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Mystery Experience: A Revolutionary Approach to Spiritual Awakening (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – 30. Juni 2012

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Tim Freke has spent his life exploring the 'Mystery Experience' and sharing it with others. He has an honours degree in Philosophy and is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality. He is the founder of the Alliance for Lucid Living (ALL) and author of more than 30 books that have established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker. He co-authored the acclaimed The Jesus Mysteries, which was a Daily Telegraph 'Book of the Year' and a Top 10 bestseller in the UK and USA.

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HASH(0xad8a4658) von 5 Sternen Tim Freke's piece de resistance 3. Mai 2012
Von Jaime Andrews - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
The Mystery Experience is Tim Freke's piece de resistance -- and it should be recognized as such. Having labored under the radar for years, with many excellent books behind him, he now synthesizes all his work. He addresses the most pressing spiritual questions of today, while avoiding common pitfalls. For example, he steers clear of the wishy-washy platitudes of New Agers, the false objectivity of hard science folks, and even the inhuman detachment that Tolle's followers sometimes project.

While staying within the general range of spiritual subjects that mind-body-spirit authors generally concern themselves with, Freke weaves in a great deal of scientific insights. This should provide a bridge for MBS readers for understanding some of the scientific implications of their beliefs. It may also provide a doorway for more scientifically-minded people into the MBS realm.

All in all, this is a powerful and important book. It deserves equal attention as has been given Tolle's The Power of Now and similar books. Highly recommended.
13 von 13 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
HASH(0xa56c64c8) von 5 Sternen Spiritual Awakening Outside the Box 12. Juni 2012
Von George M. Shears - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
"The Mystery Experience" by Tim Freke is a brilliant, integrating breakthrough in evolutionary spirituality. Even after nearly 40 years of immersing myself deeply in many of the world's great wisdom traditions and pursuing an ardent practice of vipassana meditation for most of this time, I have found the guidance in this book to be enormously illuminating and enriching--both to my formal meditation practice and in everyday living.

Through his introduction of a revolutionary new concept, paradoxity, Tim reveals the intrinsic "both-and" nature of reality; on this basis, he offers a spacious new way to understand spiritual awakening. On the one hand, it entails transcending the pervasive illusion of separateness and realizing that, in our essence, we are all one Being, characterized by Deep Love; of equal importance, however, we are ALSO uniquely individual expressions of this one being. This is highly analogous to recognizing the paradoxity that the ocean exists simultaneously BOTH as a single, unified body of water AND as its individual waves.

Accordingly, he shows how deep "gnosis," or knowing, of our essential oneness empowers us in honoring and celebrating our unique personal life "stories" more fully and also helps give us the courage to embrace all the joys and sorrows they entail, thus becoming true "lovers of life."

This crucially important emphasis is in sharp contrast to the key assumption in most of the world's great spiritual traditions that awakening or "becoming enlightened" requires an eradication of ego and the relinquishment of emotional attachments of all kinds.

Tim holds that this traditional view of enlightenment, along with a number of other commonly accepted assumptions about spiritual awakening and development, is basically wrong-headed. In keeping with a growing emphasis in current evolutionary spirituality, he emphasizes the crucial importance of "loving being," on the one hand, while "being loving" and compassionately active in the world on the other.

Very importantly, his approach to spirituality is also in elegant harmony with the paradoxical understandings of current science--e.g., the particle/wave nature of light and of quantum physics in general. In this regard, it posits the mystery of being as the "ground of reality" that manifests "paralogically" as both consciousness and matter.

This wonderfully inspiring book, in large part, is a distillation of the experiential processes that Tim has developed in initiating people into The Mystery Experience in his residential weekend retreats. After absorbing and savoring it fully, I can readily understand why the single most common response of Tim's retreat attendees in describing their experience is simply WOW!!!
24 von 27 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
HASH(0xa569fe1c) von 5 Sternen Mystery is more mysterious than Freke claims 15. Juni 2012
Von Brian Hines - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition Verifizierter Kauf
I bought "The Mystery of Existence" because, like TIm Freke, I have a longstanding love affair with an unfathomable, exotic, alluring, mysterious mistress: existence. Not the existence of this or that, particular things, but existence pure and simple. Is'ness. The raw fact that any "this or that" exists.

For about the first hundred pages of Freke's book, I felt like he and I were on almost exactly the same mystery-loving wavelength. "Yes!" I kept saying to myself, as I read passages like this:

"The mystery of life is so enormous it takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. It's not some riddle I will one day unravel, but real magic to be marvelled at. It's not a darkness my intellect can illuminate, but a dazzling radiance so splendid that my most brilliant ideas seem dull.

I may go about my daily life as if I know what's going on, but the truth is I really don't know what life is. Nobody does."

Absolutely. Again, what we're talking about here isn't the particulars of life, such as how the brain and body are fashioned, or how evolution has brought about us humans.

Rather, Freke is pointing to the unarguable fact that nobody knows why existence exists -- or even if "why?" makes any sense when the question pertains not to the existence of some particular thing, but to the famous query "Why is there something rather than nothing?"

There is nothing more mind-blowing than to ponder the astonishing mystery of "is." Personally, I suspect that the fascination we humans have with the philosophical, religious, and mystical questions surrounding why existence exists is a byproduct of our all-too-human cognitive abilities and brain processes.

A more advanced alien intelligence might look upon the question of "Why is there something rather than nothing?" with a resounding Huh? This is a meaningless question. The answer is obvious. Which, however, we wouldn't be able to understand.

As shown by the quote above, at first Freke seems to agree that because nobody can know anything about the basic "is" of existence (in part, or in full, because any answer presumes a pre-existing "is," such as God), everything within existence, including life, is fully submerged in the all-pervading atmosphere of mystery.

