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3,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 24. Januar 2000
Dr. Mack seems to be treading new ground in his work with people who have come to be known as 'abduction experiencers'. If the abduction phenomenon is real in some sense, it is most likely taking place in another realm or dimension, at least to a great extent, according to dr. Mack. If, hypothetically, such another realm exists, it may be beyond the reach of the methods of science as we know it. It cannot be taken for granted that the natural laws would be exactly the same as in the world we are aquainted with, and since these laws and principles are the foundations of our science and our scientific methods have been structured in such a way as to bring forth the truth in natural laws that apply to this world, they may not be adequate to prove or disprove the existence of another realm or the reality of the abduction phenomenon. Therefore, however remote the possibility of other 'dimensions' may be, knowledge of them might likely only be gained through the treading of new paths.
In his book, dr. Mack points toward the cross-cultural aspects of the phenomenon and explores its linkage to indigenous cultures. This is a very interesting perspective and it may shed some new light on things. Also, symbolism is discussed in the book and its relation to what abduction experiencers claim to have experienced. Dr. Mack discusses what seem to him to be the emerging pictures of the phenomenon, after nearly a decade of study. Some of these include its relation to the deteriorating ecological status of the planet, a possible 'hybrid' project, and a common source of humans and the so called aliens, to name but a few.
Dr. Mack may not always be as critical as he could be, but it is questionable if such an attitude is in all cases the best way to bring forth what may be the true elements of an alleged phenomenon. In any case, the book provides a glimpse into the thoughts of a portion of humanity and as such, it can be quite valuable. Dr. Mack is an explorer of the frontier and his book is worth reading.
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am 11. Dezember 1999
Passport to the Cosmos explores a spiritual terrain that I would not have expected to find in a book that on the surface appears to be about something "alien." What is discovered is a profound reconnection with the sacred, provoked by something as yet unknown.
Dr. John Mack compares the reactions of people in the West who have faced these experiences to a trio of experiencers from indigenous cultures - Native American, Brazillian, and African. The reactions and interpretations are compared and contrasted, and the value of some indigenous perspectives is considered.
In view of his years of clinical work with over 200 people reporting these experiences, Dr. Mack feels that the West suffers deeply when faced with something drastically unknown. But he suggests that if the terror of these experiences is fully faced, even embraced, an expansion of consciousness may take place.
"When these phenomena show up in our world in a way that we cannot deny, this powerfully shatters our worldview, and when you shatter a worldview, then new possibilities for human identity and experience emerge. One of the elements that occur when that worldview is shattered is then the earth and everything in the earth and every human relation becomes sacred. And that kind of consciousness, that return of the sacred, of the reverent sense of connection that emerges from this experience transforms our whole relationship to one another and to the planet itself. And it seems to me that's a good thing."
How the terror of being provoked by these experiences can transform into something truly grand is the journey of the book, told in the words of Dr. Mack and several particularly articulate experiencers (from the over 200 interviewed), so I leave that journey for the reader to discover. It is a journey worth taking.
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am 20. Dezember 1999
This book is a significant departure from Mack's prior work in the field but commensurate with our discussions over the past few years. It goes a long way in course correcting early trust placed in abductees relating their experiences as physical truth. In Cosmos Mack has attempted to address some of the most complex problems facing humans who have a scientific worldview that limits the "reality" of events to physical senses. He balances the issues of the "reality-or lack thereof" of abductions while still acknowledging the importance they have to both experiencers and other interested in the field.
This is an important book that may not be well received by the abduction community or those steeped in conspiracy theory. Both are looking for someone else to blame. As Mack points out, these events may be imaginal (not imaginary)and our society is not well equipped to deal with such complexity. It is that vein that the cross-cultural topics add much value to the book.
Anyone interested in the field of alien abductions should read this book-and carefully.
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am 6. Juni 2000
Among other observations, two things stand out in regard to so-called "Abduction" phenomena: 1.No single explanation suffices, no matter how prosaic or far-fetched; 2.It is not new. People have been reporting experiences of this kind in all periods of human history and in all cultures, (see Jacques Vallee's PASSPORT TO MAGONIA. Is there meant to be a subtle wink and nod to Vallee in this book's title?) Dr.Mack has always struck me as a courageous man in actually listening to his patients and taking their stories seriously even if not understanding what any of it is supposed to mean. As a true scientific mind Dr.Mack chronicled his patient's experiences, looked for patterns and similarities and ended up scratching his head more than before while captivating and intriguing the rest of us who admire his integrity and work. So what's going on here? What distresses me is not that Dr.Mack is suggesting other possibilities as to "What" is at the heart of this phenemenon, (I've never bought, nor entirely dismissed, the ET explanation), but he almost, almost, goes entirely over the falls of religious hoopla and, almost, comes close to the "these are angels from heaven" camp. Forget the tales of cold metal tables and painful stabs in the abdomen...they are "our Friends"...with "friends" like know the rest. So I'm worried. Worried that this book may be Dr.Mack's swan song to his maverick work and research in this area; a way of letting go by allowing it to float away on the rainbow with Judy Garland singing in the background, everything's rosie, these are just entities from the spirit world, (whatever that's supposed to be). But what if it's SOMETHING ELSE? Perhaps after years and years and years of relentless ridicule, academic ultimatums, inquisitions and also being chased by ET enthusiast loonies, perhaps Dr.Mack is just simply tired and is looking for a way to honorably and poetically end this chapter of his professional life and, in light of what he's had to go through, who could blame him. But what a loss. What a profound loss.
