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4,5 von 5 Sternen
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First I need you to know that I'm a big Bella Jewel fan. I've read all her books and nearly each one I'll read again.

Precarious is the first of (I hope) many books that tells the story of the badass biker club the Jokers Wrath. Main character and Vice President Krypt gets in trouble with the police while shooting the man who killed his father and sister. Seeking for revenge he got a tip and found him in a cafe. But it turns out to be a set up that got him arrested in the local prison. That's when Ash, the 2nd main character comes into place. She is one of few female guards who work in that prison and is checking on Krypt during her shifts. He is a very broody but sexy as hell biker and it didn't take long for her to get fond of him.

It turns out that the rivaling biker clan tinmen which is responsible for Krypts set up is paying corrupt officers in the prison to beat Krypt and get him moved to another prison. Ash is trying to protect him as good as she can and agrees to escort the prison bus when Krypt got moved to that new high security prison. But he never made it. And that's where the wild journey of Krypt and Ash starts. It's a constant up and down mixed with a lot of dark romance and sex. There are a couple of other biker and old ladies that are part of the story in the book. One in particular I need to mention, the President of the Jokers, Maddox. He is as sexy as dangerous and I promise you'll love him a lot too. As always, Bella describes each and everything very visual so you really get an idea of what's happening.

Ashs and Krypts story is finished in Precacious, so there is no hangover (thanks for that) apart from the teaser to book #2 (Melancholy) that tells the story of Maddox and Santana.
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am 17. August 2014
“Precarious” is a fast-paced, sexy, hot and testosterone infused MC romance that has an unusual and original plot and at the same time delivers the things we love about and expect from MC books.

THere is the bike-riding, alpha, sinfully hot biker Krypt, that lives the unusual life that comes with being in a motorcycle club. He bends society’s rules as he pleases, not allowing anyone to mess with him or the club. And he also doesn’t allow anyone to get under his skin – that is until he ends up thrown in jail and is confronted with all the charm and magnetism that is Ash.

Ash truly is a wildcard and an unusual female character. She manages to combine traits that might normally be seen as contradictory. She is sweet and sexy, cares about others with all her hard and is full of empathy and understanding. She likes to look good and embraces her femininity. At the same time she kicks butt – literally and figuratively. She works as a prison guard and deals with dangerous men, yet she isn’t afraid of them and treats them with respect. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and can put a man three times her size in his place. She speaks her mind freely and stands up for what she believes in. She isn’t shy or naive and lives her sexuality the way she wants too. Above all, she is fierce and independent.
But her independence takes a nose-dive when she is suddenly kidnapped by Krypt and his club. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she not only learns a hard truth about people she considered her friends, but also ends up in a secluded cabin with Krypt.

Both are extremely enigmatic and sensual people, so it is only a matter of time before the atmosphere sizzles and crackles with sexual tension. But they aren’t in the cabin just for the fun of it. Their lives are in danger and the enemy won’t stop at anything to achieve their goal.
When they are joined by the club and those closest to them, their new-found feelings are tested and emotions get muddled. And sometimes, it is hard to see the truth through all the dirt.

Will they get out of the danger unscathed? And will their relationship stand the test of time and the test of the past?

It’s really worth finding out. I loved the story, the writing and the characters. Although Krypt deserved a kick in the balls a number of times and I am surprised, Ash didn’t decide to do just that.
The reason, I “only” give the book 4 stars, is that the end felt rushed to me. A lot of questions remained unanswered – and I don’t mean the cliffhanger. Unlike other Belle Jewel books I found it slightly lacking on the emotional side – robbing the characters of additional depth that I know they have.

Despite this little hang-up, the book is definitely an incredible, awesome and sexy read.

4 testosterone-infused stars.
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