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Paperboy - Feedly News Reader (Offline)

von Amrit Sanjeev

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Verkauft von: Amazon Media EU Sarl
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Unterstützte Sprachen: Englisch, Niederländisch, Spanisch, Tschechisch

Diese App braucht die Erlaubnis, den Zugang:

  • Die Low-Level-System-Log-Dateien lesen
  • Netzwerk-Sockets öffnen
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  • - Ad free
  • - Offline reading support
  • - Decluttered reading experience
  • - Background syncing with quite hours
  • - Automatic night mode
  • - Automatic layout optimisation
  • - Pocket Integration


I spend a lot of my time travelling. Listening to music and reading are two things that have made my journey time feel shorter and more enjoyable. Like most people, I follow a collection of blogs and sites to keep myself updated with the latest news and articles. I wanted an app that combined these aspects and hence wrote Paperboy. Simple things like larger size of fonts, prominence of imagery and a uniform reading experience across multiple sites came out of this need to consume content while on the move. Lack of network connectivity is no more a problem as content is stored offline and variety of options allow you to customise the app to your likes.

Paperboy is designed keeping one thing in mind - "Make reading enjoyable". With over 25 million feeds to choose from , you'll always be able to find what u are looking. It also lets you add your own sources .

Paperboy also support Feedly pro features. Feedly pro search is automatically enabled if u are already a pro user.

Heres what had to say about Paperboy

" It was hard to find any issues with PaperBoy's UI, usability or content delivery. The app provides a simple way to browse the top headlines from your favorite news sources, and -- probably best of all -- doesn't get caught up trying to offer too much. The app is free in the Play Store, so it's hard not to recommend that you go give it a try. "
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** Features **
- No ads
- Offline reading support
- Share the articles you read or star them for later
- Quick access article sidebar
- Most popular and Todays stories
- Decluttered reading experience
- Background syncing with quite hours
- Rich notifications
- Automatic night mode
- Categorisation of feeds
- Automatic layout optimisation
- Pocket Integration

** Upcoming Features **
- Evernote integration
- image downloader
- recommendations

Technische Details

Größe: 3,9MB
Version: 6.2.4
Entwickelt von: Amrit Sanjeev
Anwendungsberechtigungen: ( Helfen Sie mir zu verstehen, was Berechtigungen bedeuten )
  • Die Low-Level-System-Log-Dateien lesen
  • Netzwerk-Sockets öffnen
  • Auf Informationen über Netzwerke zugreifen
  • Informationen über die aktuell oder kürzlich ausgeführten Aufgaben erhalten: eine Miniaturbild-Darstellung der Aufgaben, welche Aktivitäten darin ausgeführt werden usw.
  • Auf die Vibrationsfunktion zugreifen
  • PowerManager WakeLocks, um zu verhindern, dass der Prozessor in den Ruhezustand übergeht oder der Bildschirm dunkel wird
  • Wallpaper einrichten
  • Verständigt werden, dass das Betriebssystem den Bootvorgang abgeschlossen hat
  • Zu externem Speicher schreiben
Mindestanforderungen an das Betriebssystem: Android 4.0
Geschätzte Downloadzeit: Weniger als 30 Sekunden


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