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4,6 von 5 Sternen16
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. Mai 1999
"Mysterious Skin" is Scott Heim's first novel and it is a powerful book that really moved me. This novel is about two damaged souls, Neil and Brian, who were sexual abused as children by their baseball coach. Heim tells this disturbing narration through various points of view. Throughout the book we follow the reprecussions of their abuse, and the psychological harm it has done to these two young men. Brian, once the abuse is over, believes that he has been abducted by aliens and spends part of the novel searching for the missing piece of time in his childhood. And then we have Neil, who also falls victim to the coach, but he believes the abuse was a sign of love, not a violation. Neil becomes the town's rock and roll queer who starts hustling at, of all places, the baseball field. As the novel progress we see Neil's preoccupation with hustling and Brian's obession with aliens. These preoccupations end with a brutal rape of Neil by a psychotic john, and for Brian a derailed sexual encounter with a repressed older woman who believes she too was abducted. Neil and Brian finally meet and the sad truth comes to the surface. Through both their troubled and unhappy pasts, and by exposing the horrific events of it, perhaps Neil and Brian are finally released for their misguidedness. Heim's style is fresh, and the book keeps the reader absorbed in the story. In seceral ways I really didn't want this story to end. I could have read another two hundred pages. To put it simply: It really touched me. A must read for everyone!!!!
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am 1. März 1998
I just finished reading Scott Heim's first novel. It was one of those books I just couldn't put down. I cared about the characters and found myself anxious to discover the outcome of the hideous deeds done to them. It sparked many internal discussions, such as the validity of "alien abduction" tales and repressed memories. I also enjoyed the open ending: Were the two main characters now going to have to tell others the secret they had managed to keep for so long? It's the sign of a great novel when it leaves you pondering the future of the fictional characters.
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am 24. Juni 1999
When I went to High School in Kansas I soon learned that an author had gone to the same one as me. After a few years, I found Scott Heim's first book "Mysterious Skin". I read it and it was like a punch in the chest. The story takes place in my community and amongst the people I thought I knew. I also share the same sexuality as the main character. I found the book to be a sweet and painful release to the suffering I've gone through in this state of Kansas. The hurt and horror of this book was all to familiar. Heim's words and language, his graphic paintings of reality, and his twists of beauty and perversity pour out onto the pages of this unworldy novel. Don't expect to read it and pass it off. His books will live in your memory for a long time. To take his work to heart is to look at this world with wider eyes. Definately, this book is a must. Even though the book hurts so much to read and you will want to put it away, you can't. And in the end, through the horror, you will see the beauty of his work.
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am 5. Juni 2011
Mysterious Skin ist ein interessantes Buch über ein empfindliches Thema.
Ich fand es interessant, dass die Geschichte aus den Perspektiven verschiedener Charaktere erzählt wird. Am spannendsten waren natürlich die Kapitel aus Neils bzw Brians Sicht.

Das offene Ende passt zum Buch, ist aber auch etwas enttäuschend für den Leser. Aber ich will lieber nicht zu viel verraten. ;)

Den Film zum Buch kann man sich auch ruhig mal anschauen, auch wenn er an einigen Stellen sehr vom Buch abweicht.

Ich kann Mysterious Skin nur weiterempfehlen!
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am 20. September 1998
While this book wasn't exactly what I expected I think Scott Heim shows great promise. I found the reference to alien abduction a bit distracting but overall thought the message of sexual abuse and the misuse of power by adults in authority to be very powerful. I've tried to explain the reflection in the spoon (on the cover) to many of my friends, none of whom get it. I was hoping that this was a tender love story but I wasn't displeased!
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am 5. September 1997
This book is so perfect, it is almost impossible to describe. The stroy of how two men deal with the sexual abuse they endured when they were children and how if affects them later in life is one of the best I have ever read. I recommend this book to anyone, and everyone
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am 4. Juni 1999
It's been a while since I have read this book, but none of the others I have read previously or since have prompted me to seek out this chance to review. Definately one of the top three books I've read -- I only refrain from calling it the best because I read a lot and might not be thinking of everything. Much like the characters in the book (as well as the author) I was raised in Kansas and fled to a larger city when the first opportunity arose. Heim's description of the state was remarkably accurate, recalling the chilling winters and stark loneliness of the open plains so vividly I often took refuge at my window to reassure myself of where I was. More than that, the anguish he expresses reached so deeply into my psyche and touched something so familiar (yet I still have no recollection of what specifically) that I often closed a chapter with wailing sobs (unlike me) on my bed. This is not GAY FICTION as it is so often labeled. Such a classification is perverse on a book of this subject matter. Had the main characters been female, would this be categorized under erotica? It is a human story of ghastly intrusions that can happen to any one of us. Reading Mysterious Skin opens senses and emotions some may not realize they have and serves to better everyone's understanding of what we, at any age, may be subjected to. Final note: traditionally the last few pages of books disappoint me, but Mysterious Skin pleased me so much I copied the last page to keep before I loaned the book out. A thoroughly satisfying read that evokes thoughts few other books have even imagined. Bravo, Scott Heim!
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am 15. April 1999
Read this book if you want to be both shocked and delighted. Scott Heim crafts a careful book full of some of the unpleasantries in life but in a way that drives the reader through the book happily. I cannot recommend enough!
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am 4. Dezember 1998
Scott Heim's amazing first novel is one of the best books you'll read in your lifetime. A story that excites you, thrills you, enrages you and touches you. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!
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am 18. November 1998
Heim write with such visual power. His narration is complex with a lot of point of view. I really enjoy this book...
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