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Technology News - Riversip

von Newsfusion Ltd

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Neueste Aktualisierungen

Was ist neu in Version 2.1
  • Version 2.1
  • - Notifications bug fix
  • - New logo
  • - Other small bug fixes



  • No setup or learning time required. Fire Riversip for the first time - and immediately see what are the current "must-know" news in the technology world.
  • Push notifications for prominent tech events !
  • Catch up on your own schedule: You can choose your own time-frame in one tap, so you'll be up-to-date no matter how often you're checking things out.
  • Full coverage of a story - You can check out any news item's coverage from the many sources which covered it with a single long tap !
  • See what people your friends from Facebook/Twitter had to say on each story, giving you a socially-personalized news summary
  • No need to set up your sources and start looking for feeds! Riversip automatically picks the most relevant article for any real-world event and shows it to you - and it also learns what sources you prefer as you use the app, and shows coverage from them to you when it's available.
  • Choose your favorite topics so you can easily stay on top of the things in the topics that matter to you. Then, with one tap you can switch between seeing the "World View" and seeing what's up in your own universe of interests.


Pure technology news app!
Riversip is the only news reader that guarantees you'll be up-to-date in less than 5 minutes.

Riversip is a different kind of news reader: It focuses on the major items - the items people are talking about.

This app's main goal is simple: Help you catch up on technology news in minimal time and on your own schedule. Say goodbye to information overload !

In less than a minute, you can be on top of the latest “must-know” items: Riversip is the app where you stop by to have a quick glimpse at the most important tech news of the day, the week, or the hour.

The best way to catch up after being in a vacation, a long offline weekend - or if you've simply been too busy! No more dreaded “1000+ Unread Items” prompts in your RSS reader. Fire Riversip instead and immediately see what key items you've missed out on.

Riversip Technology News: Your One-Stop App For Technology News.

Follow and chat with us at: http://twitter.com/riversip

Use of the Riversip Application is governed by the Riversip Terms of Use (http://www.riversip.com/terms).

Technische Details

Größe: 4,1MB
Version: 2.1
Entwickelt von: Newsfusion Ltd ( Datenschutzrichtlinie Klicken, um das vollständige Ergebnis in einem neuen Fenster anzuzeigen )
Anwendungsberechtigungen: ( Helfen Sie mir zu verstehen, was Berechtigungen bedeuten )
  • Netzwerk-Sockets öffnen
  • Auf Informationen über Netzwerke zugreifen
  • Ermöglicht einer App, Nachrichten über Google Cloud Messaging zu erhalten
Mindestanforderungen an das Betriebssystem: Android 2.2
Geschätzte Downloadzeit: Weniger als 1 Minute


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