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am 29. Juni 2000
A superb book, a classic. Good explanations and lot's of ready to use code segments. Stevens was a Guru to most programmers and all appreciated his writings very much. I give only the table of contents, because that is something I like in reviews about such kinds of books:
1.) Introduction, 2.) Unix Standardization and Implementations, 3.) File I/O, 4.) Files and Directories, 5.) Standard I/O Library, 6.) System Data Files and Information, 7.) The Environment of a Unix Process, 8.) Process Control, 9.) Process Relationships, 10.) Signals, 11.) Terminal I/O, 12.) Advanced I/O, 13.) Daemon Processes, 14.) Interprocess Communication, 15.) Advanced Interprocess Communication, 16.) A Database Library, 17.) Communicating with a PostScript Printer, 18.) A Modem Dialer, 19.) Pseudo Terminals.
For many topics one needs his further books. Either the tripple set about TCP/IP or the double set about network programming. The last one is the newest book of him, just finished, before he died.
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am 26. Dezember 1999
All of the other reviews are right, this is an excellent book. Unfortunately the book was written in 1992 and the world of Unix has changed substantially in the last 8 years. While still relevant, the book must be supplemented by the latest documentation for your target OS.
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am 15. Februar 1999
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment is one of the best programming books that I have read. Chapters 7 and 8 are outstanding. The book would be worth it just for either of those chapters alone. Surprisingly enough, though, the section which I have referred to the most is 6.9, which discusses date and time routines in C/UNIX; 6.9 is a critical reference on date-time issues. This is truly one of those rare books that you could read multiple times, and it would be worth the time and effort to do so. A good reader will often want to quarrel or wrestle with the observations of a writer; that is not true with this book. With Stevens as the writer, you as the reader will KNOW that he clearly has a complete, total, and utter mastery of this subject; and you, as the reader, will feel compelled to simply learn everything you can that this man has to say about UNIX and C. I highly recommend this book.
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am 5. September 1999
Tragically, mr. Stevens passed away 4 days ago.
However, I am certain that APUE will live on for a long time. I have been a professional UNIX programmer for several years, and no other book, no other course, no other person has taught me as much about UNIX programming as Steven and his book.
Every library function, every system call is meticously described. Especially valuable is the book's description on how each function works under various flavours of UNIX: Is this covered by POSIX, does it come from BSD or System 5?
APUE is the only book that has a permanent place on my desk. If you do UNIX programming, you should have it too.
Thank you, Richard. I wish though I had thanked you while you still lived.
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am 26. Juni 1997
It is only book I have seen that illustrate unix programming so clear and so detail. Mr.stevens makes many difficult fetures of unix to easy grasp.In the book ,author describes more than 200 system calls and functions;a brief example accompanies each description. Building upon information presented in the first 15 chapters, the author offers chapter-long examples teaching you how
to create a database library, a PostScript printer driver, a modem dialer, and a program that runs other programs under a
pseudo terminal. To make your analysis and understanding of this code even easier, and to allow you to modify it, all of
the code in the book is available via UUNET.
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am 20. März 2000
The only complete reference for programmers working in the UNIX enviroment. Not just a reference book but a very well guide to learn fundamentals of UNIX programming. Everything you want to know about UNIX programming. Signal handling, file system, I/O and lots of other chapters about advanced programming with UNIX. If you're looking a book to develop "real" advanced apps. or to join the development of Linux kernel and other open system projects, this is the FIRST book you must buy...
It's sad to say this but the author of this book; the big guru, Richard Stevens is nomore with us. rest it peace guru...
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am 12. Januar 2000
This book should always in the reachable place for any UNIX & Linux programmers. This is probraby the most detailed book about UNIX programming in the market. Moreover, the writting style is easy-to-understand, and the examples are really usable and make sense (unlike many examples in many other books..).
Now, I really want to know if the author has any plan for writting "Advanced Programming in the MFC", which would become a best book on MFC and he did with this one.
Finally : Don't live without this book, if you want to program in UNIX & Linux.
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am 17. Juni 1998
All the other praise is well deserved. This book sets an incredibly high precedent as to the quality of technical literature. GET THIS BOOK. The UNIX API has never been presented better.
My only single complaint is that the text is written as a programmer would have written it: that is, much passive voice. Just make sure you have some coffee and a lot of time. It took me a little time to get through it (a 3 day cruise in the bahamas, actually), but I am to this day thankful that I did.
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am 25. November 1999
This is the best book on UNIX Systems Programming. There is no other book like it. It is indispensible.
It is clearly written, the technical information is flawless, and the insights it offers are profound.
Don't try to make UNIX Systems calls without this book.
Hopefully, the publisher will keep it updated since its author died untimely.
Richard Stevens will be missed. All his books are essential to the UNIX practioner.
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am 3. Februar 1997
This book is a standard for Unix programmers. It covers almost every important system call / feature available. Enough implementation detail is covered to understand how to use Unix system calls efficiently. Networking is the prime weakness of this book; Berkeley Sockets on top of TCP/IP are not covered in this book. Web and other network programmers still need this book, but will also need a complementary networking book
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