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am 1. Oktober 2008
Jacquelyn Frank's "Nightwalkers" series continues with Noah, the King of the Demons and a character who's been rather sketchy in previous books (Jacob, Gideon, Elijah, Damien) but who now gets a story to himself. As with the other books in this series, the central plot of Noah is a man finding his fated mate, in this case the rather unusual human named Kestra. Noah, as King, is dedicated to protecting his people from their enemies, both human and Nightwalker, but he is beginning to fear his own nature - as Samhain approaches, a time when some demons lose control, he worries that this will happen to him. It doesn't help that he's been dreaming of a mystery woman for the last six months - he doesn't know her name or anything about her but he can't get her out of his mind.

When Noah discovers that he has been dreaming of his imprinted mate, a woman who knows nothing about him, he sets about finding her. But things aren't going to go smoothly for Noah, he may find he's too late to reach her, even if he does find her she may not want to become part of his life, and what if she's been too damaged by events in her past to feel comfortable with him?

Jacquelyn Frank's writing style is interesting because although not that much actually happens in her books, somehow they don't drag. We spend a great deal of time following conversations between Noah and Kestra and also some of the other characters whom we've met in previous books. There were a couple of moments when the 'goodies' had to fight against the 'baddies' in this book but that was a fairly minor part of the overall story, we were focusing much more on the relationship between Noah and Kestra. I didn't find Kestra a particularly appealing character, and Noah, too, had his off moments, but overall it was a reasonably continuation of this series, giving several insights into the continuing stories of some of the heroes and heroines of the previous books.

This book was significantly longer than the others at over 500 pages although it felt like it had less actual plot that its predecessor, Damien, but was still a reasonable read for paranormal romance fans.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2008
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am 26. November 2010
After the very good story about Damien and Syreena I was full of expectation for this book. Now the Demon King, Noah, is in the focus of the author. The beginning was for me a little bit disappointet but as soon as Kes is in his world and stop with her childish behaviour, the story is very very good. Well and then the love story between them is voll of amazing erotic, many funny discussions and romantic. So the beginning was not so good but that doesn't matter because of the fantastic story in summarize.

The backgroundstory isn't so full of tension and action as in the last book, but it doesn't matter because the love story was so good. Well, I was a little sad that so many demons and vampire died in this book. Because some grazy vampire want to gain the power of Syreena and the Demon King, there is a big battle in the end of the book. And it's difficult for Noah to handle this because it's time of Samhain and as you read the storys before you know the importance of this date.

Well known character like Jacob, Bella, Elijah, Jasmin, Damien and Syreena are in the book, too. Jasmin is jealousy as always and sometimes a little bitch. I don't like her.

Kes is a very strong and independent woman and for Noah it is difficult to win her heart. They have to handle with the past of them both and some trouble as a effect of Kes' negative past. But all in all they are a perfect couple in the end, as the others, too.

All in all the book was very good, full of passion, erotic and tension as always. I hope there will be an additional book in this series.
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