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am 30. November 1999
I am very interested in esoteric topics like this for entertainment value, but will never be a true believer or a card paying member of the New Age. So, I approached this book with the desire to learn more about alien abductions while skeptical of their actual reality. I was disappointed in that the book did not reveal anything to me that I had not already learned from the genre of TV programs and previous books on the topic. The author presents his assertion that the aliens are sort of "green peace" advocates from another dimension or planet (take your pick), based on the small cadre of abductees who have submitted to his hypnotherapy. As usual, we read about the alien magical powers over the human mind, their technology and subtle desire to improve humanity by stealing our genetic materials at night. We've all heard this befor. No proof is offered beyond the ramblings of his subjects. I was galled that the book puts so much faith in the words of John Mack's hypnotic subjects, much of it based on dreams and fanciful assertions that humanity is the center of attention by magical beings who seem obsessed with our bodies, souls, and real estate. I fear for our world if this book's credulity (and inferred rejection of science for determining fact) became common in the intelligensia. Would we have a new series of witch hunts based on the emotional imaginings of abductees? (Is your neighbor an alien hybrid? Why not make the accusation?) From a scientific viewpoint, I literally fell asleep twice reading this book! For the born again believer in aliens, it may be inspiring. To a more objective audience? I recommend a good strong pot of coffee and gratitude that the scientific method is still used in this society, not ramblings of people under hypnosis.
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am 16. Juni 2000
I just found this book here on Amazon and had no idea Mack hadwritten another one. Well, what can I really say? It's exactly as Ideduced in my review of his first book, "Abduction". Mack has indeed been lured-in by the BS stories of contactees. Very early on, I understood that Strieber was often incorrect in his conclusions. He seems now to have realized some of those initial new-age beliefs were in error. However, Mack is still fully converted to the Space Brother theme. I'm an abductee and have never needed to be hypnotized. Contactees are either not seeing things as they are, or haven't seen anything at all. Sometimes, you do feel a weird, almost sexual intimacy with the aliens. But it wears-off pretty quickly. Either they have you drugged-up and feeling that way so they can put you through tests while you're awake, or they just put you under. If you've just been unconscious, they'll put you under again when they notice you're awake. I've had wishful dreams about them where I either dream kicking the crap out of them, or dream they suddenly start acting nice and wise. But those are just dreams. When I've touched their flesh and had no question I was fully awake and in an un-drugged state, I've had nothing but contempt for them. Try to ask them about their belief systems and they'll say nothing, more concerned about studying your mannerisms and tone of voice. Ask them what they're getting for doing this to other people and they'll treat you as part of an underdeveloped, inferior people, unworthy to speak to them in that manner. Tell them they can't be allowed to do this to others and they'll say, "Who's going to stop us." That is the truth.
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am 20. Mai 2000
I feel Dr. Mack's book "Passport to the Cosmos" is the cutting edge information on what these abductions really are. Dr. Mack has turned to the Native Peoples of the world for their slant on what is happening. He interviews Shamen and Medicine Men from three different continents to relay their stories. The experiences that these men have had are strikingly simular to each other but, unique in their own way also. He also traveled to a small African village where a group of school students witnessed a landing of a craft and were told some things by "Alien beings". He interviews some of the children and really found out some interesting information. If your interested in understanding what is really going on... this book is a must. It is well written and covers alot of ground. He finally was able to start putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together. The ultimate goal is still not realized, however we are getting closer to the final understanding to what is happening to our world. This book is one of a few books that truly is on the right track and all that is needed is an open mind to see that there is alot more to our world than what we have been led to believe.
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am 18. Februar 2000
The latest fashion in UFOlogy places these phenomena squarely in the spiritual realm, and Mack's "Passport to the Cosmos" is a transparent attempt to cash in on the fad. If Mack had done a little more work with the physics, theology, and psychology implied by alien abduction experiences, he would have produced a groundbreaking work. As it is, "Passport" is just another shabby New Age hack. Probably the most irritating omission is the lack of reference to C. G. Jung, whose treatment of the '50s UFO scare forms the unspoken basis for Mack's work.
The experiences Mack's subjects describe _are_ important, and their breakthrough into Western rationality arguably marks a major shift in human consciousness. If Mack has some idea of what the significance of all this is, he has managed to conceal it. In the meantime, we will have to await a more serious study.
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am 27. November 1999
Many thanks to Dr. John Mack for the generous gift he has given to all experiencers who have struggled with integrating their experiences with other dimensional beings into their lives. His eloquent ability to articulate and intellectualize this multidimensional phenomenon has given us all more permission to be more completely who we are; as spiritual, physical and mindful beings of love and incredible knowingness, if we choose to tune in. I am struck by how Dr. Mack seems to brillantly hold the balance of this knowingness, while maintaining a position of not knowing.
For all the folks out there, whether you're an experiencer or not, who has grappled with the most significant question of our lifetime; Are we alone? This book is for you!
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am 6. Juli 2000
Instead of just stringing a bunch of accounts together, John Mack chooses different aspects of the encounters and examines that part of each account, such as the spiritual aspect, and comments on what the experiencers say about it. It's a bit hard to follow that way, but at least it is different and slightly more objective. Of course, from the beginning I have thought he's been 'hoodwinked' by the phenomenon. He is still trying to make it into what he really want's it to be, as most all do who investigate or experience this traumatizing aspect of the UFO encounter.
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