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3,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 2. April 2000
To read this book is to read a whole bunch of totally disorganized magazine articles rehashed into a book.
The book does not have any unifying message. There is no central theme. Every now and then there are invocations of the Seven Habits.
The number of product and service pitches Covey makes is absolutely amazing. His very overt salesmanship puts off the reader.
The original Seven Habits book was a masterpiece. Since then, Covey has been stuck in a hackneyed paradigm that he repeats time and time again. Each succeeding book after 7H sells less and less.
Time to let go, Mr. Covey. Focus on things other than the Seven Habits. The Seven Habits is a marvelous work. Do not compromise it with mediocre follow-ons.
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am 6. Februar 1999
This book is a very inspiring variation on THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE. While the introduction of that book emphasized the importance of basing one's practices on timeless principles, PRINCIPLE-CENTERED LEADERSHIP makes that point clearer. You would do well to read this book after reading THE 7 HABITS. A key concept to keep in mind is imagining being part of an organization with a perfect leader: To me that means someone who is more effective than I am in inspiring and drawing attention to taking the right steps that all people would endorse and approve of. We would all love to have such a leader. Surprise! Surprise! This book can take you a long direction toward being that type of leader, yourself. Think of leadership as a public trust, and the concept of what you should do next becomes clearer. This book is a wonderful antidote for all of those carrot and stick books that only want to reward and punish people in the B.F. Skinner model. Most business books on leadership are as out-of-date as Skinner is. What I love about business is the opportunity for a group of like-minded people to come together and accomplish vastly more than any one of them could ever do. When this is working well, it almost feels like a spiritual calling. I have also taken a Covey seminar on this subject, and recommend that you supplement this book with some exercises involving your own organization. You will learn a lot more that way.
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am 7. April 1999
This book is a natural follow up to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, making it clear that a highly effective person can become a natural leader. However, the highly-effective leader needs to practice and preach principles that make everyone comfortable, are positive for humanity and results in trust. Imagine the untapped potential companies could realize if they were run by highly-effective principle-centered leaders. This brings to mind those "stalls" that Donald Mitchell, Carol Coles and Robert Metz talk about in "The 2,000 Percent Solution" would disappear. The Procrastination Stall (We'll do it tomorrow), The Communications Stall (the message is not understood), The Disbelief Stall (We can't do it), The Tradition Stall (We've always done it this way), The Bureaucratic Stall (too many unproductive policies and procedures), The Misconception Stall (based on poor assumptions) and The Unattractiveness Stall (Not wanting to wade in murky waters) would get out of the way of impede progress. The principle-centered leader would ask the right questions, do the right things, and match the person to the task for passion and success. As Stephen Covey helps to create more principle-centered leaders, Don Mitchell helps to teach them how to create 2,000 percent solutions. Together they teach us what success is all about.
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am 1. Oktober 1999
The seven habits is a great book, the others repeat the same thing, in more pages. Autobiography from Covey could have this title : "how make money with seven habits "
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am 20. August 1999
Authors emphasis on natural laws that can be applied to the organizational sphere is of tremendous value.His concept trust as the building block for all the other levels in an organization has to be emulated by every CEO, and other organizational leadres. The tracing out of the evolution of various concepts of industrial relations- Starting from the compensation or pay oriented age of 1890's to today's need of principle centered leadership with emphasis on self-actualization is a great break-through in management thought. Author's views make us realize our inalienable bond with mother nature and its laws. By following these laws in the organizational sphere a leader can be in harmony with himself and the wider world around. Thus he can act with maturity and integrity.
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am 20. März 1997
I have recently purchased the book "Principle-Centred Leadership", and I would like to share the feeling of inspiration I have gained during my first reading of the book. For some time I have been grappling within myself about many of the issues addressed, and now some of the ideas I have had are gathered together and presented in a manner that is both thought provoking as well as enlightening. My search for knowledge was initially aimed at improving my contribution within my work sphere, but increasingly I found application in my private life, ie my relationship to my wife and to my young children.
While it appears to me that the book is aimed at the individual, it forms a strong basis for the individual to change the environment within which he finds himself, once again both at work and at home
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am 2. Februar 1998
Think about this idea.... In order to have trust, you need trustworthy people, in order to have empowerment you need to have trust, in order to have organizational alignment you need to have empowerment. What a concept !!! And yet so many of us try to create organizational strategies and ask people to align to them. If you want to take the truely effective route to getting your organiztion aligned to a strategy, read this book, better yet get the 6 set cassette tapes and listen to the over and over. You will soon begin to understand Covey's inside out approach and how it makes the world of difference in how you approach the problem of leadership in your organization. A must for anyone in a leadership position or wanting to influence someone in a leadership position.
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am 17. Juni 1998
Covey's got excellent ideas from the first page to the last of this book. He likes for you to learn through repetition, so you read the same stuff over and over (thus only 4 stars), but by looking at it from different angles, from different situations, and with different methods. The idea of Principle Centered Leadership is an excellent one and it gives a no-frills way of becoming a trustworthy and competent leader, using certain basic principles of life and relationships. It will teach you that only by focusing internally, can you improve on others' behaviors. You will undoubtedly become a leader naturally by centering yourself on the Principles given in this book. It's a great book and it's easy to read.
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am 7. Juni 2010
Principle Centered Leadership was a little slow. I read Principle Centered Leadership before I read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Both books are written by Steven Covey; however the 7 habits book is better written and thought out. Many of the examples used in both books were the same which became redundant. Steven Covey has a great moral compass and is right on the money in saying principles must be the foundation of leadership.Covey is heavily vested in psychobabble, but he is on the right side of the fence: leadership is essentially about character, not expediency.
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am 13. Januar 1998
This book is essentially a set of loosely connected chapters that reflect a philosophy of living occasionally combined with well-known managerial methods (e.g. delegation, empowerment,e tc.). There is nothiing in this that one probably hasn't already abstracted from reading/visiting other spiritual sources. The tag to leadership and mangement simply doesn't work. Throughout the book are direct marketing efforts to buy more products and use Covey's consulting firm...Unbelievable that this could be as popular as it it; intellectually impoverished and a ploy to sell more..
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