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Freya Godwin needs inspiration. Fast! She is about to lose her job if she can't come up with a new design for the adult webside of a huge client. She needs a man in her life to feel sexy and wanted and to come up with sexy ideas since the Sin City is depending on it. So she places an ad to meet men even though she has a thing for her hot upstairs neighbor Greg Cavanaugh. They hit if off almost immediately - until Freya discovered that Greg is a lawyer. Her family was destroyed by a scheming lawyer years ago and so she is determined to stay away. But whenever they meet the sparks fly and no other man can bring her muse back like Greg. And Greg has set his eyes on Freya from the beginning and will stop at nothing to win her heart. When Freya starts dating the men from her ad, her sister Anna and Greg must combine their forces to convince Freya that not all lawyers are scumbags like the one who destroyed her family...

I read a book of the series two years ago and liked it very much but I never realized that it was part of a series. So when I came across another one, I started to read the first book since the leading characters of each book about the Laurel Heights community seems to have appearances in other books as well. So I started with Freya and Greg and I also met Anna Godwin, Freya's younger sister and another neighbor, Max Corazao, as well as Freya's best friend Eve Alexander whose story will be told in book 2.

I loved the story and the people. The setting was great and I really look forward to the next book.
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am 16. Februar 2013
Since I just got a tablet I was browsing through some free ebooks to see if there was anything that sparked my interest. When I found "Perfect for you" I decided to give it a shot and the only thing I came to regret was that I didn't find it any sooner!

(I try not to include any spoilers, but if you want to be completely sure just skip to the next paragraph with my conclusion)
The story is about Freya, a webdesigner who is struggeling to come up with any ideas for the design of an adult webpage. And her boss isn't making things any easier by putting a lot of pressure on her.
So to get her muse back on track, Freya decides to publish an online ad looking for a guy to bring her sexy back. What she didn't include in her plans are her sister and her hot neighbour Greg who has a major crush on Freya. The downside of him though is his profession: he is a lawyer. Since Freya blames her parents' death on the ruthless behaviour of some lawyers she doesn't want to have anything to do with any of them, including McSexy. Man as he is, he won't back down though and tries everything in his power to win her over, sometimes with less legitimate measures. Hopefully she won't find out...

The book totally took me by surprise. When do you ever expect anything free to be that good? The characters are well drawn and each of them is incredibly likeable. The story develops quickly and without much suspension. As a woman you won't be able NOT to fall for Greg and I really loved Freya's sister Anna as well, she is quick-witted, shockingly straightforward and incredibly funny. And I think it goes without saying that McSexy makes for a good, steamy read! I was drawn into the story and loved every second of it. On the one hand it is a pity that the book isn't any longer (It didn't even take me one day to read through it) on the other hand I think that is exactly the reason why this story is so incredibly perfect. Kate Perry manages to give enough information to really get you attached and leaves out all the parts that drag on the story unnecessarily.

A fun and easy read, that will heat up your nights and make you forget every flaw your day might have had before you picked up this book! A masterpiece I would suggest to every woman who likes to laugh and to love! It indeed was just perfect for me...
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am 11. Januar 2013
This is the first book of the Laurel-Heights-Series! My fingers were glued on the pages I couldn`t turn the book over till I read it. It is worth the price!!! Very nice Start of the Series. I am looking forward to the following books, keep it going Kate! ;-).
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am 7. Mai 2013
Das perfekte Buch zum in der Sonne liegen und den Urlaub genießen. Tolle Autorin, sehr kurzweilig.
Man bekommt, was man erwartet in schöner Form
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am 8. Juni 2013
Als günstige Urlaubslektüre für den Strand gedacht und dafür auch in Ordnung. Vom Inhalt her sehr vorhersehbar, wie bei dieser Art Buch üblich.
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am 26. Juli 2013
good summer read nothing to heavy just right to relax and enjoy some romantic me time while forgetting reality :)
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