Freke correctly says that we need to have our stories, but these don't penetrate the mystery. There are religious stories, scientific stories, philosophical stories, poetic stories. Each of us picks and chooses from these stories, elaborating and adding upon them in our own ways. Then we over-confidently say, "This is what life is all about."

Given how Freke started off his book, I figured that he would maintain a core position: the mystery of life and existence can be intuited by us humans, but never really known, understood, penetrated, or grasped. After all, Freke said: "I may go about my daily life as if I know what's going on, but the truth is I really don't know what life is. Nobody does."

Well, this isn't the stance in the latter part of the book. Nor in the Mystery Experience retreats that Freke puts on and talks about frequently, sometimes in a rather annoyingly infomercial sort of fashion.

Because we're told that actually Tim Freke DOES know what life is all about.

"As a person I am a form in the flow of time. But the deep self is outside of time. It is timeless being... I think most of us have this sense that our deep self is the same now as when we were much younger. I know I do... What I am is timeless awareness witnessing TIm's journey through time.

When I live lucidly I see that I am both mortal and immortal. The person I appear to be in time had a beginning and will come to an end. But the deep self isn't in time, just like a dreamer isn't in a dream.

As a person, I'm a body that is born to die. But the deep self can't die because it was never born. My essential being is immortal, because being by it's very nature must always be."

Freke believes that God, or timeless awareness, becomes conscious of itself through the consciousness of beings in time, like us humans. A Koranic hadith has Allah speaking somewhat similarly: "I am a hidden treasure who wanted to be known." This notion also is akin to HIndu teachings of atman and brahman, soul and God, part and whole.

To which I say, fine. But it was disappointing to find such a large dose of mystery-dissolving spiritual dogmatism in the last two-thirds or so of the book. Mystery takes a back seat to various exercises taught at Freke's workshops where people are shown how to get in touch with their "deep self." Finally, he says:

Our pilgrimage has led us to deep love, which is the sacred ground towards which we have been heading all along. When we're conscious of ourselves as an individual expression of the primal oneness, it's an experience of all-encompassing love, This is the heart of the mystery experience.

I can't agree. The heart of the mystery experience is to experience the mystery of life/existence (they're linked, because only conscious living beings can be aware of cosmic mystery). In his workshops, and in his book, Freke claims to know what this mystery consists of. Spoiler alert! He writes:

"My deep love affair is with God as the ground of being and Goddess as the appearances of being. The natural world is an objective expression of the unconscious oneness from which we have arisen. It is the unconscious foundation from which conscious bodies have evolved. When I see the numinous in nature, I see the mystery in the manifest."

OK. That's Freke's story. And it's an appealing story. I can understand why other people would resonate with it. To some extent, I do myself.

I just wish that Freke had stuck with his initial "nobody knows" theme, and emphasized that how he looks upon the mystery of life and existence is his personal way of relating to unfathomable mystery. Religions attract converts by claiming they -- and only they -- understand the ultimate nature of the cosmos. But no religion has any demonstrable evidence to back up its claim.

And given the seeming impossibility of anyone knowing how, why, or what existence is all about, no sage, prophet, guru, or other person ever could penetrate the mystery. Freke can't either, notwithstanding the author's claim to be able to lead people to a "spiritual awakening."

All that said, and I've said a lot in this review, I still liked "The Mystery Experience" and can recommend it to lovers of existential mystery. Just be aware that the mystery will remain shrouded in darkness after you finish the book, even though Freke claims to have illuminated it.

If you want to read a book that truly honors the mystery of life and existence, I more highly recommend Jack Hass' wonderful "The Way of Wonder." Hass views any attempt to de-mystify the ultimate mystery of being to be disrespectful -- even sacrilegious in a sense, though religiosity shouldn't be associated with the mystery of existence. Read Hass and you'll understand what Freke needs to understand about cosmic mystery: leave it mysterious.

[Note: this review is of the print edition, not the Kindle edition. Both new and used print copies can be bought via Amazon, even though the print listing says the book hasn't been released yet.]
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HASH(0xa56d769c) von 5 Sternen Best book I've read in years 28. April 2012
Von Lynn Hills - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
The Mystery Experience by Tim Freke is the best book I've read in years! It clarifies and explores the spritual journey and meditation, bringing together all the religions of the world in the best possible way. I had several "ah ha" moments while reading including: why I have been so interested in quantum physics, why I have felt other explanations of the journey were incomplete and how I can consciously use the discipline of meditation to come back into the world with a more open heart. Tim has an excellent and indepth understanding of not only meditation and modern day spirituality but also all the traditional eastern and western religions of the world. (He has written books on most of the world religions.) This book is more important and much more comprehensive and helpful than Tolle's book on the Now. This author is one thought provoking and talented guy who is running under the radar. Oprah, get with it and bring this author into the mainstream. Lynn Hills Tatum
4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
HASH(0xa56d77a4) von 5 Sternen This Book Changed My Life 12. Juli 2012
Von JesMor - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
A description of what this book did, and is doing, to my life would be hard put into words. I recommend this book to anyone who is open-minded and truthfully seeking the truth about life and loving living. This book can transform anyone, as it did me, if that is what your mind and heart truly desire. The "WOW Experiments" he includes throughout the chapters are uplifting, enlightening, and magical in lifting the weight of the World off the shoulders of the reader and honestly expanding the mind of the viewer. The book involves many interesting conversations with the author and other great minds of philosophy, science, and religion. It is truly one of a kind, to the best of my knowledge, and I STRONGLY recommend it to anyone seeking truth, peace, and love.
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