he was God, I am happy to say). We cannot all be Nobel's and we cannot all feel our divinity because we cannot all be like David Icke and so what is left for you and I is to hitching a ride on the Brahma O Mamma Matrix, and dive in to one of David Icke's books

David Icke stumbled upon his path by ignoring the never-ending chatter of tongues and swords and the crackling of flames bellowing out of the organs of mass culture. Instead, he took the advice of Socrates and accepted that I knew nothing; this is when the real wisdom begins. I suggest we all do the same!
56 von 64 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
3.0 von 5 Sternen View the Videos or Choose Another Book Instead 8. Januar 2013
Von She is - Veröffentlicht auf
Format:Taschenbuch|Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf
I had great hopes for the materials of this author as he is an intelligent researcher and articulate speaker with a broad viewpoint ready to yank back the curtains on the global stage plays of mass deceit. This book was the first of his that I chose to read. It was a major disappointment to me in two ways.

First, it's a very long, very belligerant rant, reading less like a well-structured book than the transcript of a largely ad-hoc speech. Now, given, ranting is what he's about... but this rant isn't so much about conveying eye-opening information as it is about being angry, angry, angry, angry. It is petulant. It is deprecating... to the READER... yes, to the reader almost as much as the perpetrators of malign elitist agendas, which is what is supposed to be the focus. It becomes extremely tiresome to deal with this onslaught, as it is so much diatribe as opposed to details. If you imagine curling up with a good read, this one will give you a stiff neck. For every 200 paragraphs of pounding negativity, there may be one statement of resolution, that the "Truth-Rays" will change it. Yet NOWHERE is there mention of how or where these "Rays of Truth" emanate or work. Since this is his only answer to the massive problems he exposes, this is a major deficit in the book. In contrast to his self-styled dirt-grounded exposees of the mass psychosis of world governments and agencies, he offers... a magic ray to save the day. But he doesn't say why he thinks so, let alone why you should.

Second, the book is replete with illustrations, yet nearly all of them imaginative constructs conjured up by David and executed by one artist. In an exposee' of things that are supposedly the way things "really are" and presumably new and different and challenging to the reader (though most of this information is abundandtly available in mulitple forms of media), you'd hope that the illustrations would indeed illustrate the problems outlined, offer some kind of "proof", literally some "eye-openers" supporting the purportedly eye-opening material. But as the text that was supposed to be such bite of reality was less research than emotion and reactivity, so it is with the illustrations. They are primarily conceptual fantasies with a smattering of photos from news media. I expected and wanted a great deal better than that.

I felt let down by the scope of material in this book and put off by the tone of it and the lack of actual information. As there are two overriding reasons for the disappointment, there are likewise two alternative routes to take for a better experience and elucidation. View his prolific videos! That is where his presence shines. The book was written ad-lib, hardly any more structured than semi-ad-hoc speech. You can get more from the live performance than this transcription. Further, there is more information available in most of his videos, not only because he will go into more depth on some topics, but also because associated videos of related material will appear as suggestions and some of those are far better in providing facts, documentation, examples. There is ample and excellent coverage available on these topics. And I've never heard him be so "down" on the audience (reader) in the videos.

In summary, I can rate this book only average. It was not his best attempt at revelation or relevance, really just ranting. Try another title or view his videos as a better alternative to this particular one.
18 von 20 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Insightful Reading! 18. Juni 2012
Von Kelic - Veröffentlicht auf
Format:Taschenbuch|Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf
David Icke is one of the most profound researchers in the Global Conspiracy. He has written several books since his awakening in 1990. He is probably the greatest read for "connecting the dots" in the global conspiracy to make sense of it all. From Big Pharma, Big Banks, to Big Government, he connects seemingly unrelated topics and weaves them into a beautiful tapestry that everyone can understand.

If you haven't read any of David Icke's books, this one is sure to knock your socks off! Every book he comes out with adds more and more additional information to the "spider-web" of information. David's books are pretty formulaic: the first few chapters describe who and what we are and are very positive, the middle chapters go into the whole global conspiracy and connects the dots and can be somewhat dark, and the final chapters describes what we can do to defeat the conspiracy and our place in the Universe.
His last book, "Human Race Get Off Your Knees - The Lion Sleeps No More" went into great detail about the Moon. He lays out a well-researched argument on why the Moon is not real. It's an artificial satellite or perhaps even an ancient spacecraft not unlike the Death Star in the Star Wars Movie.
This book briefly touches on his moon concepts in the prior book but adds another intriguing element. He deftly argues that Saturn is actually the "Black-Sun" (Satanism aka Saturnism) and that its rings are actually a technology made of a crystalline substance that broadcasts our reality to the moon which "focuses" it to Earth. It reminded me of when you take a magnifying glass and use the sun to burn something on the ground. The Moon in the case "enhances" the broadcast coming from Saturn. I know it all sounds absolutely crazy but when you read this book it just makes so much sense.

We are living in a Holographic Universe. Mainstream Science now recognizes it as such. What David Icke describes in this book reminds me so much of the Matrix Movie. We are living in a "false" reality dictated by Saturn and the Moon. Even Budha stated that 99% of this reality is an illusion.
David works with artist Neil Hague and helps to clarify his points with beautiful artwork. The artwork is such a great visual for helping to understand what David it trying to say.
For those of you interested in the greater conspiracy going on in our world and who, what, and where we came from, this is the book for you.

9.0 Merkaba's
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