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am 31. Dezember 1999
Easy reading written not by a professional writer, but someone who spoke straight from the heart. Nina unquestionably is a little nastolgic and very cocky ... but nonetheless, a phenomenon in her own right.
One of this country's most brilliant musicians "I put a spell on you" gave me the opportunity to put a face on those Nina Simone records I play over and over again.
I would recommend that those of you who love her music, take the time to understand this remarkable women by reading her biography.
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am 16. November 1999
Just about the only thing as rich, as continuously shocking, moving, funny, proud, lusty, painful, regal, beautiful and bizarre as Nina Simone's music is her life, told here with frankness that'll make you weep. Buy this book. Buy the Colpix years anthology 2 CD set. Send them to your friends.
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am 21. Februar 2013
What can you say about a star whose legacy is so great that there is virtually no one not knowing a Nina-Simone-song though lots of people don't know that they're hers. And that is basically what the book is about: Standing in the shadows because your black, because you're a woman and because you weren't willing to fall into line.
You will like this book if you're interested in the civil rights movement and Liberia. Also, if you already liked Josephine Baker finding a home for herself in France and you probably will like it, if you're interested in what the world can do to someone not being able or not willing to do what was required of them.
You'll hate it, if you hated Marlene Dietrich in her daughters book and want mothers to be nurturing.
You'll hate it, if you're fed up with a female point of view.
You'll hate it, if you need clarity and reason and look down on people who take drugs.
You'll hate it, if you think feminism is a waste of time.
I loved her even more after reading the book, although it gets messy and confusing at times (maybe due to her drug intake).
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am 24. August 1998
Vivid descriptions of the life and times of a genius, role model, liberator who helped to create the paradigm for the emerging African American middle class. The book justaposes the constant tension between family dignity/aspirations and commonplace assults on innocent African Americans in the pre- and post-civil rights eras. Thrust into the mainstream, insulated only by the safety net she created, Ms. Simone carved out an identify for herself and, indirectly, for the African American race. In spite of numerous setbacks and disappointments from a fickled public, personal stresses and relationship problems her talent and courage endured and helped to raise the bar on racial pride at a crucial time in African American history. Through her artistry, she demonstrated her possession of a higher truth and a vision for a just world.
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am 18. November 1998
Nina Simone proves in this autobiography that she is indeed a a black woman trying to make it in a white man's world, Nina Simone soared to fame with her unique style and graceful approach to music. This book traces Nina's history as a young ambitious child in North Carolina to a sophisticated, wise diva in Amsterdam. It is apparent upon reading this book, that it was Nina's destiny to become an International success as a performer. Reading about what was at the heart of her decisions both as a performer and as a civil rights activist in the 60s, enabled me to admire her all the more. This book is essential for Nina fans all over the world!
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am 13. April 2000
I have enjoyed much of Nina Simone's music that I've been exposed to. I was anxious do read the story behind the singer/pianist. This was a good, brief account of her life and times. Going from a promising start as a classical pianist in the U.S. South to international fame as a singer, Simone saw and experienced a lot of things. The people she knew as friends/lovers seemed to be the elites in their fields. Her work shows that she sought perfection, but also had some insecurities. Many stemmed from the desire of her religious mother's approval. I wish her continued success because her music has made an impression on me.
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