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4,0 von 5 Sternen4
4,0 von 5 Sternen

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am 10. Dezember 2014
Hot and sexy Alpha God is a rough and tough cop no one wants to mess it up with. His big and tattooed appearance scrares the most people away.

His Partner, Day, as sexy as God but no Alpha at all, is nearly the whole opposite, lovely, open and all-day-smiling and lovable sarcastic. Both together are great, as partners on the streets just like as friends.
Only Day knows God that good, he sees his tender side sometimes, only shown to him. They understand each other without words. Just one look says it all.
The attraction between them grows and grows till they no longer hide their true feelings for another and become lovers. The forming relationship as lovers is raw, rough and sexy as hell. God knows that only Day can handle him like he truely is and the secrets of his past, because his Partner, friend and lover sees through all shields right into his soul and heart. And as he saved the love of his life, God knows Day is his one and only, he doesn't want to miss in his life anymore. Day himself wants God in his life as well. Their bond is getting stronger and they know they can handle everything as long as they're together. Besides that God would smash everyone who is getting near his true love right into the next wall, so better don't get into his way...

A.E. Via just hit it again. I Loved every Minute and word of this book. The rough and raw but kind of tender love between God and Day is sexy and heartwarming. The protective and possessive side of God is sexy and hot, you just wish to have such a dominating Alpha for yourself. you just can't get enough of both hunks. The sex scenes are hot as hell and i read them more than once! And just when these two get company in their bed room by another two sexy words for that!! Just amazing! You really have to read this awesome story!

The rude Alpha with a heart of Gold and his sexy Lover, they will stay in your mind Long after you finished their Story. Maybe we hear again of all of them in the next book(s)?!

Thank you A.E. Via for this great Story, it will stay one of my favorites for now!
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am 3. Juni 2014
A nearly boring story, absolutely predictable. The MCs are a little dumb and the falling-in-love part is quite hilarious: One moment drunk and full of self-pity and Day is instantly in love with his partner who always seemed so tough. And really, their work life seems like "Police Academy". A little bit more reality would have been nice.
The second point is not really earned but there are some funny dialogues...
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am 5. Dezember 2014
I adore this book! The charakters are never boring, the plot fast, the sex hot.
Both are manly men without the need to constantly outshine each other. The constant play with words is great to read (God (for Godfrey) and Day). Moments of unexpected sweetness are scillfully placed and only enhance the toughness of both men.
A delight to read!
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am 1. Mai 2014
Really different characters those two guys, but I love them both. The story is telling and takes interesting turns. It made me laugh an certain occasions and sad on others. I give this book a 4 stars review and hope the next book comes out soon.
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